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Volusion Success Story: Eases the Minds of Moms-to-be


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During her first pregnancy, Kate Mistol realized the need for a toxin-free cream to help battle her intensifying skin problems. She experimented with her own skin care remedies, which quickly turned into a new business venture, Baby Bump. Soon after, made its online debut and within a few months of launch, traffic dramatically increased resulting in a revenue boost of 45%. Kate’s Baby Bump cream is receiving rave reviews from celebrity moms and enjoying continued success. Check out Kate’s story to learn how to turn your startup into an online smash hit of your own.

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Volusion Success Story: Eases the Minds of Moms-to-be

  1. 1. Success Eases the Minds of Moms-to-beBaby Bump Pampers New Moms’ Skin Naturally and Boosts Revenue by 45% with VolusionBaby Bump BackgroundBaby Bump is a natural, safe and effective line of skin care productsfor pre and postnatal women. The company is driven by the beliefthat pregnant women should be able to pamper themselveswithout worrying about compromising the safety of their unbornchild.The necessity of Baby Bump was discovered during Kate Mistol’sfirst pregnancy. Having spent her entire life battling skin problems,the moment she became pregnant, those problems intensified.The search for creams and lotions that were toxin-free becameexhausting. Most of the ingredients were unpronounceable, andonce she researched them, the results were terrifying. For peace ofmind, she experimented with her own skin care remedies and BabyBump was born! Soon after, was ready to make itsonline debut.Goals:• Increase online sales Fast Facts• Revamp the look and feel of the current website • The necessity of Baby Bump was • Utilize a user-friendly, yet robust admin system• Improve SEO rankings and visibility of products discovered during Kate Mistol’s • Expand globally first pregnancy. Results: • Baby Bump officially launched in the • Increased web traffic and online sales US market in the spring of 2009 at LA • Accelerated improvement in SEO rankings Fashion Week. • Managed customers and content through a user-friendly• CMS system • Baby Bump was invited to the 2009 • Increased productivity and profitability Emmy Awards and then the 2010 • Reduced website design costs Golden Globe Awards.• Launched Kuddles, a line of skin care products for childrenThe ChallengeKate had little to no experience with web development. She neededa solution that would provide the expertise she lacked. Without Our Sitemuch research or recommendations, Kate depended on a third-party ecommerce solution. She was immediately disappointed. • Since launching with Volusion, Baby Discouraged by all the disruptions and bugs, Kate soon found that Bump has increased online sales she needed a more reliable, secure and professional solution. by 45%. The Solution • launched in the summer With the overwhelming list of ecommerce solutions on the market, of 2010, fueled by the enthusiasm from Kate decided to go with Volusion, a solution trusted by over celebrity moms.20,000 online businesses. Aside from Volusion’s expertise, Kate wasimpressed by the interface and how easy the software was to use.She also took advantage of Volusion’s design and marketing teams
  2. 2. to revamp the look and feel of her website and boost SEO rankings. Volusion offered the following features and benefits that were critical to the success of • Out of this World™ support – The free, 24x7x365 live support has been an invaluable resource for Baby Bump. As questions come up, Volusion‘s representatives are ready to handle and explain any issue quickly and thoroughly. • Web Design Services - A Volusion web designer worked with Kate to build a professional-looking site based on her vision and creative needs. • Integrated CRM – Previously, order management was arduous, but with Volusion’s advanced ticketing system and all-in-one admin area, Baby Bump can now manage all aspects of order processing and customer experience. • Integrated SEO – Site is easily search engine optimized, resulting in top-ranked Google pages for target keywords without third party SEO programs, giving the business immediate credibility. • Stringent Security – Data is secured against theft or manipulation with integrated IP blocking, 24x7 surveillance and advanced encryption. PCI/CISP certification also ensures Quotes from Kate maximum protection of card-holder data. Volusion provides “Since launching with Volusion, Baby Kate with a guarantee that her customers’ credit card Bump has increased revenue by 45%,” information is securely collected, protected and stored. says Kate Mistol from Baby Bump. The Outcome “Being successful online is depen- The Baby Bump business officially launched in the US market in the dent on several parts collaborating spring of 2009 at LA Fashion Week. Overwhelmed by the celebrity together – including great products, moms who enthusiastically raved about her products, Kate decided to launch in the summer of 2010. Kate felt confident easy navigation through the website with the stability, ease of use, support and administration system and marketing. Volusion makes it all that Volusion had to offer. Within a few months of launch, traffic happen for us,” says Kate from Baby dramatically increased, resulting in a revenue boost of 45%. Bump. Lessons Learned “Go with experience. There are a lot Motivated by her children and advocating for safe, regenerative of interesting shopping cart solu- skin care products, Kate believes that “you don’t fail, you only get tions out there - we looked at a lot of unexpected results. She urges people to learn from the results and them!” says Kate from Baby Bump. move on, emphasizing that this lesson will help businesses grow “But Volusion was honestly the best faster. Fueled by this business philosophy, Kate did learn, grow and choice for us.” become increasingly successful. However, even with all the celebrity buzz about her products, the budding business realized that there are always lessons to be learned along the path to success. Kate’s biggest lesson was realizing that “just because you build an online store, you’re not ensured online success”. She goes on to say that “being successful online is dependent on several parts collaborating together – including great products, easy navigation throughout the website and marketing.”www.volusion.comSend us a note. sales@volusion.comGive us a call. 800.646.3517 x2Experience Out of this World™ Support