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Case Study - Regenda Group | Voyager Networks

  1. 1. The Regenda Group is a relatively new and expanding housingand regeneration group. Through its operating companies, theGroup owns or manages over 13,000 homes for rent or salein over twenty local authorities across the North West. It iscurrently developing over 400 homes and delivers many otherhousing, support and regeneration services that help to makethe North West a better place to live.CASE STUDY | Contact Centre SolutionREGENDA HOUSING GROUPSAFE AS HOUSESWITH VOYAGER“I have been particularly impressedwith Voyager’s flexibility and their‘can-do’ approach to this project.The team ensured we all pulledin the same direction and madesure delivery was in line with ourrequirements. This was vital to thesuccess of the project, Voyager’stechnical ability and managementoftheentireprojectwasexceptional.”Ian Ward, Head of ICT,Regenda Housing Group
  2. 2. The Group’s housing stock has trebled in three years.This growth and diversity is reflected in many other ways –including the range of services provided to people livingwhere it has its homes; the number of people who deliverthe Group’s services and in how they do their work.SAFE ASHOUSESWITHVOYAGERRegenda drivers for change– customer serviceSwitchboard dutiesQuery handlingCall referralMessage servicesEnvelope stuffingSatisfaction surveysManaging contractor invoicesReceptionSupport field based staffRegenda drivers for change– people and places
  3. 3. CASE STUDY REGENDA HOUSING GROUP | Contact Centre SolutionVoyager proposed asolution which comprised thefollowing elements:!!!!!!!!!!!!“Due to the complexity of the solution,project management was crucial. TheVoyager project team ensured weall pulled in the same direction andmade sure delivery was in line withour requirements. This was vital tothe success of the project, Voyager’stechnical ability and management ofthe entire project was exceptional. Ihave been particularly impressed withVoyager’s flexibility and their ‘can-do’approach to this project – their abilityto suggest and implement alternativeapproaches to deal with the inevitableproblems and issues that have arisen– often before we were even awarethere was a problem.” said IanRegenda summary ofTelecommunicationsrequirements!!!!!“This system has been a year in theplanning stages and we needed a solutionthatwoulddeliveragainstouraspirationsto provide a first-class, state-of-the-artcall centre and a group-wide integratedvoice and data network. This was animportant step for Regenda as itlaunches our commitmenttoprovideahighquality, responsive and accessible“One Stop Shop” to service the needsof our 13,000 residents and theirfamilies” commented Ian Ward, Headof ICT, The Regenda Housing GroupVoyager’s proposalIan comments “We’re growing rapidlyso it was important we had a solutionthatcouldscaleinlinewiththebusiness.Voyager Networks showed a goodunderstanding of what we required andwhere we wanted to be. We choseVoyager because of its breadth ofknowledge and expertise within theSocialHousingSectorandafterdiscussingour requirement with them we wereconfident we had partnered with theright company. Importantly for us,Voyager were one of the few companiesable to provide us with a single vendorsolution incorporating both hardwareand call centre software from ourpreferred supplier, Cisco Systems.CASE STUDY | Contact Centre SolutionREGENDA HOUSING GROUP
  4. 4. ABOUT VOYAGER NETWORKSCASE STUDY | Contact Centre SolutionREGENDA HOUSING GROUPVoyager Networks helps organisations achieve growth, operational cost reduction andincreased staff productivity through advanced communications technologies.Voyager has implemented a variety of solutions, many of which are pioneering in their sectorfor more information on these projects please visit our website to viewour latest case studies or call us on 0870 170 9700 to discuss your requirements.The key benefits ofVoyager’s solutionIan comments further “The CustomerService Advisors (CSA’s) will now dealwith enquiries first time, every time toavoid being passed around to a variety ofdifferent members of staff. This now meansthe CSA’s can offer a one stop shop service,dealing with a wide range of enquiries fromhousing management queries, debt advicequeries, advice on antisocial behaviour tomaintenance requests”“Our requirement was for a strategicand sustainable solution in line with ourcustomer service strategy enabling us toenhance the services we delivered to ourcustomers through multiple channels, withthe solution provided by Voyager that isnow achievable” Comments Ian Ward “Inshort Voyager has demonstrated its abilityto work in partnership with us to deliver ahigh value, low risk, future proof solutionthat will deliver quantifiable businessbenefits to The Regenda Group and vastlyimproved services to our customers”