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vsource_brochure_spread (linkedin)

  1. 1. 2 | | 3 Freedom for your recruiters Enabling your recruitment team to take on bigger projects. vsource will increase your throughput and help you scale.
  2. 2. | 54 | In talent acquisition time is of the essence.
  3. 3. | 76 | Introduction to vsource In talent acquisition time is of the essence. Senior recruiters engage in a competitive community where focus on making contact and locking placements in is diverted to time spent examining large pools of recycled candidates, incomplete or outdated profiles, and searching skill sets on job boards and social media. vsource enables you to remain in complete control of candidate qualifications and to prioritize live and future positions without having to do the legwork of research and data gathering. Our sourcing specialists operate smart technology for content extraction, resume parsing and advanced boolean logic to provide a pipeline of candidates tailored to your qualifications. Your recruiters can maximize their time each morning with a running start by initiating calls, assessing mapping intel, and ranking lists of candidates that were built overnight by vsource. Our unique solutions are unmatched as we merge science and human intuition to scale your recruiting operations and build your knowledge of your talent pool. We provide the tools and support for you to grow your team organically from the ground up based on your needs. The funnel stands as a metaphor for our approach. It represents our gradual refinement of the talent pool as we work with our clients towards the ideal result.
  4. 4. | 98 | The vsource story 2006. There began a shift in the recruitment industry led by a wave of highly ambitious companies focusing on the value of talent acquisition more than ever before. Recruitment agencies faced unsurmountable challenges in understanding and fulfilling demanding requirements. Job boards became less and less useful as top candidates became more and more passive. CorkCity. HomeofGeorgeBoole,theself-taughtgeniusandinventorofbooleansearchtechniques. A young tech startup was experimenting with better ways of identifying and sourcing candidates. In Dublin, tech royalty was trying to build their operations in Europe. Thus, the match was made and the vsource journey began. Following a number of successful engagements for some of the most celebrated recruitment teams in the world, including Google and Facebook, we started to expand our team in both Ireland and Vietnam. In 2008, we received investment from Enterprise Ireland and began to diversify our engagements, working with global organizations in a number of different industries. Today, our team has grown to over 160 people in three countries. As talent acquisition practices continue to evolve, we maintain our investment in new technology and in pioneering new ways of identifying top talent. With branches in Ireland and Vietnam, we have fused the strengths of Eastern and Western ingenuity supporting recruitment operations as well as web and mobile application ventures for both Europe and the United States. Expertise through funnel concept The funnel is a concept used by vsource to explain the journey of our researchers as they analyze and incrementally optimize search requirements, applying vsource technology as well as their own expertise and intuition, in order to identify the ideal candidates. Strategy concept level 1 > Search brief Strategy concept level 2 > Search refinement Strategy concept level 3 > Search long tail Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  5. 5. | 1110 | vsource builds your pipeline, allowing you to focus on what is most important.
  6. 6. | 1312 | | 13 100 day roadmap Engage vsource for a 100 day pilot period to analyze, optimize, and turbo-charge your recruitment team.
  7. 7. | 1514 | 100 Day Roadmap Understanding Your Needs We become familiar with your company’s culture, the structure of your recruitment team, the nature of your requirements, as well as your longer term talent acquisition goals. Kick-off Your recruiters meet our Business Analyst (BA) and receive credentials for accessing vsource portal. First Retrospective We will have a short workshop with your team to realign, tweak search strategies or other priorities as needed. Competitive Intelligence (CI) We demonstrate industry mapping and competitor analysis functionality that will help your team to gain some insights relating to people in your industry. Technology Review Our tech team will review your use of vsource software and consider options for integrating with your recruitment system. Data Scientist’s Report We use data science to draw insights relating to your candidate selection, and to perform analysis on your recruitment funnel. Pilot Retrospective We present a report detailing the impact of the 100 days and proposing a plan for a continued engagement. Day 0 Day 2 Day 8 Day 12 Day 30 Day 90 Day 100
  8. 8. “Even though the candidate’s professional experience is not fully in line with this job, he is well known in the Open Source community. As a core contributor to one of the most popular Java Script frameworks he could be worth speaking to in relation to this position.” Ms. Luan Duong Engagement Manager at vsource 16 | | 17 Smart Technology meets Human Intuition vsource enables you to structure your searches more efficientlyandtoreprioritizeyourteam’seffortswithout theextensivelegworkrelatingtocandidateresearchand data gathering.
  9. 9. | 1918 | Proven results with the most demanding recruiting teams in the world. “The team’s ability to integrate seamlessly with our global team has reduced our time to deliver allowing our organisation to increase in profitability and focus at an unprecedented rate.“ Tony Hayes Group Systems Manager at Group NP “vsource has repeatedly exceeded our expectations by providing creative solutions to our technical challenges, and executing with real efficiency.” Maya Kraft COO at Validant “Bridgeview IT has had the pleasure of working with vsource for many years and they have proven to be an invaluable resource and trusted partner.” Nick Nordin Technology Recruiting Manager at BridgeView IT TM “A professional team with a very organized and reliable staff whose excellent communication helped to quickly resolve any obstacles we faced together.” Brendan Kane Marketing & Sales Ops Manager at Paylease “Our demands are very diverse and vsource has done an excellent job in being able to flex across them all.” Kevin Gibson Managing Director at EarthStream Global What leaders have to say about vsource
  10. 10. 74 South Mall, Cork, Ireland


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