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Presentation in June 2013 about how Twitter can benefit your business

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Twitter For Business

  1. 1. Twitter For BusinessTwitter For BusinessTuesday 11thJune 2013George Brewer – Digital Marketing Manager, South West Environmental Parks Limited
  2. 2. Twitter For Business@W4SB@BeautytimeDevon
  3. 3. Twitter For Business@PaigntonZoo@NewquayZoo@LivingCoasts
  4. 4. Top 3 Social Media Sites1.Facebook2.Twitter3.LinkedinTwitter For Business
  5. 5. Twitter StatsStill one of the fastest growing social networks:• 11 new accounts created every second• 1 million new accounts every day• On a busy day: 175 million Tweets from140 million active users• 62% of active users are 18 to 34.Twitter For Business
  6. 6. 60% of Twitter usersconnect with mobiledevices
  7. 7. Graphic credit: socialbakers.com77% of the top 100 global companiesnow have a Twitter accountTwitter For Business
  8. 8. Graphic credit:
  9. 9. Twitter Profile PageHeader 1252px x 626px (up to 5 MB)Aspect ratio of 2:1 (min. size 200px x 100px)Twitter For Business
  10. 10. Profile page viewTwitter For Business
  11. 11. Tweets• Reflect the personality of the business• Be friendly / conversational• Don’t be formalTwitter For Business
  12. 12. “Keep it conversational, like you’re havinga conversation with a good friend”TwitterTwitter For Business
  13. 13. ContentMake it shareable:• Funny• Helpful• Newsworthy• InspiringTwitter For Business
  14. 14. Content• Links (to blog post / web page / pdf, etc)• Pictures (twice as much chance of an RT)• Videos• Quotes• Questions and AnswersTwitter For Business
  15. 15. Questions and Answers• What are the top ten reasons that people buy anew car? Answer: link to a blog post about thesubject.• Who wore it best? Fashion experts explain:link to fashion website or magazine.• Improve your golf swing in ten minutes! Here’show: link to professional golfer’s tips and tricks.Twitter For Business
  16. 16. Further Content IdeasShare unique information, e.g.:• Behind the scenes• Discounts• New Product previewsTwitter For Business
  17. 17. Research•• Ask your customers• Watch your competitorsTwitter For Business
  18. 18. Be Grateful!How to react to positive tweets:• Favourite / RT positive messages about you• Mention your followers in positive tweets• Send a Tweet to say ‘thank you’Twitter For Business
  19. 19. HashtagsHashtagged content has more relevance thannon-hashtagged content.• Choosing a hashtag.• Use an existing hashtag e.g. #Devon,#ThingsToDo• What’s trending. Choose wisely!Twitter For Business
  20. 20. #AuroraTwitter For Business
  21. 21. Choosing a hashtagsearch.twitter.comTwitter For Business
  22. 22. Susan Boyle Album Party Campaign#susanalbumparty#SusanAlbumPartyTwitter For Business
  23. 23. Twitter For Business
  24. 24. Twitter For Business
  25. 25. Measure Your Success• Follower Growth• Follower quality and engagement• Reach• Traffic• ConversionsTwitter For Business
  26. 26. Tools for Measuring• Google Analytics – t.coTraffic Sources > Sources > Referrals•• Google “Custom URL Builder”Traffic Sources > Search > CampaignsTwitter For Business
  27. 27. Frequency of Tweeting“A good basic rule is betweenthree to five Tweets per day”TwitterTwitter For Business
  28. 28. Buddy MediaStrategies For Effective Tweeting:A Statistical Review 2012Twitter For Business
  29. 29. Tweets that contain links receive86% more RTs that Tweets with no links.Source: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  30. 30. Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17%higher at the weekend compared to week daysSource: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  31. 31. Brands that tweet during ‘busy hours’ of8.00am to 7.00pm receive 30% higherengagement than Tweets that fall during‘non-busy’ hours (8.00pm to 7.00 am)Source: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  32. 32. Tweets Perform Best When Kept ShortTweets that contain less than100 characters receive 17% higherengagement than longer Tweets.Source: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  33. 33. Tweets with hashtags receive two times moreengagement than those without hashtags(only 24% of Tweets contain hashtags!)Source: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  34. 34. Tweets that show two or more hashtagsactually show a 17% drop in engagementSource: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  35. 35. Tweets that specifically ask followers to“Retweet” or “RT” receive 12 times higherRetweet rates than those that did not usethis call to action.Source: Buddy MediaTwitter For Business
  36. 36. Followers on Twitter“Truth be told, there are only two kinds ofTwitter users: those that want morefollowers and those that lie”Guy Kawasakiauthor, publisher, entrepreneurTwitter For Business
  37. 37. Gain More Followers• Tweet frequently• Create lists and add people to them• Favourite Tweets• Follow people / businessesTwitter For Business
  38. 38. Twitter For Business
  39. 39. Vine• Social media app• 13m iPhone owners now plugged into Vine• Used by 2.8% of highly active users• Apple Store Chart: Vine No. 7 (Instagram No. 18)
  40. 40. Twitter For Business
  41. 41. Twitter For Business@GreatGorillas
  42. 42. Twitter For