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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Plants Verónica Guillamón Soler Grado de maestro en Educación Primaria ICT Tools Applied to the Learning of English Language
  2. 2. Plants Plants have leaves, roots, stems and flowers. Leaf Leaves Flower Root Stem
  3. 3. A tree Types of plants A bush Grass
  4. 4. A bush Bushes have a lot of stems and leaves.
  5. 5. A tree Trees have a thick, hard trunks.
  6. 6. Grass Grass is a plant. It is thin and bendy.
  7. 7. Types of trees Evergreen Deciduous
  8. 8. Evergreen Evergreen trees have green leaves all year.
  9. 9. Deciduous Deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn.
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