Task 2


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Task 2

  1. 1. Task 2 - UsesInteractive menus –Interactive menus are menus that can be used in many different ways, DVD menus, TV menus, video gamesetc. These menus can be interactive in a number of ways, interactive has two meanings, the first meaning, therelationship between two things that act within the same space of time, with each other, or it can also meanin an electronic term it means, the continuous two way transition of information between the user and acomputational device or television, this interaction is caused if the device is of a communication based device.They can be interactive in numerous ways such as animated videos interacting with the actual selectiveoptions, there can be sound in the background that adds to the theme, for example on Hot Fuzz‟ menu, whenyou select an option, the voice of Simon Pegg (in character) states something related to his character. Anotherexample would be the X-Men: The Last Stand menu, in which before you go to the actual options menu, itallows you to “choose a side” of the X-Men or the Brotherhood, this does not change anything apart from theart style of the menu and the music, but it does allow a certain amount of immersion and interactivity.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAZFAIyoL2Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAZFAIyoL2Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_182211&feature=iv&src_vid=WAZFAIyoL2I&v=i4D6w26yC14http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_773365&feature=iv&src_vid=WAZFAIyoL2I&v=HhEo05qXZd8Web banners/attractorsWeb banners are a form of internet advertising that is usually used as a way to attract people‟s attention tothe thing being advertised, they are usually there on pages of other websites, and usually these websites arepaid to host the advertisement. Every time someone clicks on the banner, this alerts the ad server (whichupkeeps the banner) and then sends a transaction of five to ten cents.These are all examples of different types of web banners,showing the difference in the sizes of them and also whatform they can take.Furthermore some web banners can be advertisements,disguised as mini games, usually in which you have to getthrough the maze by drawing the path or shooting targets,once you click though, it leads you to the actual webpage.
  2. 2. Title and credit sequencesTitle sequences are the way in which films and television shows present the title, the cast and also theproduction team. This usually includes the inclusion of visuals and sound, this being a song or sounds effects.Furthermore this can usually be confused with opening credits, this is wrong, opening credits are justsuperimposed onto a video. When cinematography was first created, cards were used to show what the filmwas and who directed it. Furthermore, with the progression of silent films, these were then used to representdialogue and even to spur the plot along. These have been retained throughout the years till they are nowalmost standard, unless not used for an artistic or preferential reason.Animated captionsAnimated captions are the text that comes up on a screen during a film, music video or any other type ofvisuals. They can be used for a number of reasons, subtitles, credits, title sequences, comedic purposes,introductions, descriptions. For example in the Doctor Who episode „The Name of The Doctor‟ it comes upwhen the unknown Doctor turns around saying “John Hurt as „The Doctor‟”. This is an example of animatedcaptions and its uses because of the fact that it is a description, and it is also animated in that the person useda programme (e.g. Adobe After Effects) to create the text and its appearance on the screen.StingsThe use of the term sting, in radio, which it is a piece of audio that can be used as an aide, for the desiredeffect, for example the music in the shower murder scene of Psycho is a way of enforcing the way In which thekiller is stabbing down at the woman, or the traditional drum and cymbal sound at the end of a joke.IdentsStings are visual shorts, that are used as advertisements for example the “E4 E-Stings” are e-stings created byviewers and are then used on the E4 channel, this is a good way to advertise the channel, and also to show thechannels communication and care for its audience. The BBC also uses this, as do most channels, furthermore inAmerica, it is a must for a channel to identify itself in this way, as there are that many signals on the airwavesthat there is a specific need to.