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Me and my movies[1]

  1. 1. Me and My MoviesBy Harrison Reed DelveGenre – Superhero
  2. 2. The Avengers Director – Joss Whedon Year of Production – 2012 Brief Summary – The Avengers is the result of the Thor, IronMan, Captain America and Hulk movies, after Loki steals theTesseract, it is up to the dysfunctional superhero team TheAvengers stopping his invasion with the alien army theChitauri.
  3. 3. The Dark Knight Rises Director – Christopher Nolan Year of Production – 2012 Brief Summary – As Batman is hunted for the murder ofHarvey Dent, Bruce Wayne is a reclusive, a dark falls overGotham in the form of Bane. The new leader of the League ofShadows, Wayne must once again take up the mantle ofBatman and, with the help of the mysterious Selena Kyle,defend Gotham against the incoming threat of Bane.
  4. 4. Iron Man 2 Director – Jon Favraeu Year of Production – 2010 Brief Summary – The fact Tony Stark is Iron Man is nowpublic knowledge, Tony has to juggle dealing with theradiation poisoning his Palladium Core has brought on andalso the new villain Ivan Vanko, along with the introduction ofWar Machine.
  5. 5. Attraction to this Genre There are many reasons that I like this genre, the Superherogenre has been revived since 2009, with films such as TheIncredible Hulk and Iron Man leading the forefront. Superherofilms are not one dimensional, there can be many differentgenres and themes within them, for example The Avengerswas an action film, while also having comedic momentsalong with dramatic moments also. Another example of amore serious superhero film could be The Dark Knight Rises,although not having Super powers, Batman is still asuperhero. These films have a more serious feel to them andare not as light hearted in scope to The Avengers.
  6. 6. Attraction to Genre (cont) Story Style ScaleThe first thing that attracts me to these films is the style, with TheAvengers, it was a very fun, action/superhero film, that anybodycould go and see, whereas with The Dark Knight Rises the filmwas a lot more serious, with more serious, dark themes, whichchildren would not really go and see. I then look at the scale ofthe film, usually Superhero films are huge films, not just budgetand advertisement wise, but also to do with the action and thestories scope. The story is what attracts me after this, usuallybecause this is the last thing I find out, a good story is always themain thing that I look for in these type of films.
  7. 7. The Avengers
  8. 8. The Amazing Spider Man
  9. 9. X-Men: First Class
  10. 10. Why I go and see thesefilms (Part 1)There are many different reasons in which I may wish to go and see these films,Sometimes it is because of the influence my dad had on me when I was younger,He is a big fan of sci-fi and action films, and this influenced me because I am alsoA big fan of sci-fi and action (and superhero) films.Star TheoryAnother reason I may wish to go And see a film is because somebody has seen a posteror trailer (another reason) and tell me about it through word of mouth. And they may tellme why they think it look good and I may become curious, and therefore I would then goand watch the trailer for the film, as I mentioned before. This would then lead me tobecome excited for the film, especially if there are some of my favourite actors in the film,for example Robert Downey Jr. Or Scarlett Johannson. This is called star theory, whatstar theory means is, because a certain actor or actress is in the film, this encouragesyou to go and see it as you believe that it will be an even better film because of it,therefore I would say that there are many different reasons in which I may wish to go andsee a film and therefore, this concludes why I would go and see them.
  11. 11. Media LiteracySocial MediaThere are many ways to find out about a filmthrough the media, you can getYour information from a wide range of sources.Social Networking is an example of thisBecause, film companies can pay websites likeFacebook, to post web banners at theSide of the page, this allows them to advertise thefilm all over the world in a simpleYet effective way. Another website that allows this(although differently) would beTwitter, the company could pay for a sponsoredtrend, a trend on twitter, is somethingThat lots of people are talking about at one time intheir tweets, the top tweet, isThe top trend of that country (or the worldwide toptrend). Furthermore these can beSponsored to be at the top, which means thatpeople will see this and may wish toGo and find out about it, it also means that it mayget people talking about it on twitter,And therefore may not need to be sponsored to dothis. The pictures are examples of this.
  12. 12. Web AppsYou can also find out about films through web applications, what these do is allowThe user to access it, over a network (the internet) for examples film websites suchAs IMDB and also other news websites such as IGN. These allow for very in depthArticles for what is being advertised as they also put videos up of the trailer for the filmThey can also write about their opinion of how it looks etc. Furthermore YouTube isNow a common website for which you can find things out, for example manyYouTubers do news videos on the new films coming out and also their opinions, thisIs useful for people because, people enjoy using YouTube and also, they enjoyThese peoples videos as they often include comedic moments to make them moreEntertaining. Here is an example of both IGN and YouTube web apps, in which itShows off a film.
  13. 13. BlogsIt is also possible to find out about films from blogs, (web logs) can be used forMany different things, they can be used for discussion, informative, personal orFor a company. For example, Richard Branson, founder of The Virgin Group has hisOwn personal blog, that he uses to communicate and inform people with.They can also be used by companies as a way as to inform people about events andThings.Furthermore there can be blogs that people use as a way to talk about topics theyEnjoy and talk about their experiences with it, this could include reviews and otherThings such as that. Movie blogs are informative and post trailers and the latest newsFor films that is out there.
  14. 14. MagazinesMagazines are a very good format for finding out about films, because thereAre lots of magazines that not just advertise films, but magazines that revolvePurely around films. These consist of magazines such as Empire and Total Film,There can also be adverts for films in other magazines, these can be any sort ofMagazine.
  15. 15. Reception TheoryReception is the theory that was put forward by Hans Robert-Jauss, it is the theoryThat as the viewer of the film watches it, the meaning of the film is communicated toThem and created throughout the film, therefore what this means is that while thereIs the general meaning of the film, what the director or auteur of the film wants us toKnow about, there is also the meaning which the audience themselves will createAs the film goes on. It is argued that contextual theory, the theory that the place, time,Sequence of events, are what effects reception theory and the movement of theMeaning of the film itself.