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Hni For Partners

  1. 1. Portal for Net Worth Individuals worldwide Project mission 4 Network within High Net Worth Individuals. 5 Information for HNI on wealth management market. 6 Introduce services for HNI 7 Provide online sales via online shop - LUXURY GOODS division on web portal 8 Sell service via Services division on web portal Audience The audience of we portal are HNWI, UHNWI and billionairs: *A high net worth individual (HNWI) is a person with a high net worth. In the private banking business, these individuals typically are defined as having investable assets (financial assets not including primary residence) in excess of US$1 million. The Merrill Lynch - Capgemini World’s Wealth Report 2009[3] defines HNWIs as those who hold at least US$1 million in financial assets and Ultra-HNWIs as those who hold at least US$30 million in financial assets, with both excluding collectibles, consumables, consumer durables and primary residences. The report states that in 2008 there were 8.6 million HNWIs worldwide, a decline of 14.9% from 2007. The total HNWI wealth worldwide totaled US$32.8 trillion, a 19.5% decrease from 2007. The Ultra-HNWIs experienced the greater loss, losing 24.6% in population size and 23.9% in accumulated wealth. The report revised its 2007 projections that HNWI financial wealth would reach US$59.1 trillion by 2012 and revised this downward to a 2013 HNWI wealth valued at $48.5 trillion advancing at an annual rate of 8.1%. UHNWI refers to Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, individuals or families who have at least US$30 million[2] in investable assets. The number of ultra high net worth individuals worldwide is estimated at about 95,000.[1] The exact dividing lines depend on how a bank wishes to segment its market; for example, the term Very High Net Worth Individuals[4] can refer to those with assets between $5 million and $50 million, with Ultra High Net Worth Individuals only those with above $50 million. Most global banks, such as Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and UBS, have a separate business unit with designated teams consisting of client advisors and product specialists exclusively for UHNWI. Because of their extreme high net worth and the way their assets were generated, these clients are often considered to have characteristics similar to Institutional investors.
  2. 2. Brands in various sectors, such as Bentley, Maybach and Rolls-Royce in motoring, actively target UHNWI and HNWI to sell their products. They have, on average, eight cars and three or four homes. Three-quarters own a jet aircraft and most have a yacht. Data taken from Wikipedia. *I expect as well some billionairs buyers from the lists of: •Forbes top 1000 billionairs, •Sunday Times top rich list, UK •Finance mag - top 300 Russian businessmen. Expenses for the first year 9 Presentation 5000 £ 10 Business plan 20.000 £ 11 E-consulting 5.000 £ 12 Now How 20.000 £ 13 Office 100.000£ 14 Equipment 50.000 £ 15 Site promotion 1.500.000 £ (Presentation in 20 countries, direct marketing, advertising in Luxury media, internet marketing, luxury forums, conferences and events, TV adverts). 16 Personnel 300.000 £ Total costs: 2 million £ Taxation Approximate 30% Profit centers 17 Online shop 18 Advisory (need FSA accreditation) 19 Advertising on site 20 Marketing service 21 Partners promotion 22 Other services Online shop: 23 Diamonds 24 Prestigious metals products
  3. 3. 25 Gold investment 26 Resort 27 Hotels 28 Luxury Travel, Space Travel 29 Transport: airways, trains, air balloons, amfibia, exotic transport, solar transport, electric transport 30 Real estate 31 Boats, yachts 32 Plains, jets, 33 Helicopters 34 Luxury, Sport, Vintage Cars, car rental 35 Art, Antique, Sculptures, Photos, 36 Coins, 37 Old Books, 38 Books, 39 Magazines 40 Sport clubs (20 sports) 41 Night clubs (20 best clubs in 20 countries) 42 Business Clubs 43 Vine collections 44 Whisky collections 45 Cloths 46 VIP Service 47 Computers, laptops, etc. 48 Furniture 49 Music instruments, 50 Sport equipment - golf, surf, windsurfing, wake boards, mountain bikes, downhil ski, snowboard, tennis, cricket, polo 51 Horses 52 Telephones, 53 I pods, 54 VIP presents, 55 Food delivery 56 Restourants 57 Second Hand market. 58 Electronics: tv, 59 Kitchens, 60 Music instruments, music 61 Flowers world wide 62 Concierge Service 63 Registering companies (Isle of Men, other offshore jurisdictions ) Other services: 64 Architects 65 Financial products providers
