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Final major project_production_diary_24.01.2013


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Final major project_production_diary_24.01.2013

  1. 1. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryHarrison Reed Delve PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including PossibleContingency Plans If Problems Anticipated)Mon W/B 07/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 14/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)What I did this week was to make my production schedule, listingeverything that I would need to do and in which week to do it,furthermore I have also started mind maps and brain storming,although I may have to move doing spider diagrams to next weekto make sure that I have enough time in which to do it.Next week I will be finishing off my spider diagrams andother researched work.Mon W/B 21/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I finished off my spider diagrams and next week amgoing to be researching other short films, themes and finalising theideas for the short film idea, before starting to prepare myproposal.Next week I will be researching other short films,themes and then finalising the ideas before preparingmy proposal.Mon W/B 28/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)This week I began working on my proposal, I then will begin to planmy presentation and finish off any other research I need to do.I will begin work on the presentation I will be doing.Mon W/B 04/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 11/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 18/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 25/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 04/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 11/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)
  2. 2. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryMon W/B 18/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 01/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 08/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 15/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including PossibleContingency Plans)