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Case Study - Royal Agricultural Society of England


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Case Study - Royal Agricultural Society of England

  1. 1. Following a review of it’s communications infrastructureThe RoyalAgricultural Society of England (RASE) decidedthe time was right for UC and ShoreTel. After a successfuldemonstration, Voyager Networks was selected to designand replace their ageing telephone system in favourof a feature rich UC solution across its four locations. Thenew ShoreTel system has delivered significant cost savingsto the organisation, improved its customer service andRASE has seen a huge improvement in terms of efficientlyamongst its employees.The Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) plays a leadingrole in the development of British agriculture and a vibrant ruraleconomy through the uptake of good science, the promotion ofbest practice and a co-ordinated, impartial approach to wide-rang-ing rural issues. Today their work includes support for business andsocial welfare in rural communities, education, and a wide portfolioof shows and events.Case Study:Royal AgriculturalSociety of EnglandMARKET: NON-PROFIT SOLUTION: UNIFIED COMMS Voyager and ShoreTel have reduced the time necessary to deploy a new extension by 75%.It now takes only 10 minutes to install a new line for exhibitors.Its proven to be a highly reliable, scalable and above allcost efficient solution”Stewart Page, Assistant Director of ICT, RASERoyal Agricultural Society of EnglandGains a Cash Cow with ShoreTel“
  2. 2. From fields of primrosesto cottages of cream teas,the English Countrysidecontinues to inspire poetsand horticulturalists alike.It’s also an importantresource for agricultureand related industriesthroughout England.Since 1840, the RuralAgricultural Society ofEngland (RASE) has helpedsupport farming and therural industries by spreadinginformation about the bestin research, development andpractice. Today this meansbringing the best of Britishagriculture to the attentionof members and the widerrural industries throughshows, events, conferencesand awards.“Case Study:Royal AgriculturalSociety of EnglandSolution Provided in partnership with The ChallengeUpgrade an aging digital telephony systemto a Unified Communications (UC) systemin time for an office relocation. The newRASE exhibition venue required aflexible telephony system with moderncommunication features to helpimprove the society’s services. The SolutionThe 230-user ShoreTel deployment at RASEincludes ShoreTel Voice Switches, andShoreTel IP telephones. Applications andfeatures include ShoreTel Call Manager, usingworkgroups, hunt groups and MicrosoftOutlook Integration. ShoreTel Softphone &ShoreTel Office Anywhere, keeping mobileworkers reachable, anytime, anywhere. The Benefits > For the first time RASE can measure call volume and set targets in line with business objectives. > ShoreTel’s ease of deployment and use resulted in timely and efficient implementation and employee training. > ShoreTel’s distributed architecture & single-image deployment enable RASE IT staff to centrally manage the system. > Switchboard operators can respond to many enquiries independently and without external support. > ShoreTel Call Manager improves customer service helping to ensure missed calls are easily monitored and returned. > The time to deploy a new extension has been reduced by 75 percent, and it now takes only 10 minutes to install a new line for exhibitors.Ensuring the right information is sharedwith those who need it, and events areefficiently managed depends on reliableand effective communications. However,the society’s old digital Philips telephonysystem was rapidly approaching its end oflife, and required an increasing amount oftechnical expertise for routine tasks, suchas moving around phone lines andadding users.Sometimes technical difficulties had to beresolved with outside help which provedtime-consuming and costly. The Society alsowas planning to relocate, and needed a newsysteminplacewhenmovingtothenewoffices.Migration to unified communications wasviewed as a long-term communicationsstrategy at RASE, & Stewart Page, AssistantDirector of ICT, took the opportunity tofamiliarise himself with the UC marketwhen attending a UC tradeshow in London.ShoreTel makes UC areality for nonprofits When we first starting hearing about UC, we assumed it was beyond our budget and resource capabilities,” Mr Page explained. “After comparing different product demos, however, the ShoreTel solution proved to be more cost-effective and easy-to manage than we first believed, and certainly more so than their competitors.”The RASE IT team decided the timewas right for UC with ShoreTel, andintroduced Voyager Networks, asShoreTel partner to design the solution tobe deployed across four locations at RASE’s250 acres Stoneleigh Park. Because of therural location, RASE also needed analoguefunctionality for extensions to remoteareas around the site.8MARKET: NON-PROFIT SOLUTION: CONTACT CENTRE