  4. 4. 66 Investment 67 Education, Universities 68 Business for sale 69 Auctions 70 Business Centres space for rental 71 Partner’s finder 72 Investment consulting, Stock broker service 73 Wealth management advisory 74 Concierge service 75 Analytics 76 Investment projects 77 Club HNW 78 Meetings 79 Site partners: banks, investment funds, luxury brand companies, HNI, 80 Marketing services 81 Sport Marketing 82 Events 83 Exhibitions 84 Lobbying 85 Forming new enterprises PLC, LTD companies, initial capital in pension funds, banks, government projects, 86 Equity investments, 87 Fixed Income 88 Hedge Funds 89 Private Equity Funds 90 Distressed funds 91 Structured products 92 Commodity investment 93 Forming investment funds 94 Open investment company for the HNW and portal clients: 95 Angel investment offers 96 Cash 97 Forming Trusts 98 Family Finance 99 Islamic Funds 100Insurance companies 101Pension Funds 102Co-investment 103Real Estate Investment 104FTSE 250 105First stage investment 106Venture Capital Trust 107Real Asset investment 108Forex 109Tax advisory 110Fixed Income Investment
  5. 5. 111Luxury Brands for sale 112Investment Funds 113VC companies 114SWF data 115Infrastructure funds 116Consulting companies 117Banks 118Private banks. 119Business club 120Women Clubs 121HNI clubs 122Interest Club 123Prize giving - Private Investor of the year, Best investment on return, Best Private Bank, Best luxury Brand Company. Site content: 124Men, Women: (wealth estimated, annual profit, business description, activities, credo, hobbies, interests, requests, link on business and private web page, personal requests) 125Countries 126Politicians, incinguding MP. 127Sportsmen, 128Businessmen, 129Famous people, 130Aristocrats 131Government leaders, 132Stars Type of the presentation: 133Business Story 134Interview 135Video interviews 136Success story Profit centre in british pounds: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year Parties 50000 50000 50000 Events 30000 35000 45000 Advisory 100000 150000 200000 Online shop 300000 400000 700000 Advertising 15000 25000 35000 Interview Total 495000 660000 1030000
  6. 6. Outcome of the project: 137Profit from sales on profit, 138Network of investors, 139New business and investment solutions. I asume a profit share between 30% to 60 % with investor. Please some links on the manufacturers and service vendors. Awaiting partners on the portal: Diamonds Planning to sign contract for promotion and sales online: De Beers Leviev Tiffany Asprey Wempe Udeshi Swarovski Prestigious metals Ernest Jones H.Samuel Astley Clark Goldsmith Kabiri Gladstone Jewellery Links Hotel Chains Small Luxury Hotels of the world Hilton Marriott Jumeira Sol Melia Resorts Sol Melia Small Luxury Hotels of the world Art London art dealers Richard Green – London Art Galleries Guest and Gray
  7. 7. Sotheby’s Christies Real Estate Analytics 140Economist Intelligence Unit 141Dan and Bradstreet 142Economist 143Financial Times 144Euromoney 145Equity Funds, Investment funds type magazines 146Institutional Investor Bookstores Old books Magazines POP Esquire Vogue Condenust Traveller Vinity Fair Coins Coincraft Museums Gallerys Consulting companies Ernst and Young PWC Deloitte LLC Insurance companies Banks. Private banking Here is the list of 35 major private banks. Here is the list of the first 5 on alphabetic order:
  8. 8. ADBC EXCELLENCY BANK OF NEW YORK PRIVATE BANK BANQUE TRANSATLANTIQUE BARCLAYS WEALTH Everage investment in private banking varies from 100.000£ to 30.000.000£ I estimate commission from the business transactions 0,5% - 10% for different type financial product. Financial advisory companies: I have a list of allmost 200 US fianacial advisory firms. Here are the some of them: Albourne America LLC Angelo, Gordon & Co., L.P. Aperio Group, LLC Appleton Partners, Inc. Marketing Companies PR agencies Plains, Jets: Aim is to sell most popular jets within the HNI audience: Challenger 604/605, Cessna Citation XLS, Embraer Legacy 600, Gulfstream G550, Hawker 800XP/850XP. As well concept is to contact the following AIRCRAFT manufacturing companies, I have the list of 21 aircraft manufacturers: AERION, AIRBUS CORPORATE JETLINER, AMERICAN LEGEND AIRCRAFT COMPANY, BOEING,
