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Best e p jepperdee general class edition in progress


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Best e p jepperdee general class edition in progress

  1. 1. Serious ‘XM (aka W2XM) presentsExam-Prep Jepperdee:General-Class Edition
  2. 2. If you are viewing this on , you are looking at a non-interactive preview of a game,which, once downloaded as a PowerPoint file, is an educational andentertaining tool designed to be used in preparation for the General-class license exam. The game plays similarly to the way ABC-TV’s Jeopardy plays.There should be several players and a master of ceremonies. Eachcategory covers a chapter in the General Class License Manual, and eachquestion is from General Class Question Pool Effective 7/1/11 – 6/30/15. The two game boards have questions of equal point value, andeach one has exactly one Daily Double. This permits a fair competitionbetween the players on different boards. Make up your own rules! SFJstands for semi-final Jepperdee and FJ stands for final jepperdee. The entire file can be downloaded from this site as an interactiveand playable game. You may also receive this file by e-mail bycontacting the author at W2XM@ARRL.NET. Doing so will put you onW2XM’s e-mail list of game users (…and you will receive a schematic ofthe Serious ‘XM Exam-prep Jepperdee hardware set).
  3. 3. Procedures Rules and Components Radio Signals& Practices Regulations and Circuits & Equipment 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 SFJ
  4. 4. ANTENNAS & PROPAGATION ELECTRICAL & VOCABULARYXMSN LINES RF SAFETY 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 FJ
  5. 5. G8B10 What does the number 31 represent in PSK31?
  6. 6. The approximatetransmitted symbol rate back
  7. 7. G2A04Which mode ismost commonly used for voice on the 17-and 12-meter bands?
  8. 8. Upper sideband back
  9. 9. G2B05Under normal conditions, what is the minimum fre- quency separationbetween SSB signals?
  10. 10. Approx. 3 kHz back
  11. 11. G2C07 When sending CW, what does a “C” mean when added to the RST
  12. 12. Chirpy or unstable signal back
  13. 13. What segmentG2E04 (B) of the 20-meterband is most often used for data transmissions?
  14. 14. 14.070 - 14.100 MHz back
  15. 15. G1B03 For what purpose might a radio amateur operate a beacon station?
  16. 16. Observation ofpropagation and reception back
  17. 17. When’s it permis-G2D05sible to communicatewith stations in coun-tries outside areasadministered by FCC?
  18. 18. When contact is with hams in countries whoseadministrations do not object back
  19. 19. G1E01 What would dis- qualify a 3rd party from participating in stating a message over amateur radio?
  20. 20. The third party’samateur license had ever been revoked back
  21. 21. G1A04 What amateur band permits only channelized ham operation?
  22. 22. 60 meters back
  23. 23. G1B06 When is an ama-teur station permit- ted to transmit secret codes?
  24. 24. To control a space station back
  25. 25. How many wattsG5B03of electrical powerare used if 400 VDC is supplied to an 800-ohm load?
  26. 26. 200 watts back
  27. 27. G5B06 What is the PEPoutput from a xmtr ifan o’scope measures200 volts p-p across a 50-ohm dummy?
  28. 28. 100 watts back
  29. 29. G5A02What is reactance?
  30. 30. Opposition to theflow of alternatingcurrent caused by capacitance or inductance back
  31. 31. G6C02What is meant bythe phrase MMIC?
  32. 32. Monolithic MicrowaveIntegrated Circuit back
  33. 33. G7B03What is the outputof a 2-input AND gate when both inputs are high?
  34. 34. high back
  35. 35. G8B11 How does FEC allow the receiver to correct errors in received data packets?
  36. 36. By transmitting redundantinformation with the data back
  37. 37. G8A12What signal(s) would be found at theoutput of a properly adjusted balanced modulator?
  38. 38. Both upper andlower sidebands back
  39. 39. G4A03 What is normallymeant by operating a transceiver in "split" mode?