  3. 3. ““““ The Voyager team designed the ShoreTel solution with all the components we needed and room to grow,” Mr Page said. “The project management team guided deployment very smoothly through to completion within the timeframe planned. We had to make the transition over one weekend and the switch to the new system worked excellently thanks to our team effort with ShoreTel and Voyager Networks.”Staff improvesefficiency withShoreTel’s ease of useAll RASE users attended a two-day trainingsession and Voyager Networks provided“flaw walkers” on-site during the first fewdays to ensure smooth migration andspeedy troubleshooting. Our employees love the new system. Despite the varying levels of IT literacy, they have all embraced ShoreTel technology due to its ease of use,” Mr Page said.UsersareparticularlyimpressedfromtheintegrationwithMicrosoftapplications.OnemajorbenefittoRASEusershasbeenthecollaborationtools,byintegratingtheShoreTelsolutionwithMicrosoftOutlookstaffcannowmanagetheirvoicemail&contactsfromtheirinbox,allowingthemtolistentovoicemailmessagesstraightfromOutlook.AnotherimportantfeatureofthisintegrationnowallowsRASEemployeestocallcontactsrightfromtheirMicrosoftapplicationswhilstalsoshowingtheirpresencestatus.Thishasbe-comeparticularlyusefultothosestaffmanagingtheincomingcallstotheorganisation.Staffhandlingtheswitchboardcanmanagethosecallsmoreefficientlybeingseeingtheavailabilityofothermembersofstaff,makingtheentirecommunicationexperiencefarquicker,whilstsavingRASEtimeandmoney.Building teamworkRASE staff are also taking full advantageof features such as Workgroups, OfficeAnywhere and Huntgroups to improveefficiency and get more done. Workgroupshelps them monitor and return missed calls,which is especially valuable in busy periodsduring exhibitions. Office Anywhere lets themassign their extensions to any phone forwhen they’re working remotely, and hunt-groups routes calls to multiple extensionsto help ensure no calls are missed. ShoreTel also has reduced the time necessary to deploy a new extension by 75 percent,” Mr Page added. “It now takes only 10 minutes to install a new line for exhibitors, thereby improving the flexibility of RASE customer services. By eliminating the old system, we’ve taken back a whole equipment room, thus saving on space and cooling costs by having one less air conditioner.”In-house systemmanagement savestime and moneyUsers of the ShoreTel system are spread outacross Stoneleigh Park where immediateaccess to buildings is often restricted.Remote administrative management andtroubleshooting through a Web browserhelp save time and reduce costs. Thanks tothe system’s single image architecture andthe ease of system management, switch-board operators can solve many issuesindependently without external support.The ease of management of the ShoreTelsystem has now allowed administration ofthe telephony and communications for theexhibitions far easier as well. Not only hasthe setting up of new extensions for eventsbecomeeasytomanagebutthebillingreportsforthoseexhibitorscanbegeneratedquicklyand accurately at the end of each event,something that was very time consumingand difficult to operate previously.The return on investment of the ShoreTeldeploymentwasrealisedwithinafewmonthsof migration. The new system also allowsRASE to improve management of the RASEsalesteam’sperformance.Salesrepresentativesare given key performance indicators basedon the number of calls they handle, and forthe first time the organisation can measurecall volume and set targets in line withbusiness objectives.The ShoreTel solution represents anexcellent platform for further developmentto meet the Society’s long term strategicplans. Together with Voyager Networks andShoreTel, RASE is developing a customisedCRM solution which will be integrated withthe current system. RASE is also planning todeploy the ShoreTel solution at its on-sitehotel, which is currently still using theold system. We’re very pleased with the performance of the ShoreTel UC solution,” Mr Page said. “It’s proven to be a highly reliable, scalable and above all cost efficient solution that has improved our customer service and employee efficiency. We’re confident that ShoreTel’s powerful combination of product excellence and highly responsive support through Voyager Networks will help us improve communications and member services”we assumed UC wasbeyond our budget andresource capabilities...theShoreTel solution proved tobe more cost-effective andeasy to manage...”Stewart Page,Assistant Director of ICT, RASEContact us or call us on 02476 417 417TImages from The Royal Show“9
  4. 4. Network InfrastructureFrom consultancy and designthrough to implementationand management.Professional ServicesAn addition to your IT departmentoffering you flexible, highlyprofessional Network specialists.Managed Network ServicesComplete management of yourCommunications. Network givingyou the time to manage yourbusiness.Unified CommunicationsSimplifying and integrating allforms of communications in viewto reducing response times andincreasing efficiencies.SecuritySecuring your entire network atevery level for piece of mind andprotection to your critical network.MobilitySeamless integration across all yourcommunication devices allowingreal mobile working.Our strategic partners.The value to our customers is our expertise. We have invested heavily in our peopleso they become experts in the UK’s leading IT vendors products and services. Ourestablished and trusted partnerships along with the highest vendor accreditationsensure our customers receive the highest levels of support and advice with the mostadvanced and innovative solutions.Voyager Networks helps organisations achieve growth,operational cost reduction and increased staff productivitythrough advanced communications technologies.The Unified Communications Experts.VOY|MAR‘10Voyager Networks LimitedVoyager House, Sir William Lyons Road, University of Warwick Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7EZ.02476 417 417 02476 414 817© Voyager Networks Limited.This document is the Intellectual Property of Voyager Networks Limited.Its contents should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior permission of Voyager.T F E WVoyager has implemented a variety of solutions, many of whichare pioneering in their sector. For more information on theseprojects please contact us using the methods below.Talk to our team today on 02476 417 417Or visit us online at