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Weistec Engineering Products


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VOS Motorsports (, an automobile performance parts company in the United States, recently announced the availability of Weistec Engineering products.

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Weistec Engineering Products

  1. 1. vosmotorsports.comWeistec Engineering ProductsImage credits:
  2. 2. vosmotorsports.comWeistec Engineering is an industry leader in research, development, anddesign. The company have grown to provide customers with the highestlevel of satisfaction and value through relentless testing and continuousimprovements in product and performance.»Weistec Engineering» VOS Motorsports - A premier importer of new aftermarket automobileperformance parts, is offering high quality Weistec Engineering products.Engineering and design are the core services of Weistec. Combinedexperience from aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and industrialfields by technical depart, allows Weistec Engineering to offer an array ofservices and capabilities.Weistecs network of manufacturers allow quality production in marketsin the US and overseas. This working relationship ultimately saves timeand money for the customers.»»
  3. 3. vosmotorsports.comWeistec Engineering Products for Mercedes-Benz Models:1. AMG 63 5.5L M1571. AMG 63 5.5L M157722.9 Bullet Proof Transmission Weistec Engineering is now offering anupgrade for the 722.9, 7-speed transmission used in many AMG models.Every transmission is carefully disassembled and inspected to insure nofatigue to casing or other imperative parts. Once accepted Weistec thencryogenically harden all gears, packs, input shaft, and output shaft.The transmission is then reassembled using upgraded clutch packs, all newgaskets and seals, filter, pump, and hardware. The Weistec Bullet Proof722.9 is also outfitted with upgraded Valve Body and TCU to ensure properline pressure and superior shift quality. The result is a built transmissioncapable of handling power levels in excess of 1000lbft of torque whilemaintaining the drivability of a stock transmission.Other Important products include: M157 Biturbo ECU Upgrade, M157 / M278Biturbo - Air Filters, 722.9 Transmission Upgrades, Limited Slip Differential»»»
  4. 4. 1. AMG 63 5.5L M1571. AMG 63 5.5L
  5. 5. 1. AMG 63 5.5L M1571. AMG 63 5.5L
  6. 6. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L M113KM156 / AMG 63 Vehicles (2007-Present) M156 Supercharger Systems 626 Horsepower, 551 ft-lb of Torque For completely stock vehicles (CARB E.O. D-691) Features the uncompromising cooling efficiency of the Weistec Intercoolersystem, and utilizes the patent pending CMDP Cog Drive System. Experiencenew levels of horsepower and torque with the worlds first M156, 6.3LMercedes AMG Supercharger System. This system is 50 state smog legal, perCalifornia Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order # D-691.Stage 1, 6.3L AMG M156 Supercharger System 637 Horsepower, 560 ft-lb of Torque Removal of Secondary Air Pump Required. The Weistec Stage 1 Supercharger System features the all new ultra efficientWeistec direct drive belt system, with improved power
  7. 7. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L
  8. 8. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L
  9. 9. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L M113KStage 2, 6.3L AMG M156 Supercharger System 672 Horsepower, 662 ft-lb of Torque Requires High Flow Exhaust and Removal of Secondary Air Pump. The Weistec Stage 2 Supercharger System is specifically designed forvehicles with high flow exhaust systems, and utilizes the all new ultraefficient Weistec direct drive belt system. Proper ECU remapping andsupercharger drive ratios have been modified to work in conjunction.Stage 3, 6.3L AMG M156 Supercharger System 769 Horsepower, 677 ft-lb of Torque Requires High Flow Exhaust, Removal of Secondary Air Pump, and SparkPlugs. The Weistec Stage 3 Supercharger System is built to address the needs ofcustomers looking for the most power out of the 63 AMG. Incorporatingmany years of Mercedes supercharger knowledge, the all new 3.0L twin-screw is the pinnacle Weistecs supercharger
  10. 10. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L
  11. 11. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L
  12. 12. 2. AMG 55 5.5L M113K2. AMG 55 5.5L M113KUsing 3.0L Twin Screw, Weistec have set the record for the Worlds FastestMercedes with Stage 3 M156 System and supporting Weistec products,generating engine power levels exceeding 1000 Horsepower.Other Important products include: M156 NA ECU Upgrade -Stage 1, High Flow Air Filters, Oil / Air Separator, M156 Engine Upgrades,722.9 Transmission Upgrades, Trunk Ice Tank, Limited Slip Differential,Spark Plugs, Billet Idler Pulleys, CLK 63 and CLK Black Series»»
  13. 13. M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)M159, SLS 750 Supercharger SystemWeistec Engineering has developed the ultimate Supercar transformationfor the Mercedes SLS AMG. With cutting edge design and development,Weistec has raised the bar even higher, reaching an unsurpassed 750HPand 664LB FT. This is the SLS 750, The worlds most powerful SLSAMG...Period.• SLS 750, 750 Horsepower, 664 ft-lb of Torque• For completely stock vehicles (CARB E.O. D-691)• MADE TO WORK ONLY WITH STOCK EXHAUST.Other Important products include: SLS AMG NA ECU Upgrade, Oil / AirSeparator, M159 Engine Upgrades, Billet Idler Pulleys, Spark
  14. 14. M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)
  15. 15. M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)M159 / SLS AMG (2010-Present)
  16. 16. 3. AMG 55 5.5L M113K3. AMG 55 5.5L M113KM113K Supercharger SystemWeistec is proud to produce the M113K 3.0L Twin Screw SuperchargerSystem. Weistec have taken proven supercharger design concepts andapplied them to create the most efficient, reliable, and powerful upgradeever available. Using 3.0L Twin Screw, Weistec have set the record for theWorlds Fastest Mercedes with Stage 3 M156 Supercharger System.Producing engine power levels exceeding 1000 Horsepower.Other Important products include -82mm Throttle Body Upgrade, Mercedes 82mm Throttle Body,Intercooler Water Pump Upgrade, 722.6 TCU Upgrade, M113 / M113KSpark Plugs, Trunk Ice Tank, M113K Crank Pulley Bolt, M112 / M113 /M113K Oil Filter, Limited Slip Differential.»»
  17. 17. 3. AMG 55 5.5L M113K3. AMG 55 5.5L
  18. 18. 3. AMG 55 5.5L M113K3. AMG 55 5.5L M113K
  19. 19. Email : staff@vosmotorsports.comVOS MOTORSPORTSvosmotorsports.comPhone : (516)597-5131