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Vytru's Room Video Conferencing System for Microsoft Lync Overview


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Microsoft Lync Room Solutions are very important for any organization looking to add Lync video conferencing to their meeting rooms. Vytru's RVC - Room Video Conferencing System for Skype for Business (Microsoft Lync) gives you HD video and audio, effortless content sharing, white boarding, and great meeting room experience all enclosed in a small square 4"x4" Codec. RVC is the ultimate solution for room video conferencing and group collaboration based on Skype for Business.

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Vytru's Room Video Conferencing System for Microsoft Lync Overview

  1. 1. Vytru RVC Room Video Conferencing Bringing Microsoft Lync to your meeting room
  2. 2. RVC Vytru RVC – Room Video Conferencing System for Microsoft Lync
  3. 3. Vytru Collaboration Codec VCC is very easy to setup. It can be installed in no time, with no need for specialized video conferencing staff • Compact Conferencing Box with Huge Potential • Native Lync Experience • Leverages your existing investments • Adds Great Collaboration Experience • Supports Touch Displays and Interactive Boards • Comes with Wireless Content Sharing from any device The RVC System is powered by Vytru Collaboration Codec Purpose-built for Microsoft Lync
  4. 4. Vytru Collaboration Codec Built for Microsoft Lync and Supports: • Lync Server 2010 • Lync Server 2013 • Lync Online • Hybrid Lync Environments
  5. 5. RVC- Room Video Conferencing Build Your Own Video Conferencing Experience RVC is a comprehensive video conferencing and group collaboration solution for Microsoft Lync. The System is built to be flexible, customizable, and affordable. Connect any USB camera, any audio system, and any display. This makes it easier to build low-cost conference room systems that fit your needs, room size, and budget.
  6. 6. Plug-and-Play System Connect your USB devices • Conference Cameras. • Audio Systems. • HDMI Input Devices. • Wireless Remote Controls
  7. 7. Customizable Displays • Flexible to connect Single Display, Dual Displays, or triple for Telepresence setup with Full HD Video Conferencing at 1080p. • Supports Touch Displays and Interactive Boards.
  8. 8. Easier Video Conferencing RVC's UI is so simple that any one can join a Lync meeting or start Lync calls without prior training or access to the system.
  9. 9. Daily and Monthly Calendar Daily and Monthly Calendar views with One-Click-to-Join Lync meetings thanks to the native integration with Microsoft Exchange.
  10. 10. Control Your Meeting • Control the Far Camera very easily from the UI or the remote Control. • Control Audio/Video Sources seamlessly during the call if you have multiple Audio/Video sources. • Add new participants to the meeting.
  11. 11. USB Content Sharing Share content from your USB Flash Drive to your RVC System and all meeting participants: • All Office Documents (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.). • Adobe PDF.
  12. 12. Wireless Content Sharing • Share content from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the RVC system with Wireless Content Sharing. • Works natively from an Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android device. • No need to install any client on your mobile device.
  13. 13. Video Input Sharing Share content from your laptop to your RVC System and all meeting participants with the HDMI Input.
  14. 14. Microsoft Lync Contacts With "Contacts", you have access to the Lync contact list with your Contact Groups and Contacts for quick ad-hoc Lync calls.
  15. 15. One-Step Configuration Either with Lync Server, Lync Online, or Hybrid Lync deployments , just take 2 minutes to configure your RVC system.
  16. 16. Why RVC?
  17. 17. Traditional Video Conferencing Crestron RL Polycom CX8000 SMART Room System RVC Manufacturer A lot of these solutions are not purpose-built and sold by multiple vendor. They require longer setup time and a lot of troubleshooting to make things work. Multiple Vendors, with parts that weren’t originally designed to work together. Uses Crestron RL. Single vendor however, they are not fully ready for Lync yet. That results a lot of users complains about the over-price and errors while using. • RVC is an innovative Room Video Conference system built entirely for Microsoft Lync. • RVC is integrated with Lync so no matter how Lync is deployed at your organization, The RVC System works with on-premises Lync Server 2010 and2013, Lync Online as part of Office 365, or hybrid Microsoft Lync environments. Displays Not interactive, Many displays have no touch or pen capabilities. Limited options, with single or dual 65” displays using inferior interactive technology. Uses Crestron RL. Single or dual third-party interactive displays with a very high price comparing to same displays with same features in the market. • RVC system support single, dual and telepresence displays setups. • RVC system auto-detects screen size and number to adjust resolution and content accordingly. • RVC system’s User Interface is designed to work with any touch display. • RVC perfectly supports interactive boards. Camera Standard cameras, often provided by third-parties and requiring manual pan, tilt and zoom controls. Consumer-grade webcam with extremely limited field of view that may miss people in the room. Uses Crestron RL or optional Polycom CX5100. SMART uses third-party over- priced wide-view cameras which is not the best choice for conference rooms, as it lack the required video quality for the video conference. • RVC offers razor-sharp ZEISS® glass lens with autofocus. • 90-degree field of view with mechanical 260-degree pan and 130- degree tilt functionality on a Plug and Play setup. • 1080p HD resolution and 10x lossless zoom for full HD face-to-face video conference and better view for the room and attendees. • With RVC you cannot only control your own conference camera, you can also control the far camera as well. Audio Standard room speakers and microphones. • Tabletop microphone not included (audio is through camera only). • Inferior, non-conference grade sound bar. Uses Crestron RL. Very over-priced audio system comparing to the systems with same features in the market. • High-quality Omni-directional full duplex microphone for audio and video conferencing with 20-foot diameter coverage for great sound over a wide range. • It guarantees voice quality on Lync conference calls and telephone calls making it seem like conversations are happening in the same room. • Use the convenience of this wireless technology to quickly and easily create a connection between any Bluetooth® device and the ConferenceCam speakerphone. Content Sharing Traditional Video Conferencing solutions are very limited when it comes to content sharing and group collaboration. • HDMI Grabber. • Flash driver. • HDMI Grabber. • Flash driver. • HDMI Grabber. • Flash driver. • White board. • HDMI Grabber. • Flash driver. • White board. • AirSharing. • verticals content like AutoCAD, etc. Price Less Than 5000$. More Than 20000$ More Than 20000$. More Than 25000$. Less Than 2000$.
  18. 18. Find out more information about RVC by visitng our website at Speak with a Lync Video Conferencing Consultant at +1 (408) 520-0966 Or send an email to
  19. 19. Thank you