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Case Study - Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama | Voyager Networks


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Case Study - Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama | Voyager Networks

  1. 1. The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD)is the National Conservatoire of Wales and a centre ofexcellence for the performing arts, an institution ofnational significance and a higher education institutionunique to Wales.RWCMD specialises in training students for professionalperformance and related careers. It not only contributes tothe cultural identity of Cardiff but Wales as a whole, andattracts some of the most gifted students from around theworld. Past students include Sir Anthony Hopkins and Gavin& Stacey stars Ruth Jones & Rob Brydon.Case Study:Royal Welsh Collegeof Music and DramaMARKET: Education SOLUTION: IP Phone SystemRoyal Welsh College of Music & Drama gains abrilliantly simple IP Phone Solution with ShoreTel Probably the best managed project and certainly the smoothestI have ever been involved in, I can’t talkhighly enough of Voyager’s projectdelivery capabilities, they were excellent.”Gareth Tottle, Information Systems Manager,Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.“
  2. 2. The Royal Welsh College of Musicand Drama is currently undergoinga £22.5 million development projectto build a suite of world-classtraining and performance facilitiesfor musicians, actors, theatredesigners and stage managers.With over 600 students and anevents calendar that encompassesover 300 public performances eachyear, the college is embarking onan exciting transition to become aWorld Class Conservatoire.Solution Provided in partnership withCase Study:Royal Welsh Collegeof Music and DramaMARKET: Education SOLUTION: IP Phone System“““ The ChallengeFollowing the approval of a new five yearstrategic plan in June 2008 the collegewanted to significantly advance the profileand positioning of RWCMD amongst its peersand specialist art schools both in the UKand internationally. The purpose was tosignificantly enhance the quality of servicesfor all stakeholders.The challenge for the RWCMD was to ensuretheir IT and communications systemscomplemented the college’s strategic planand provide an IT infrastructure of ‘highavailability’, ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘flexible’ inits provision. The existing BT Meridiantelephone system could no longer fulfil therequirements of the College. Gareth TottleInformation Systems Manager for RWCMDdecided that a new IP-based solution wasneeded to ensure the IT infrastructure met theaspirations of the college. The College is going through the biggest investment programme in its history to become a World Class Conservatoire; the old communications infrastructure would not support these aspirations. The old phone system was difficult to manage and time consuming. We wanted a system that could provide the most cost effective solution, not necessarily the cheapest, but provide us with all the communication features that we desired whilst giving best value for RWCMD both now and as we scale.”The college approached variousVoIP vendors and evaluated their systemsfor reliability, scalability, simplicity and arobust feature set. Voyager Networks wereinvitedtotenderforthesolutionandproposeda ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC)solution. ShoreTel was chosen due to its modulararchitecture, flexibility and ease of use. Inaddition to these, many features that RWCMDrequired were included in the ShoreTel systemas standard therefore the total cost ofownership was lower than its competitors. The SolutionVoyager designed the ShoreTel system on 150users, ensuring a fully resilient and scalable UCsolution that would seamlessly integrate withMicrosoft applications allowing users to easilyaccess and manage their own communicationsacross all of their devices.The new solution comprised of variousShoreGear voice switches. These voiceswitches plug into a Cisco LAN and supportboth IP and analogue devices phones, and aredeployed in an ‘N+1’ architecture, so that if aswitch fails or is isolated by a network fault,the phones automatically failover to anothervoice switch at the site. The resiliency of thephone system was a key requirement for theCollege and made ShoreTel stand out from thecompetition because of its unique approach. One of the things that really appealed to me when looking at the ShoreTel system was the whole N+1 solution, where comparing to other systems if you wanted to add resilience you’d need to add additional servers, costs inevitably increased. The N+1 architecture gives RWCMD the resiliency but without the costs that you would have with other vendors”The ShoreTel IP system wasdeployed within a week and a half, andconfigured for 150 users initially. Thedeployment of the system went extremelysmoothly with the help of Voyager andRWCMD staff working closely together. The project delivery team from Voyager were extremely helpful, at no time did I get the impression that Voyager were not able toassistanychangesthatwewanted.Asthe project adapted and changed, Voyager were brilliant in accommodating any twists or turns. The success of this project was undoubtedly down to the technical ability andmanagementoftheprojectandhowwe & Voyager worked together “
