Diet and illness ppt.


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it is for the health topics that we teach at schools and it can serve the connections between subjects e.g.English->Biology,or English->Chemistry

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Diet and illness ppt.

  2. 2. Diet and illness
  3. 3. Motivation questions.What must we do for being healthy?.What is junk food?Can you count some?.What is healthy food?Can you count some?
  4. 4. Key words
  5. 5. Tissue[tıʃu:]
  6. 6. Cell[sel]
  7. 7. Yam
  8. 8. Digestive system [daıdʒest]
  9. 9. Starch[stɑ:rtʃ]
  10. 10. Diet[daııt] ---düzgün qidalanma rejimiMaintain[meınteın] ---qaydınaqalmaq,baxmaq,təsdiqləməkProportion[prəpɔ:rʃən] ---pay,miqdar,mütənasiblikRatio[reıʃəʋ]---nisbətObtain[əbteın] ---təmin etmək,almaqStarch[stɑ:rtʃ] ---nişastaYam---şirin kartoşka,yamDigest[daıdʒest] ---həzm etməkDigestive---həzmedici,həzmTissue[tıʃu:] --toxumaBeneath[bıni:ɵ] ---aşağı,aşağıdaInsulate[ınsə,leıt] ---qorumaq,təcrid etməkConvert[kɒnvɜ:rt]---çevirmək,mənimsəməkSoluble[sɒljəbəl] ---əridilə bilənAbsorption[əbzɔ:rpʃən, əbsɔ:rpʃən] ---sorulma,hopmaReproduction[,ri:prədʌkʃən]---törəmə,artma
  11. 11. The food that you eat and drink regularly To make something continue at the same level A part or share of a whole
  12. 12. Words DefinitionsDiet The food that you eat and drink regularlyMaintain To make something continue at the same levelProportion A part or share of a whole The relationship between two groups of people or things that isRatio represented by two numbers showing how much larger one group is than the otherObtain To get something, especially by making an effortStarch A white CARBOHYDRATE food substance found in potatoes, flour, riceYam The large root of a tropic plant that is cooked as a vegetableDigest What is it that changes the food into substances that your body can useCell The smallest unit of living matter that can exist on its ownTissue A mass of cells that form different part of humans, animals, plantsBeneath Under something or somebodyInsulate To protect somebody or somethingConvert To change or make something change from one form to anotherSoluble That can be dissolve in a liquidAbsorption The process of a liquid ,gas or other substance being taken inReproduction The act or process of producing babies ,young animals or plantsEfficiently Doing something well with no waste of time
  13. 13. Healthy diet• A healthy diet is one that helps maintain or improve general health. It is important for lowering many chronic health risks. A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts.It must contain these things in the correct proportions.
  14. 14. Balanced diet 02/01/2012A balanced diet should contain fats, proteins andcarbohydrates in roughly these amounts: Carbohydrates Fat ProteinIt should also contain water, vitamins, minerals .
  15. 15. Carbohydrates
  16. 16. Carbohydrates• These provide a source of energy.• We obtain most of our carbohydrate in the form of starch. This is found in potato, rice, spaghetti, yams, bread and cereals. Our digestive system turns all this starch into another carbohydrate called glucose. Glucose is used by our tissues as a source of energy.
  17. 17. Proteins
  18. 18. Proteins• Proteins are required for growth and repair.Proteins are very large molecules, so they cannot get directly into our blood; they must be turned into amino-acids by the digestive system. Our cells get their amino-acids from the blood.
  19. 19. FatsFOOD
  20. 20. FAT• Fats are used as a source of energy: they are also stored beneath the skin helping to insulate us against the cold. Do not think that by avoiding fat in your diet you will stay thin and elegant• You must have some fat in your diet because it contains fat soluble vitamins.
  21. 21. Vitamins
  22. 22. Vitamins Vitamin A: good for your eyes. Vitamin B: about 12 different chemicals. Vitamin C: needed for your body to repair itself. Vitamin D: can be made in your skin, needed for absorption of Calcium. Vitamin E: the nice one - reproduction
  23. 23. Poor diets 02/01/2012If we don’t have a balanced diet we may suffer form a“deficiency symptom”: Lack of… Causes… Vitamin D Anaemia Protein Scurvy (bleeding gums and joints) Vitamin C Weak bones and teeth Vitamin A Wasting of body tissue Iron Rickets Calcium Poor night vision
  24. 24. HAEMOGLOBINA drop of blood contains millions of red blood cells,or erythrocytes. These specialised cells are likeflattened discs, which gives them a much greatersurface area with which to exchange oxygen andcarbon dioxide in the lungs and with body cells.Red blood cells are able to carry oxygen soefficiently because of a special protein inside them:haemoglobin. In fact, it is the haemoglobin that isresponsible for the colour of the red blood cell.Haemoglobin contains an iron atom at its centre.
  25. 25. Illness• Rickets is a disease of growing bone due to deficiency of vitamin D, magnesium.
  26. 26. Scurvy• Scurvy is a condition where an individual has a vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency. The name scurvy comes from the Latin scorbutus, and humans have known about the disease since ancient Greek and Egyptian times.
  27. 27. Activities for the lesson