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Facebook for PR Pros


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A Cision webinar exploring responsibilities of managing a Facebook page, the do's and don'ts of engaging with journalists and practical tips on how to measure and track the success of your Facebook presence.

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Facebook for PR Pros

  1. 1. Facebook For PR ProsHeidi Sullivan, Vice President, Global Media Research@hksullySabina Rosander, Online Community Manager@CisionUK
  2. 2. Welcome to today’s Cision webinarSpeakers: Agenda: Lucy Griffin  Managing Facebook team Marketing Manager responsibilities Heidi Sullivan  Connecting with journalists Vice President, Global Media Research and influencers on Facebook Sabina Rosander  Tips for increasing your Online Community Manager presence  What to monitor and how to measure on Facebook  Q&A22
  3. 3. Get involved… Your control panel33
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  6. 6. Section Changes…A Few Facebook Divider
  7. 7. Facebook’s New-ish Features Revamped Friend Lists Real-Time News Ticker Subscribe Button 7 7
  8. 8. The Impact of the Timeline on PR & Marketing Greater impact over longer time More visibility for Facebook Apps Brands associated with your digital life 8 8
  9. 9. Section DividerManaging FacebookTeam Responsibilities
  10. 10. One Key Admin or Many? Flying Solo Teamwork PROS PROS  Consistent Voice  Multiple Viewpoints  Ease of Maintenance  Knowledge Transfer  Simple Decisions  Less Time Commitment CONS CONS  Risk of Knowledge Loss if  Responsibilities Admin Leaves Management  Need Back-up for Off-  Inconsistency Hours & Holidays1010
  11. 11. Develop Facebook Team Guidelines  Assign responsibilities/schedules  Outline how to handle complaints/crises  Create a strategy for building community & cultivating relationships  Highlight how competitors should (or should not) be addressed  Determine how transparent & personal posts can be • What’s off limits? • How does this add value? • Who is our community?1111
  12. 12. Try a Facebook Management Tool  Easily assign posts  Track comments & responses  Manage across platforms  Schedule posts1212
  13. 13. Section DividerConnecting withJournalists & Influencers
  14. 14. For communications pros, news and social content are now one and the same  News organisations are making their content more social.  The distinctions between journalists, bloggers and online influencers are melting away.  Social sites now rival search engines as directors of web traffic1414
  15. 15. Facebook now drives more traffic toPerezHilton and the Huffington Postthan Google does. WebProNews, May 2009In just over 2 months the Guardian’sFacebook app has been installed bynearly 4 million users generatingalmost a million page impressionsevery day. Andrew Miller, CEO, Guardian
  16. 16. 1% of any population will be active content creators 9% will be participants 90% will simply "consume" that content online1616
  17. 17. Facebook Encourages Journalists to Seek Sources1717
  18. 18. Use Facebook to… But not to…  Cultivate relationships  Send traditional “pitches” with journalists  Message journalists’  Promote events to the private pages unless you media via invitations have an established relationship  Find opportunities to be a source  Post your news on a media outlet’s Wall  Stay on top of the latest news  Authentically comment on news stories & questions1818
  19. 19. Section DividerManaging CustomerServices
  20. 20. A few guidelines  Respond quickly & cordially  Be proactive  Check spelling & grammar Avoid This…. before posting a response  Don’t use “I” statements2020
  21. 21. Strike a conversational tone  Find your “social voice”  Don’t post robotic response to your fans’ personal questions  Personalise messages and write like a real human  Make sure the tone and language match the culture and promise of your brand  Respond quickly and cordially2121
  22. 22. To delete … … or not to delete2222
  23. 23. Turn fans into advocates with negative postings by building a community2323
  24. 24. Increase YourDivider SectionPresence & Engage
  25. 25. Social media optimisation and engagementExternal Internal Best time to post  Understand EdgeRank  Be visible Provide consistent  Analyse and measure content engagement Encourage comments and  Be active while your fans likes are  Show personality Share videos and photos2525
  26. 26. Why should you care? Over 500 million active users 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events2626
  27. 27. Tips and Tricks  Don’t just talk about yourself  Ask a lot of questions  Acknowledge and engage both the negative and the positive comments  Make it about your fans  Get community input2727
  28. 28. Tesco: Engaging Fans & Responding to Complaints2828
  29. 29. EA Sports FIFA: Sneak Peeks Engage Community2929
  30. 30. SteelMaster Buildings: Bring your product to life3030
  31. 31. What can lead to Unlikes?3131
  32. 32. Section MeasureMonitor & Divider
  33. 33. What you should be monitoring  Trends that created feedback and spikes in impressions  What type of comments and/or content cause an increase in engagement  What events and/or content lead to an increase of likes  What messaging lead to unlikes  Demographics of your fan base3333
  34. 34. Facebook Insights Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around their content. By understanding and analysing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.3434
  35. 35. Questions? #cisionukHeidi Sullivan,Vice President, Global Media Research@hksullySabina Rosander,Online Community Manager@CisionUK Submit a question here3535
  36. 36. Get in touch…Tweet us: @CisionUKFacebook: us: us: 0800 358 3110Visit us: uk.cision.comThanks for joining us!