Classify Organize & Manage SharePoint Content


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SharePoint Information Organizer provides content management and classification tasks under a single window. Launch this content management application from within the SharePoint ribbon.

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  • Classify Organize & Manage SharePoint Content

    1. 1. SharePoint Information Organizer Centralized Content Management & Classification App For SharePoint from Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited
    2. 2. SharePoint Information Organizer - Highlights • Classify, manage & improve SharePoint Content • Improve indexing & get better search results • Manage, organize & update SharePoint Metadata in bulk • Organize SharePoint Content Types • Manage SharePoint features & users • Consolidate content & distribute SharePoint resources judiciously • Check activity logs to get an update on all content management activities performed by the app • Launch app from the SharePoint ribbon
    3. 3. SharePoint Information Organizer - Highlights • Improves management of SharePoint content • Helps improve SharePoint security and efficiency • Offers content & metadata organization as well as classification tasks under a single window • Simplifies administrative responsibilities of Site Owners and Content Managers • Offers a wide scope of content organization capability – From Sites at the top level to Items at the bottom level of classification • Helps you make the most of your SharePoint infrastructure
    4. 4. Some of the important features of the SharePoint Information Organizer
    5. 5. Improve SharePoint efficiency - Several options to classify & manage content
    6. 6. Update the metadata value of several Items in multiple Lists simultaneously
    7. 7. Import and update SharePoint metadata values from an Excel sheet
    8. 8. View or Edit Content Types as per your requirements to improve content management
    9. 9. Remove unnecessary Users to improve security of SharePoint content
    10. 10. Use advanced search capability based on metadata or content to locate what you need
    11. 11. Delete unwanted Items to free up SharePoint resources
    12. 12. Manage SharePoint Features - activate or de-activate as necessary
    13. 13. Check all content management activities that have been performed using the SharePoint Information Organizer
    14. 14. SharePoint Information Organizer management/sharepoint-information-organizer.htm Vyapin’s Watch a demo next