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SPListX for SharePoint is a SharePoint content export tool to migrate Lists, Libraries and metadata from SharePoint to the File Share.

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  • XPlica Highlights
  • Introducing some features
  • New Task screen
  • SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online servers
  • Export from multiple Lists to File Share
  • Customize metadata format
  • Automate migration
  • Version file name mask
  • Export SharePoint metadata to file share as Excel
  • Version file name mask
  • Export SharePoint metadata to file share as Excel
  • Export SharePoint metadata to file share as Excel
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  • SharePoint to File Share Migration Tool

    1. 1. SPListX for SharePoint SharePoint Export Solution from Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited
    2. 2. SPListX Highlights • Works with all versions of SharePoint – 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 and Office 365 • Useful SharePoint archive, backup & restore and offline collaboration solution • SharePoint contents that are exported to file share can be shared with other systems or applications • Exports metadata to file share to keep track of source SharePoint properties • Exports Libraries and Lists with / without folder hierarchy & document versions • Exports permissions to a metadata file
    3. 3. Here’s a look at some of its features
    4. 4. Multiple export options to suit your business needs
    5. 5. Export selected SharePoint content and metadata from SharePoint On-Premise or Office 365 / SharePoint Online
    6. 6. Browse and pick Items, Documents and Folders to export from SharePoint to File Share. Advanced Search option for deeper search.
    7. 7. Choose between exporting the entire List hierarchy, the top level Items / Sub-Folders only / or just the Items
    8. 8. Customize metadata format when exporting Library or List column values to a metadata file
    9. 9. Export all versions of documents or export versions selectively
    10. 10. Retain / discard source SharePoint folder hierarchy when exporting to file share
    11. 11. Select packaging option to compress Document sets, different versions & attachements during export
    12. 12. Specify export conditions using Basic or Advanced filters to filter content that is to be exported to file share
    13. 13. An example of a folder level filter
    14. 14. Export Site / List / Item level permissions to a metadata file. This is useful in tracking source SharePoint permissions
    15. 15. Export SharePoint metadata to a metadata file in Excel / CSV / XML format
    16. 16. Manage file duplicates by overwriting or renaming the exported files
    17. 17. Use the Batch Descriptor File Mode for unattended export of SharePoint content
    18. 18. SPListX for SharePoint fileshare-migration/splistx/sharepoint-list-export