  9. 9. BOMBARDIER, Bombardier Inc. Helicopter manufacturers: Average helicopter costs from 150.000£ to 45 million £. I estimate commission from 5% to 25 % from the price of the product. I have a list of top 10 world helicopter manufacturers. Here are some 5 links on the top helicipter manufacturers. AGUSTA, AGUSTA WESTLAND, AIRSCOOTER,, BELL, BELL AGUSTA Yachts Builders, Manufacturers: I have a list of 219 yacht manufacturers and yacht builders. Average yacht costs 300.000£ commission varies 10-30%. Luxury boat cost around 10-30 million £, comission varies 10-30%. Ultra Luxury Boat cost 200 million £, average commission on the ULB - 5%. Here is some info on the most expensive yachts from web site article Octopus – $200 million Co-owned by Oracle’s Larry Ellison and media mogul David Geffen, Rising Sun is 453-feet and five stories of oceangoing luxury. It was built with one goal in mind—to exceed the size of Paul Allen’s Octopus, above. This pricey yacht has 8,000 feet of living space with onyx countertops and Jacuzzi bathrooms, a spa and sauna, a gym and even a private movie theatre with an enormous plasma screen. Lady Moura – $210 million This costly yacht has gone by three names since its conception—Platinum 525, Golden Star and, most recently, Dubai. The Platinum 525 was commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 1996, but a lack of funds caused the project to be abandoned a scant couple of years later. In 2001, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, then Crown Prince and now ruler of Dubai, took over the project and renamed it the Golden Star. Dubai is as expansive as it is expensive. The 525-foot yacht features an owner’s suite, five VIP suites and a number of guest bedrooms. The bridge features the captain’s quarters, an office and a lounge. The foyer and atrium connects each deck while lighting them from above via skylight. The luxury yacht is powered by four diesel engines with over 9,000 horsepower altogether. Eclipse – $1.2 billion World's Most Expensive Yachts - Eclipse". Russian billionaire and Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich’s super-yacht will be a 560-foot monster requiring a minimum of 70 crewmembers and featuring eleven guests. Abramovich and his guests will be protected by a security system
  10. 10. that uses laser bursts to foil digital paparazzi photography when activated, anti- bugging and anti-intruder systems and a missile detection system. They’ll also enjoy a swimming pool that can be drained and used as a dance floor, an additional swimming pool and an aquarium. The yacht holds two helicopters, three boats and a submarine. Here is the some of the yacht manufacturers - first 5 from the list: AB YACHTS,, ABACUS MARINE,, ABEKING & RASMUSSEN, ADMIRAL Admiral Yachcts, megayachts construction,, AEGAN YACHT: Building, Brokerage, Charters I will also contact the shipbuilders and shipyards. Here is the link: Car manufacturers: I have a list of 132 Car manufacturers. I am planning to achieve sales agreement with minimum 10 car brands. Average car price for the luxury type car varies from 50.000 for tipical luxury brand £ to McLaren F1 1 million £. Commission we can achieve from car sale I estimate varies from 5 to 20% from the car cost excluding delivery. Some car producton names from the list of potential partners: AC CARS, ALPINA, APTERA , ARASH CARS et.c. Competitors: There are different websites and web portals on this theme and there is no website whith such wide presence of the products and services like Insurance on product:
  11. 11. We are planning to attract 1 to 3 insurance companies to garuntee the quality of the product, delivery and repair. Sales plan: Pofit estimate: Market targets: I plan to achieve a 1,5% of all HNWI products and services online sales market within first 5 years. Logistics for online shop: Credit line for the clients of the product: To ease purchase and expend the quantity of the clients I suggest to fund a credit company which can cover up to 80% of the product cost. I expect to achieve an agreement with Lombard company, part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Various Luxury Brands: I am planning to make contract to sell the services and products with luxury sector market leaders: Below are just some of the companies leaders of the business on Luxury. 3i, Agnes B, Alfred Dunhill, Altagamma, American Express, total allmost 182 companies.