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SEO Killers Uncovered


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SEO Killers Uncovered
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SEO Killers Uncovered

  1. 1. General Informations Creator: David Henry Official Website: Product Name: SEO Killers Uncovered Launch Date: 2013-09-29 at 11:00 EDT Price: $9-$17 Who is David Henry? He has been full time online since 2004 and back in 2007 he took a company from a turnover of just £250k to over £7 million in just 3 years winning the prestigious Sunday Times/Microsoft sponsored fastest growing technology company in the UK. itor’s Rating What is SEO Killers Uncovered? It’s a fact:
  2. 2. SEO has changed and no one really has a clear plan of what’s working and what’s not right now. SEO Killers Uncovered is cutting edge training and state of the art software broken down into 6 modules which provide a simple to follow blueprint to guarantee improved rankings. The biggest cause of poor rankings is technical errors within a website and it’s the thing everyone spends the least amount of time and money to get right. Google openly admits that they push “user friendly” sites to the top of the search results. What is less user friendly than a site full of technical issues, broken links, images with no keywords, page not displayed and 301 redirects going round in loops will not get you to the top of any search engine least of all Google. So what is the answer Features of SEO Killers Uncovered Up to now most marketers don’t have a lot of knowledge, if any of the technical aspects of SEO,
  3. 3. Basic things that are easy to correct such as checking each page has the correct title, H1 and H2 tags, images have keywords inserted and the descriptions of each page are correct can seem like rocket science to the majority of your subscribers. Not any more! Module 1 of 6 is a major product on its own and includes state of the art software that is totally FREE to use. Has To Be Seen To Be Believed The software provides a detailed analysis of an entire website, check out the screen shot below of the interface, this is software that if David Henry had developed would be launching at $37 and it’s included in this report for FREE. Now this is software that is genuienly used by 100s of pro SEOs so it does provide some highly technical information. The good news is included in module 1 is a detailed cheat sheet of the top 15 errors that anyone can fix in minutes simply following the guide. You can almost fire your web developer and simply fix your own minor issues! It’s as simple as entering a URL, click to run the software, check individual factors from the cheat sheet against the software results and amend the users website following simple instruction. Its painting by numbers easy and is guaranteed to provide a major increase in traffic to every website.
  4. 4. Here is a screen shot of 1 of the screens which shows even the mighty Moz website has errors as you can see with a missing title, this module alone is worth 5 times the cost of the entire training and they still have 5 more cutting edge modules to cover. These include, o Setting up the correct website structure o One page optimisation for 2014 o Social Media Engagement o Building the right type of back link o How to build instant authority in any niche He published his first SEO based WSO in August 2011,Rapid Ranking Formula to rave reviews selling well over 1000 copies, he has since published Author Rank Uncovered in Dec 2012 and Authority Site Builder Proin Jan 2013 both of which received great feedback which you can see by a selection of the comments below. He has also recently launched a bespoke software called Comment Commander Pro which finds high authority blogs that allow do follow links. In addition to product creation in the IM space he also provide a full range of SEO consultancy services and specialize in content marketing strategies. >>> Click here to see SEO Killers Uncovered In Action !<<<
  5. 5. Price of Product Before Buying SEO Killers Uncovered, i think you should look at Sales funnel to make right decision, have more information and save your money. OTO 1 – $17.00 : Comment Commander Pro is software that finds high authority blogs that allow “do follow” comments. It totally automates all of the work including cheking for approval and finds up to 500 posts per keyword in seconds so very powerful and highly recomemded. Salepage OTO 1 OTO 2 – $19.95 : Membership To this site provides more cutting edge tranining, outsourcing contacts, over 300 free tools and softare and 200 high quality PLR/MRR products that you can use, resell for 100% commissions of giveaway to build your list with a further 30 added every month. Salepage OTO 2 That is the definition of a WSO OTO in my opinion. Something that is not required to make the product work but of great value to speed up the whole process and make it slicker. Both of these products do this massively so I hope you take advantage of them today
  6. 6. Conclusion I hope Azon Product Sniper 2.0 could help you get your web pages ranking high in the search results without any dodgy tactics, wonder software or expensive SEO services..If you decide to grab SEO Killers Uncovered you’ll receive bonus package cost over 3000$ value and new bonus package 2 from me.So be quickly !!!