NTFS Permissions Auditing and Reporting Solution


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The NTFS Security Auditor helps in auditing NTFS permissions and provides a report on the status of these permissions.

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NTFS Permissions Auditing and Reporting Solution

  1. 1. NTFS Security Auditor Auditing and Reporting solution for Users/Groups/Shares/Folders/Files on Windows File Servers from Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited www.vyapin.com
  2. 2. NTFS Security Auditor Highlights • Performs a complete security scan of Shares, Folders and Files • Creates an automated inventory of NTFS permissions on Folders and Files at regular intervals • Maintains a check on the health of NTFS Security permissions • Fulfills Management and Compliance reporting requirements under SOX and HIPPA • Provides a variety of simple and customizable reports for Systems Administrators, Systems Audit personnel and IT Infrastructure Managers • Allows creation of network subsets for use with scan options • Produces a summary of all shares in your entire domain • Determines which type of permissions and conditions have been configured for each of the Central Access Rules • No agent required. Can be installed on workstations to monitor your network
  3. 3. Some of the important features of the NTFS Security Auditor
  4. 4. Generates a summary of permissions and effective permissions on Users / Groups / Folders / Files
  5. 5. Generates a summary of shares and permission effective throughout your network
  6. 6. Provides details on effective DAC permissions of Users and Groups on specific Folders under DAC reports
  7. 7. Displays a list of Central Access Policies (CAP) and Central Access Rules in the Domain - DAC Reports
  8. 8. The Security Viewer can display the entire file system permissions. Check permissions of shared Folders / Files throughout your network
  9. 9. Displays folders affected / not-affected by central access policies under the DAC reports
  10. 10. The Power Search feature allows you to check DACL permissions on the specified Folders
  11. 11. Flexible data storage feature – Store records either in MS Access database or SQL Server database
  12. 12. Enumerate computers using either the Computer Browser Service or the Active Directory Services
  13. 13. Reports all permissions and membership information about nested Groups
  14. 14. Search for selective and unique permissions on specific Folders
  15. 15. Powerful queries under the Power Search feature allow granular auditing of permissions
  16. 16. Create and use predefined subsets for customized search, audit and reporting of NTFS permissions
  17. 17. Export reports to the desired destination and in the required file format
  18. 18. Schedule report generation process to prevent overloading of system resources
  19. 19. Email audit and permission reports to the desired email IDs
  20. 20. Print necessary reports after previewing them
  21. 21. For more on the NTFS Security Auditor visit http://www.vyapin.com/products/ntfs-securityauditor/ntfs-permissions-reporting.htm