  3. 3. Contact us or call us on 02476 417 417TArtist impressions of the new facilities at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama“““As part of the training Voyager suggested a‘Train, the Trainer’ approach, where departmentrepresentatives become the focal points forthe training and support. This meant whilstusers were getting familiar with the systemthere was always support available both fromthe department representatives, the IT depart-ment and Voyager engineers. On the go-livedate Voyager provided ‘flaw walkers’ on-siteduring the first few days to ensure smoothmigration- although prior to the go-live datestaff had been using the system internally fora number of days. Although training wasn’tgiven to all users, most found the system veryeasy to use and picked up using the systemstraight away. It is so straight forward to use, we picked up a lot before we had the training and so we found that we were able to ask a lot of questions during the training session on how to do some of the more advanced features. It was so easy for all users to pick up and certainly coming from a non telephony background the administration around the system and the interface is so intuitive means it has saved us a huge amount of time. The BenefitsRWCMD has already realised significant costsavings and benefits from the new ShoreTelsystem. All of the college users now have asingle interface that is easy for everyone, fromreceptionists to lecturers to use. The collegeis also making use of ShoreTel’s Hunt Groupscapabilities to make sure that all phone callsfor a specific group are always answered. Thisensures someone from a department is alwayscontactable as calls are automatically routedto multiple extensions dependingon availability.The flexibility of the system has also been amajor benefit to users. With the ShoreTelsystem, any user can login to a phone usingtheir personal extension to make a call oraccess voicemail. And with ShoreWare Per-sonal Call Manager integrated with MicrosoftOutlook, voicemail notifications are delivereddirect to the user’s inbox. Furthermore, thecollege has incorporated the ShoreTel systemdirectory into its desktop Web application– enabling users to search for contacts and‘Click to dial’ direct from their PCs. Amanda Townsend, Executive Administrator for RWCMD also commented “I think it’s brilliant and it’s good to be in the 21st Century at last! Having to monitor and handle the calls of two other people as well as my own, the Shoretel system has completely simplified this process. I am able to continually monitor both calls and voicemails for all three extensions easily. The way the system is connected to Outlook and my contacts has certainly enhanced and simplified the way in which I work. I think it’s fair to say that I’m impressed!The ShoreTel solution represents anexcellent platform for further development tomeet RWCMD long term plans. Together withVoyager and ShoreTel, RWCMD is looking toexpand the system to the Box office for the300+ events held by the RWCMD each year. Our staff love the simplicity of the ShoreTel system, this has helped us to transform our communication services. I can safely say this was probably the best managed project and certainly the smoothest I have ever been involved in, I can’t talk highly enough of the ShoreTel solution and certainly Voyager’s project delivery capabilities, they were excellent”One of the things thatreally appealed to me whenlooking at the ShoreTelsystem was the whole N+1solution, where comparing toother systems if youwanted to add resilienceyou’d need to add additional servers, costs inevitablyincreased. The N+1 architecture givesRWCMD the resiliencybut without the costs thatyou would have with other vendors”Gareth Tottle, Information SystemsManager, Royal Welsh College ofMusic and Drama.“
  4. 4. Network InfrastructureFrom consultancy and designthrough to implementationand management.Professional ServicesAn addition to your IT departmentoffering you flexible, highlyprofessional Network specialists.Managed Network ServicesComplete management of yourCommunications. Network givingyou the time to manage yourbusiness.Unified CommunicationsSimplifying and integrating allforms of communications in viewto reducing response times andincreasing efficiencies.SecuritySecuring your entire network atevery level for piece of mind andprotection to your critical network.MobilitySeamless integration across all yourcommunication devices allowingreal mobile working.Our strategic partners.The value to our customers is our expertise. We have invested heavily in our peopleso they become experts in the UK’s leading IT vendors products and services. Ourestablished and trusted partnerships along with the highest vendor accreditationsensure our customers receive the highest levels of support and advice with the mostadvanced and innovative solutions.Voyager Networks helps organisations achieve growth,operational cost reduction and increased staff productivitythrough advanced communications technologies.The Unified Communications Experts.VOY|RASE01Voyager Networks LimitedVoyager House, Sir William Lyons Road, University of Warwick Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7EZ.02476 417 417 02476 414 817© Voyager Networks Limited.This document is the Intellectual Property of Voyager Networks Limited.Its contents should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior permission of Voyager.T F E WVoyager has implemented a variety of solutions, many of whichare pioneering in their sector. For more information on theseprojects please contact us using the methods below.Talk to our team today on 02476 417 417Or visit us online at