Al Qaeda whats their game-plan?


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Al Qaeda is making progress with violent attacks against civilians and their barbaric slaughter of the innocents. What are the goals of this terror organization?

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Al Qaeda whats their game-plan?

  1. 1. The AL Qaeda: What’s their ‘Definitive Victory’ plan? Is there a method to their mindless massacres of innocent civilians? Al-Qaeda continually reconstitutes itself as a global terrorist threat, headquartered in Pakistan, and with franchises throughout Africa, the Middle East and worldwide. [Bruce Riedel]
  2. 2. The destruction of the West seems to have been methodically planned out by al-Qaeda in advance; having begun the efforts full— scale from 2000 onwards.
  3. 3. From October 1993 to June 1996 followers of Osama Bin Laden carried out sporadic terror attacks in Somalia, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia, mostly targeting American troops and facilities. The 1st terror attack by Al - Qaeda was the February 1993 World Trade Centre attack in New York. The 500 KG bomb killed 6 and injured over a thousand. A coordinated attack on U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; on Aug 07, 1998—killed more than 231 and injured over 5,000. This attack was seen as a ‘declaration of war’ onto the United States of America.
  4. 4. The awakening supposedly started in 2001 beginning with the 9/11 attacks on United States and culminating with the fall of Saddam regime in 2003. The al-Qaeda military planners wanted the U.S. to attack the Islamic world and hopefully “awaken” Muslims world- wide. Till 2006, the al-Qaeda planners had hoped that their organization would grow into a global movement, but it met with very little success in the Arab world - though destruction was spreading from Madrid to London to Khobar to Islamabad and onwards across the world. The ‘Islamic Nations’ had not been openly supportive, even though there had been an massive influx of radical Islamist fighters into Iraq during the high point of militancy operations there.
  5. 5. From 2004 Madrid train bombings that killed 191 people to the 2005 London transport bombings that killed 56 people; al– Qaeda made its presence felt in secure societies of the West. From 2007 the focus shifted to Syria where all out fighting is still in progress. By shrewd political and military strat- egy, the al - Qaeda seems to have also cashed in on the anti Assad hysteria of the West. The July 2008 Battle of Wanat was a sustained attack which was able to target key assets with precision and was well coordinated with fighters from many insurgent and terrorist groups with an effort that was disciplined. It was the first indicator of collaboration between Taliban and Al Qaeda.
  6. 6. From 2010 onwards Al - Qaeda has made efforts to destabilize Arabic governments which are not supportive of their ideology. Starting with the November 2010 bloody siege of a Church in Baghdad that killed 58 people to the continual suicide bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq that are killing thousands; Al - Qaeda is targeting specific areas for potential take-over. Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and any other financial or military interests with ties to the USA are specific targets . Weakening of the U.S. economy is the goal of the Al Qaeda planners. At the same time; Al - Qaeda affiliates in Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen; are making their presence felt with bombings, shootings and kidnappings. The victims range from Churches to Western people, and many times Muslims and locals who do not agree with their ideology or violent methods. Al-Qaeda has almost achieved a long-sought goal of Islamist politics: the creation of a pan-Islamist militancy that operates across national borders and national politics.
  7. 7. With the continued and systematic social, financial and political weakening of the Western Nations; Al—Qaeda planners are hoping to foster a ‘new Islamic order’ that the West will be unable to resist effectively due to their internal economic collapse and political instabilities. In recent times, Al - Qaeda has (through its various affiliates) initiated an “Islamic World War’ with a goal of “Definitive Victory” through direct confrontations, subversive activities and filling the political vacuum that is resulting from the collapse of modern Arab States. Al - Qaeda’s New World Strategy includes the establishment of a Super-Islamic State. The most eligible candidate for such a take-over is Pakistan. Al - Qaeda already has its strong roots in Pakistan. With a stock-pile of 100 nuclear war heads and a standing army that is numerically larger than that of the U.S. - Pakistan is a fruit ready to fall into the Al-Qaeda hands.
  8. 8. In a nut - shell: § Al - Qaeda has a long term plan to create a ‘Islamic Super State’ , conquer Europe and defeat the USA. § Terrorist attacks that seem arbitrary are actually undertaken as a contribution towards the larger goal of global domination. § Every terrorist attack is part of an overall strategy to attack, destroy and dominate. § Al– Qaeda has already made significant progress in establishing a firm grip in East and North Africa, is committed towards the fall of the Pakistan’s Government , it’s take - over of that country and to assume full control of Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons .