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Case Study - Charter Housing | Voyager Networks


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Voyager Networks is a managed services and solutions provider based in the UK.

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Case Study - Charter Housing | Voyager Networks

  1. 1. PERFORMBETTERCharter Community Housing Ltd(CCH) is a not for profit registeredsocial landlord that providesquality housing and services toresidents in the community.Charter was formed from theHousing Department of CherwellDistrict Council following a largescale voluntary transfer of theCouncil’s housing stock in March2004 and currently managesaround 3500 properties in northOxfordshire within the boundariesof the Cherwell district.“ Right from the beginning ofthe project we were impressedwith Voyager’s attitude.They took time to listen to usand work with us to design asolution that would meet ourneeds now and provide theframework for expansion inthe future.”Gerry Hodge, Charter’sCorporate Services ManagerContact Centre SolutionCharter Community Housing.Case Study
  2. 2. Priding themselves on being customer-focussed,performance orientated and dedicated to thepeople they provide homes and services to.Charter Community Housing took the strategicdecision to become part of the Sanctuary HousingGroup in August 2007. Sanctuary is a nationwidehousing group which manage over 70,000 homesacross England and Scotland.PERFORMBETTERVoyager Networks and Phoenix Software were chosenby Charter Community Housing in June 2007 toprovide the IT and Communications systems requiredfor Charter’s relocation to new purpose built premisesin Adderbury, Oxfordshire.Charter Drivers for ChangeAs with most housing stock transfers, CCH needed acomplete IT solution to separate themselves from theexistingcouncilsystemsandcreateastandalonenetworkat their new officesite.Bydoingso,CCHwerelookingtobring all of their operational bases onto a single sitewith the objective of gaining greater efficiencies andfurther improvements in service provision.CCH were faced with migrating all of their existing ITsystems from their Bodicote office in Banbury to theirnew site. The two main objectives of the project forCCH were to:-n Move to the new premises with the least practical disruption to the organisation or its tenants.n Provide a flexible, scalable network allowing Charter to expand and take advantage of new IT technologies as they grow.Having recently acquired CCH, an important elementfor the Sanctuary Housing Group is to ensure thatservice levels and procedures are standardised as theyacquire or merge with other housing associations. Aspart of the Charter requirement, it was essential thatthe entire network infrastructure and customer servicecapabilities improved to ensure their tenants wouldhave the same, high levels of service that are operatedacross the rest of the Sanctuary Group organisation.Charter Summary of RequirementsCharter required a solution that provided a singleintegrated voice and data network for use across theentire organisation. The new system wouldneedtobeinstalledintheirnewcorporate office in Adderbury. Aswell as the voice and data requirements, Charter alsorequired contact centre functionality for 5 customerservice representatives, which has since beenupgraded to 10 seats utilising a dedicated server.“RightfromthebeginningoftheprojectwewereimpressedwithVoyager’sattitude.Theytooktimetolistentousandworkwithustodesignasolutionthatwouldmeetourneedsnowandprovidetheframeworkforexpansioninthefuture.”Said Gerry Hodge, Charter’s Corporate ServicesManager and Project Manager for this project.
  3. 3. Case Study. Charter Community Housing | Contact Centre SolutionContinueOverleaf >“The system allows callers tobe directed to the right peoplethat can help them at the firstpoint of contact which enablesus to retain our high levels ofcustomer satisfaction”comments Gerry.Voyager designed its solution after consultation withCharter’s ICT and customer services team andputforwardaCiscoUnifiedCommunications solution,with over 100 IP Phone users at their new site inAdderbury. Voyager provided Charter with thefollowing components:-n Cisco Local Area Network supporting 144 Usersn Cisco CallManager supporting over 100 Cisco IP Phonesn Cisco Unity Connection for voicemailn 5 seat Cisco contact centre initially, recently increased to 10 Seatsn Internet access and securityn Installation of PSTN connection to BTn Installation of Windows 2003 & Citrix system (Phoenix Software)n Support and maintenancen End user trainingAs part of the contact centre solution, customer servicerepresentative now use the Cisco Agent Desktopapplication to perform the customer interaction function.Charter’s customer service representatives can now login, handle all calls presented to them, and perform allcontact center functions using this interface.Having previously been involved with a number of otherhousing stock transfer projects, Voyager outlined theexperience and expertise they had in delivering similarsolutions and were able to work alongside Charter todesign the best solution for them and their customers.Gerry comments further “AlloftheVoyagerrepresentativesthatwedealtwithtookprideintheirworkandtheirwasacleardesiretoensurethatthesolutiontheychoseforuswastherightoneandthatitwouldbedeliveredontimeandtobudget.Evenwhenthingsgotverytechnical,theytooktimetoexplaininalanguagethatweunderstood!”The project was managed using the Prince IImethodology and Voyager took complete ownershipof all third parities, allowing Charter’s ICT team toconcentrate on other aspects of their business, safe inthe knowledge Voyager were delivering this project.“Theimplementationwascompletedontimeandinaprofessionalmanner–therightdegreeofhandholdingandsupportwasalwaysavailable”commented AvrilBurrows – Charter’s Customer Service Manager.“Throughouttheproject,VoyagerandPhoenixmetregularlywithustomonitorandreportonprogressandworkthroughanyissuesthatarose–atallstagesoftheprojectweknewexactlywherewewereat, whichinturnallowedaccuratebudgetmonitoringandinternalreportingtotheManagementBoard”.Said GerryCase Study | Contact Centre SolutionCharter Community Housing.
