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Crime & no punishment....


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Welcome to India - the only country where being a criminal is a successful career.

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Crime & no punishment....

  1. 1. Crime and the Unpunished. INDIA Land of the Uninterested and Home of the Slaves
  2. 2. No Social Discipline and A Haven for Criminals Terrorism? Nothing new. Rape? Happening daily. Murder? Part of Life. Kidnapping? It’s only business. Corruption? That’s our Identity. “We are Indians”.
  3. 3. Our Police Force? Demoralized by Politics Plagued by Inefficiency Under-equipped Untrained Underpaid Unappreciated
  4. 4. Our Judicial System? Politically influenced Overburdened Under facilitated Under paid Under staffed Over stretched Last hope of citizens
  5. 5. Our Politicians? Mostly corrupt Inefficient Caste oriented Religion oriented Mostly criminal Unimaginably Rich Fantasy is political policy
  6. 6. Our Bureaucracy? Cunning Talented Mostly unprincipled Power facilitators Cannot be impeached Extremely powerful Self preserving
  7. 7. Our Press? Slaves to the Government Purchasable commodity Power brokers Hysteria is headlines Mostly crooks & thieves Some are ‘media whores’ Pioneers of paid news
  8. 8. Our Social Activists? Uninformed and / or biased Self before Nation Perfect in art of lying & cheating Make money out of tragedy Prostitutes to highest bidders Cheap to purchase Dregs of society
  9. 9. Our People? Mostly docile Peace loving Divided by Caste & creed Divided by Region Divided by Language Survival is a daily challenge Dominated by poverty & hunger
  10. 10. Our Future? Mostly bleak Uncontrolled inflation Unabated crime Unpunished corruption Break-up of India possible Civil war probable Repeat of 1947 massacres possible
  11. 11. The Solution? Empower your Vote Be a Registered Voter Empower Democracy by Voting Be politically proactive Get involved in Nation building Voice your opinion loudly Demand Equality
  12. 12. The Final Solution? Rise beyond differences Be One Nation Accept Constitution as Supreme Tri-color is our only identity Ashok Stambha is our only Symbol Say it with pride: “WE ARE INDIAN”