Different applications of photography


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  • Different applications of photography

    1. 1. Fine PhotographyFine art photography is photography that keeps with the vision of the photographer. This canBe used to express the photographers thoughts, feelings, political views. One of the earliestExamples o it is John Edwin Mayall. A side product of this photography being somethingArtists can use to express their own beliefs, is that it can cause people to start to think aboutthere own political, personal views, or start a controversy etc.Sally Mann – Is a fine art photographer who is well known for taking large black and whiteImages, mainly of he children, and later of decaying landscapes, taking on darker themes. SheHas been named ‘Americas Best Photographer’ by TIME magazine. She is known for her manyDifferent books that she release, each focusing on different topics and themes. Each of herPhotos are taken in a distinct, grainy, black and white style.Ansel Adams – Adams was a nature photographer who took photos of conservations andNational Park, this lead to peoples interest in keeping them safe. He is one of AmericasMost well known photographers, his style is photographs in black and white, and haveUsually large compositions.
    2. 2. Different Applications ofPhotographyBy Harrison Reed Delve
    3. 3. AdvertisingPhotography in the advertising industryCan be used in many different ways. ForExample, billboards are a way to advertiseWhere everyone can see. Another wayWould be using signs on the side of a bus orCab.The reason it is used is because if it was justWriting to advertise something it wouldNot catch peoples eye. It is used as a visualAid. And also because they can also give theFeel of the advert, for example if it is forSomething like the RSPCA then theImage can be something sad andUpsetting.
    4. 4. FashionPhotography is used in Fashion as a way ofAdvertising and making people think thatBecause of how the clothing looks on them,It will look like that on themselves, and itPromotes an image of how people areConveyed.Furthermore, it is used as a visual aid of howClothing looks on people. And also as a wayTo advertise the clothes.
    5. 5. Fashion (cont)Steven Miesel – Is an american fashion photographer who got critical acclaim for his workIn the US Vogue and the Italian Vogue. He also photographed Madonna for her book Sex. He isAlso one of the most influential photographers in the industry having discovered manyModels, hairstylists among others. He is also that influential that he managed to get VogueTo release an issue with only black models in it.Annie Leibovitz – Is an american portrait photographer who is a notable fashionPhotographer. With a lot of her images being used in Vogue, some notable subjects includeJohn Lennon with Yoko Ono, Sting, Gisele Bundchen. She was also the chief photographer forRolling Stone, helping to establish Rolling Stones look.
    6. 6. MusicPhotography is used in Music for anumber of reasons, advertising theband, album artworkAnd also posters. They can work ina number of ways, being images ofthe band, or they can be ofsomething related to an album.
    7. 7. Music (cont)Mick Rock – He is a music photographer that has photographedEveryone from Queen and David Bowie to Lou Reed and the SexPistols, he has released many books featuring his work and also many exhibits.Todd Owyoung – He is a music photographer that has photographed for Rolling Stone, TheNew York Times and other publications, he specializes in live music, lifestyle and portraitPhotography, with a BFA in visual communications.
    8. 8. Photo JournalismPhoto journalism is the act of using photographs as a way to capture images that have aRelevance to a story, it is also used as a way to tell a story through multiple images. There areThree things that are styles to photojournalism, timeliness, images that relate to each otherIn chronology, objectivity which just means that the image is a fair representation of whatHappened. And lastly, narrative, these are images that combine with others to relate withThe reader audience.
    9. 9. Photo Journalism (cont)Robert Cappa – He was a hungarian photo journalist who specialised in combat photographyUsually taking photos in the middle of the action, for example he has many photos takenDuring the landing of D-Day. He is known for saying “If you’re photographs aren’t good enoughYou aren’t close enough”.Nick Ut – He is famous for his image of Kim Phuc, the vietnamese girl who, in the famousPhoto, is seen running from an American napalm attack, her clothes having burned off. He alsoIs the third recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Photography.W. Eugene Smith – He graduated from Wichita High School In 1936, beginning his career byTaking pictures for two local newspapers. He eventually moved to New York and was knownFor perfectionism and his “thorny” personality. Even going as far as to letting himself get firedBecause he did not wish to use Medium Format cameras, he joined Life Magazine using a35mm. His photographs are usually mid to close up portraits in black and white.