Pr3 producer and audience


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Pr3 producer and audience

  1. 1. PR3 Producer and Audience: Analyse the Marketing Campaign of Iron Man 3Different audiences are targeted by film producers through the use of advertising and marketing,this is done in a number of ways. One of these ways is through posters, the reason that posters workis that they are all over the place, people will see them wherever they go. Furthermore this will sparkthe person’s interest in the film; furthermore this can lead to my next point, trailers. Trailers areanother way to advertise the film because it gives the person a glimpse of what is going to happen inthe film and what it is going to be like. There are other ways in which films can be marketed, throughsocial networking sites and “guerrilla” advertising (e.g. The Blair Witch Project marketing). Thereason in which different audiences are targeted is because different films appeal to differentaudiences, for example a film like The Croods will not appeal to people who love to go and see filmslike Saw or Hostel, but people who like to go and see films like Monsters Inc. will be more inclined togo and see it. The main reason in which these different audiences are targeted is because they willbe the ones that bring in the most profit for the films as they will be the ones that go and see them,therefore it is the most logical thing to do, to appeal to these audiences.In the film Iron Man 3, we start off with an insomnia plagued Tony Stark, still reeling from the shockof encountering Gods, aliens and a Hulk. As he tries to rid himself of his PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) anew threat reveals itself in the form of the enigmatic and deadly man known as The Mandarin, theleader of the terrorist group, The Ten Rings. And with the arrival of Aldrich Killian, the director ofA.I.M and his Extremis virus, things take a turn for the worse for Tony and Pepper.The target audience of Iron Man 3 is the type of people that like superhero films/action fantasy andRobert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. The genre of the film is action-fantasy/superhero, the film wasreleased in 2013 and was directed by Shane Black, produced by Kevin Feige and distributed by WaltDisney Studios Motion Pictures. The film took $1,079,820,220 (over one billion dollars) with a budget of twohundred million dollars. It was released in the UK on the 25thApril.There were many different ways in which Iron Man 3 was marketed, in bullet points these are how.T.V.Web 2.0 such as file sharing and social network sites (You Tube/Facebook)CinemaBillboardsPostersNewspapersMagazines (interviews/reviews)The Internet (cinema film listings/review pages)The internet (official web pages)Word of mouthWith television, these would have been trailers that would have been shown, on social networkingsites they would have been web banners showing a poster of the film with a link attached, or if itwas twitter they would have released a sponsored tweet about the film itself, in the cinema theywould have released a longer trailer than what would be shown on the television. On billboards theywould have shown large posters, and smaller posters on bus stops and buses. They might have had
  2. 2. posters in newspapers and on magazines, but also another way they would have had them inmagazines such as Empire and Q would be in the form of interviews with the stars and also througharticles about the film itself. Also online such as on the ODEON website they would have had webbanners and also listings of what films were/will be on. They would have also created an officialwebsite which people could go to, to see trailers, news and other trivia. The difference betweensome of these is that while some are electronically based advertising a lot are still based throughposters and word of mouth, and also the cinema. But they are also linked, for example on postersthey will have information on the facebook and twitter pages of the film, and also the films webpage they created, so in this way it shows that they are all interlinked with each other, no matterwhat form they take.The way in which the audience has been targeted in that they have allowed for people who have notseen the film and they have made it very easy to get into, but also that it is for people who like IronMan, as stated by Shane Black he has made this film for fans of the super hero Iron Man, but also tomake the film enjoyable for all of the fans, the film has also been targeted in the sense that the filmis set at Christmas, which can attract younger children to see the film. Furthermore, with Audi usingproduct placement in the film, people will like seeing these cars in the film, this is not a big reason,but it is a reason through product placement. Furthermore TCL (a home entertainment company)secured a deal with the team behind Iron Man 3 to feature there products in the film, while alsousing this fact by putting Iron Man advertisement’s on their products (they are based mainly inchina) which is another way to get the film out to new audiences.Media Anchorage is a term that means attaching meaning behind a word to something (such as afilm) or images, to create a meaning between the now related things. For example by attaching thewords ‘Iron Man’ to a picture of Robert Downey Jr. people will know that this is the man that playsIron Man, this will then be stuck in their head, because if they see a picture of Robert Downey Jr.again, they may automatically think of Iron Man.The producer of a film will use many different types of research in pre-production before making afilm.Pre-production researchSecondary Research – Location/Read the script in order to do that/ Find out the culture andbeliefs of those countries. E.g. Certain times of day to pray.Location Manager, reports once he’s researched enough.Primary Research – Focus Groups/Questionnaires/Interviews/Genre/Stars/Narrative/SpecialEffects/Find out what the public wants.Qualitative Research – Finds out people’s opinions.Quantitive Research – Is when statistics and is all measurable information.Post Production Research – Test Screenings, 100 people are invited to watch the first cut ofthe film. Called an “Intimate Screening”. They will then be given a questionnaire givinginformation on what they liked, what they didn’t like and then they will ask for theiropinions.Then they will do a full scale post production screening (around 400 people) and once theyhave seen it they will do a questionnaire on how the film was. The response will be used inthe marketing of the film, favoured scenes will be shown in the trailer.
  3. 3. Secondary research is needed because it is the act of finding research that somebody has alreadydone and is needed for things like filming in a different country as the actors there may needdifferent things (for example certain times to pray) it is also someones job to do this, their title isthat of Location Manager. They would also do primary research, this is where the producer would dothe research themselves instead of finding pre-done research, this means they would create focusgroups of different people (different race/gender/opinions on films) they would also releasequestionnaires as a way to get peoples opinions, they could interview people on this also. Theywould also want to find out what star is popular with audiences at the time, and figure out if itwould be a good thing to get them to be in their film.