Magazine design evaluation


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Magazine design evaluation

  1. 1. MagazineDesignEvaluationBy Harrison Reed Delve
  2. 2. Initial researchThe research I did for my magazine, wasto look through different Metal Hammerand NME magazines, taking note of thelayout and the pictures. Giving me aninformative look at the different styles.I also made a questionnaire that proveduseful in the way that I created mymagazine, from it, I learned that mostpeople were interested in the magazineusually by the model on the front cover,so therefore I took a copious amount ofimages to get the right one, editing themin different ways and adjusting them tofind the right image. I also did research bylooking at other magazines that covereddifferent topics, such as fashionmagazines to find a distinct style that wasunique to my magazine.
  3. 3. Product ResearchWith production research, I researcheddifferent magazines again, making a muchmore in depth analysis and taking note ofthings that stood out. I also did a comparisonarticle to help with this, what it showed wasthat there are different ways to advertisesimilar products, with different promises anddifferent taglines, that can result in acompletely different feel to the magazine,bursting with colour to attract the reader, orusing the main image as the attractor.It also helped to give me tips on cover linesand fonts to use. Here are some examples ofthe research that I did.
  4. 4. Logo designThe reason that I like this logo design is that,for one the letters are big and bold, it standsout without looking too messy, covering thescreen with curves and twists, it is blocky andbold which I think is more appealing andmakes it look more professional. Furthermore Ithink it acts as a juxtaposition to the actualtitle „Carnage‟ the reason being is that whilecarnage insinuates a certain chaotic styleand mess, the actual font is tidy and gives offa feeling of Varsity style.
  5. 5. Image editingI think that the main cover imageworked well because, it looks onlyslightly edited, most people wouldprobably not notice, I think that itgave the image an interesting lookand almost made it look like aslightly old vintage photograph.And by only using the one image itstands out more, the editing I didlooks natural to a point so that itmakes the image interesting but notdramatically edited to the point itlooks unrealistic and silly.
  6. 6. Magazine coverThis is the completed cover that Idesigned, I think that it works wellbecause I put the main articles on thefront page, giving people the chance tolook at the main ones and not bedistracted by smaller stories, I also thoughtthe positioning of the image in front of thetitle works because it does not look as if itis covering the entire title, and works tobe different, and also doesn‟t cover theimage that much that you cannot see it.By using this image also, it is quite a smallimage in comparison to some of theother images I took and think that it workswell in allowing room for the headlinesand the small descriptions.
  7. 7. Contents PageShow the contents page you designedsay what you did and why you think itworked wellWith my contents page I wanted to showas much of the main articles and imagesas possible, so by making them stand outwith the black background and redwriting your eye is drawn to them, I alsolike the review section at the bottom asthis shows that there is more to themagazine than simply articles on bands, ithas a section on reviews which peoplecan look at if they wish to buy analbum, getting a second opinion. I alsolike the images to the side, I think that byadding them it gives a visual aid to theactual contents and that this works wellwith the titles because it gives a flavourto what these articles are going to belike, and what the people are like to.
  8. 8. Double PageSpreadWhat I did with this was to Take my influencefrom Metal Hammer and Kerrang andincorporate this into my magazine, forexample having multiple images among thearticle pages. Furhtermore I have a quote inamong the writing, as a way to attract thereaders eye. I also have a smaller image witha quote underneath, like they have in othermagazines. I also put at the bottom of the lastsentence, the next time you would be able tosee them live, as I think if this was a realarticle, the point is to get to know the bandand also advertise them for people that areinterested in seeing them. I think that thisworks well because it looks natural, it looks likea real article and also is lay out like one, it isnot bustling with too many images, but itdoesn‟t lack in them making it look boring.
  9. 9. Strengths of theProjectI think that with this project, that theoverall strength of it, is that it appears likea regular music magazine, it does nothave anything that makes it try to appear“different” and instead focuses oncoming across as genuine. I think that thefront cover and the double page spreadare the strongest part of the project itself.And that I did a suitable amount ofresearch and was influenced by the mostpopular magazines. I also think that bytaking and editing a large amount ofimages, it gave me a wide variety tochoose from, while trying to not sacrificequantity over quality.
  10. 10. Weaknesses ofthe ProjectI think that I would improve the contentspage, I think that I could have done thisbetter and in a more interesting way, I thinkthat there is not enough variety in the types ofarticles and posts on this page, and it makes itlook slightly bare. If I were to make thismagazine again I think that I would focus onthe contents more than I did in this one, andmake sure that I had the space to add thingsto it, I also think that if I were to make thedouble page spread again, I would take adifferent approach to it, instead of doing itlike I did, I would also take a differentapproach to the front cover, experimentingwith different takes on them all, as I think this isan important part of the project, and onewhich can produce the most benefits for youin the long run.