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Volcanoes.pptx final!


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Volcanoes.pptx final!

  1. 1. Volcanoes
  2. 2. What Do We Already Know? • Shoots out hot liquid • Dangerous • Etcetra..
  3. 3. What Do We Want To Learn? • What is lava made of? • What causes a volcano to occur? • What happens because of volcanoes?
  4. 4. Volcanoes: Seymour Simon Volcano Video: National Geographi
  5. 5. Worksheet Now that we have read a book and watched a video on volcanoes, let’s see what you have learned! Here is a worksheet for you to complete!
  6. 6. Obviously, there would be more than one day spent, learning about volcanoes. I’m thinking more like a couple days to a week. Throughout this time spent, we would construct, decorate, and then finally explode a volcano in the classroom. The first day we would create the basic shape of our volcano. This would be a 2 liter pop bottle, covered in cardboard and tape to look like a mountain and then putting paper maiche over this. After the paper maiche has dried, paint can be added to give it a more volcanic appearance!
  7. 7. On the day of Volcanic Eruption, I will put in a couple table spoons of baking soda through the mouth of the bottle, ending up in the bottom of the bottle. After taking the class outside and placing the volcano on the ground (and ensuring the kiddos will keep a safe distance!) I will pour a cup or so of vinegar into the mouth of the bottle. When the vinegar and baking soda meet, they will go through a chemical reaction and spew out of the bottle, thus acting like the magma of a real volcano!
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