  40. 40. The transceiver is set to different transmit andreceive frequencies back
  41. 41. In an SSB xmtr, in G7C01 what kind of circuit is the output of the balanced modulatorprocessed before going to the mixer?
  42. 42. Filter back
  43. 43. G7B12 Of choices A, B, AB, and C, which amplifier class is the most efficient?
  44. 44. Class C back
  45. 45. G4E02 What is the purpose of a"corona ball" on a HF mobile antenna?
  46. 46. To reduce high voltage dischargefrom the tip of the antenna back
  47. 47. G9C02What is theapproximate length of the driven element of a Yagi antenna?
  48. 48. 1/2 wavelength back
  49. 49. G9C16How does the gain of a 2-element delta-loop compare to thegain of a two-el quad antenna?
  50. 50. About the same back
  51. 51. G9D10 Describe a Beverage antenna.
  52. 52. A very long and low directional receiving antenna back
  53. 53. What device isG4A06 often used to match the xmtr output to other than 50 ohms?
  54. 54. Antenna coupler back
  55. 55. G2D06 How is a directional antenna pointed when making a “long-path” contactwith another station?
  56. 56. 180 degrees from its short-path heading back
  57. 57. What happens toG3B05sigs. with frequencies between LUF and MUF when they gointo the ionosphere?
  58. 58. They are bentback to the Earth back
  59. 59. G3A10 What causes HF propagation conditions to vary periodically in a 28- day cycle?
  60. 60. The Sun’s rotation on its axis back
  61. 61. What usually G3B06happens to signals with frequenciesbelow the LowestUsable Frequency?
  62. 62. They are completelyabsorbed by the ionosphere back
  63. 63. What allows a signalG3C09 to be detected at a distance too far for ground wave but too near for normal sky- wave propagation?
  64. 64. Scatter back
  65. 65. G0B02What is the min.wire size that may be safely used for a circuit that draws upto 20 A continuously?
  66. 66. AWG number 12 back
  67. 67. G0B09 Why should solderedjoints not be used withthe wires that connectthe base of a tower to asystem of ground rods?
  68. 68. A soldered jointwill be destroyedby the heat of a lightning strike back
  69. 69. What type of G0A09instrument can beused to accurately measure an RF field?
  70. 70. A calibrated field- strength meterwith a calibrated antenna back
  71. 71. G0B08What should be done by any personpreparing to climb atower that supports electrical devices?
  72. 72. Make sure allcircuits that supplypower to the towerare locked out and tagged back
  73. 73. G0A01 How does RF energy affect human body tissue?
  74. 74. It heats body tissue back
  75. 75. isotropic antenna
  76. 76. An antenna thatradiates and/orreceives equallyin all directions back
  77. 77. The basic unit of inductance
  78. 78. Henry back
  79. 79. local oscillator
  80. 80. an oscillator thatgenerates one ofthe input signals to a mixer back
  81. 81. Solar cycle
  82. 82. the 10.7-yearperiodic variation in solar activity back
  83. 83. A resistor with aprecise temperaturecoeffient that allows it to be used as atemperature sensor
  84. 84. thermistor back
  85. 85. DAILY DOUBLE Your wager?Here’s the question…
  86. 86. DAILY DOUBLE Your wager?Here’s the question…
  87. 87. Semi-final Jepperdee TOPIC:NOMENCLATUREYOUR WAGER?
  88. 88. The 3 connectionson a quarter-inchstereo phone plug are called “tip,”“ring,” and what?
  89. 89. sleeve To game 2 board
  90. 90. sleeve To game 2 board
  91. 91. Final Jepperdee TOPIC: RESONANCEYOUR WAGER?
  92. 92. Besides induc- tance, whatelectrical quantityexists in a coil that is self-resonant?
  93. 93. capacitance Next slide
  94. 94. We hope Exam- prep Jepperdee was helpful!Comments? Suggestions?