  4. 4. 0870 170 Study | Contact Centre SolutionCharter Community HousingVoyager Networks LimitedVoyager House, Sir William Lyons Road, University of Warwick Science Park, Coventry, CV4 7EZ.Phone: 0870 170 9700 Fax: 0870 170 9749 Email: W:© Voyager Networks Limited.This document is the Intellectual Property of Voyager Networks Limited. Its contents should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior permission of Voyager.Copyright © 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco, Cisco IOS, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Systems logo are registered trademarks or trademarks ofCisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.VOY|109366|APR‘08Key Benefits of Voyager’s SolutionIn many ways, the solution provided by Voyagerand Phoenix Software supports Charter’s values ofcustomer focus, quality service and dedication tothepeopletheyserve.Fromatechnologyperspective,Charter were looking to improve their networkperformance and to create a more secure and stableplatform from whichtogrowtheirorganisationonandimprove their service provision. The new solution nowmeans Charter’s customer transactions can be dealtwith quickly and effectively ensuring they achievetheir Key Performance targets for customerservice delivery.Gerry comments “We now have the capacity andability to monitor and report on all aspects of acustomer’s front end experience when they contactus. We can now accurately tell when our peak calltimes are, the amount of call traffic, how long callershave been waiting etc. All of this information we wereunable to access before and now this allows us toreview our service and pin-point areas whereenhancements to the service can be made”“Internal configuration changes to the system areeasy and cost free to implement – no more callingan engineer and waiting for hours – just unplug thephone and move it!”Avril comments further.By contacting staff in a single working environmentand giving them easier access to information, theycan provide more accurate information faster to theirtenantsaboutpayments,repairsorgeneralinformationabout their homes. The following outlines some ofthe capabilities that Charter now has:-n Being able to call other locations as if they are extension numbersn Automatically updated directories accessible from a handsetn Ability to hold conference calls easily with remote staffn Calls are answered quickly at a central location and callers directed to the best person to deal with their call first timen Home and remote workers can operate as though they are office based.This will allow Charter’s ICT team to administerthe entire network more simply than the previoussolution through the deployment of a completeCisco solution.“The solution that Voyager have provided hasenabled us to implement our Customer ServiceStrategy introducing a system that allows callersto be directed to our technical repairs hub or ourcustomer service centre for all general housingmanagement queries. The system allows callers to bedirected to the right people that can help them at thefirst point of contact which enables us to retain ourhigh levels of customer satisfaction”comments Gerry.Voyager Networks is one of the most established,experienced and dynamic network integrators and is aleader in the provision of integrated voice, video and datanetworks services to large public and private organisations.In partnership with its clients, Voyager has been deliveringinnovative solutions since 1993. These include LAN andWAN infrastructure, WAN and Internet connectivity,convergence, security, network management,maintenance and support services.Voyager Networks is an entirely self resourced and supportednetworking company with specialist facilities includingits own Network Operations Centre (NOC). Voyager offersa comprehensive portfolio of service products designedto complement the customers own skills and deliver acomplete High Performance Network Solution. Voyager’sextensive in-house engineering capability underpins abroad range of on-site and off-site maintenance services.This enables Voyager to tailor any support solution to suitthe particular customer’s requirements.Voyager has implemented a variety of solutions, many of which arepioneering in their sector. For more information on these projects pleasevisit our website to view our latest case studies orcall us on 0870 170 9700 to discuss your requirements.“Helping organisations grow,reduce cost and improve staffproductivity through advancedcommunications technology”Photo commentVoyager Networks helps organisations achieve growth,operational cost reduction and increased staff productivitythrough advanced communications technologies.Voyager Networks has beendelivering end-to-end ICTsolutions to the social housingsector for over 6 years, for moreinformation on other housingsector solutions please referto our website.