Social Media Savvy, Tips & Traps for Nonprofits & Foundations - UTCLE 2014


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This session explores how the explosion of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube are transforming how foundations, public charities and social welfare organizations accomplish their Good work. Discussion will include the rules regarding nonprofit advocacy, fundraising and voter registration on the social web including the legal risks.

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  • 2012 Nielson Report - 2013 Meeker Report - potentially useful report for additional stats:
  • Personal – How many use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedInFdn/Org – How many have active accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTubeWho’s Responsible for SM in your org? – Paid Social Community Manager, Communications Team, Intern, don’t know
  • For those of you who use Social Media, you’ll see the humor… I got a laugh out of it and thought is was a fun way to begin… What is social media…Social Media: Any online technology or practice that lets us share (content, opinions, insights, experiences, media) andhave a conversation about the ideas we care about. It hcanges all the time! SnapChat is the newest entrant – it keeps a photo for 20 seconds.
  • Personal – How many use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedInFdn/Org – How many have active accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTubeWho’s Responsible – Paid Social Community Manager, Communications Team, Intern, don’t know
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!
  • Add specific possible Tweets, facebook shouts and links for you you want volunteers to engage. SHARE IT!Overwhelming????? Get HELP… parent who already involved in SM…Also, we can help… part of vspot… to help in this process….
  • Ame please to add HU info
  • Social Media Savvy, Tips & Traps for Nonprofits & Foundations - UTCLE 2014

    1. 1. January 16, 2014 #UTLawNPO 2014 UT Law Nonprofit Institute Round Table II: Social Media Please view & download presentation here:
    2. 2. Meet the Presenters Lawrence Mendenhall Kelli King-Jackson Vice President, Program Officer General Counsel & Secretary Simmons Foundation Humanity United @TheSimmonsFdn @HumanityUnited #UTLawNPO Karen Bantuveris Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom
    3. 3. Tech Today Smartphone Ownership in U.S. • • 56% of Adults (Pew) 65% of Moms (Nielsen Report) Tablets • • New sales more rapid than smartphones (Meeker Report) 34% of US Adults own a tablet (Pew) Social media usage among online adults • 67% Facebook • 20% LinkedIn • 16% Twitter • 15% Pinterest • 13% Instagram • 6% Tumblr #UTLawNPO
    4. 4. Social Media Pulse Personal Org /Foundation Who’s Responsible #UTLawNPO
    5. 5. Agenda Going Social: Foundation Case Study Tips for Engaging Supporters Legal Tips and Traps #UTLawNPO
    6. 6. Social Media Strengthens your Community Listen Inspire Share Connect #UTLawNPO When we have calls-toaction, our community will be engaged. It’s like having a conversation!
    7. 7. Building Trust and Action ‘Credit’ Listen Inspire Share Action Connect #UTLawNPO
    8. 8. Leveraging Social in Calls to Give Listen Inspire Share Action $$$ Connect #UTLawNPO
    9. 9. Foundation Case Study The Simmons Foundation Goes Social! #UTLawNPO
    10. 10. Reasons For Foundations To Go Social Stagnant website Changes at the Foundation Foundation emphasis on ‘community’ Consistent gaps among grantees/few resources to address those gaps in-house Desire to grow impact #UTLawNPO
    11. 11. Foundation Social Media Basics Be SOCIAL! Be relevant Be visual Be quizzical Be timely Be responsive EXAMPLE - #UTLawNPO #UTLawNPO
    12. 12. Legal Tip #1 - Have a Social Media Policy Before You Start Social media implicates multiple legal rules and traps we’ll discuss Restrictions on lobbying and political campaign activities Copyright and trademark infringement Employment law Libel/defamation and product disparagement Privacy and confidentiality State charitable solicitation requirements Event liability and insurance #UTLawNPO
    13. 13. Facebook 308 Likes #UTLawNPO
    14. 14. #UTLawNPO
    15. 15. Talking about important community issues #UTLawNPO
    16. 16. Legal Tip #2 - Lobbying on Social Media Is Still Lobbying Be mindful of IRS and state law restrictions on lobbying and campaign intervention by nonprofits IRS direct lobbying: Expressing a view on legislation to a legislator (e.g., in a tweet addressed to a legislator) IRS grassroots lobbying: Expressing a view on legislation to the public and including a “call to action” (e.g., tweeting to your followers, “SB 657 is a bad idea, tell your senator!”) No partisan political campaign activity or showing a preference for one candidate or party over another – compare with nonpartisan voter registration You are responsible for your links (count clicks!) and likes Social media “friends” and “followers” are not members for purposes of the IRS rules #UTLawNPO
    17. 17. Twitter #UTLawNPO
    18. 18. Sharing tips about the grant application process #UTLawNPO
    19. 19. Live tweeting from meetings/conferences #UTLawNPO
    20. 20. Legal Tip #3 - Not Everything is Tweetable Certain information should not be shared on social media Confidential information of grantees, consultants or other partners - how to know what’s confidential Defamation (false statement that injures) and product disparagement (recklessness) – do your research and think about insurance! Third party copyrights and trademarks – unless “fair use” #UTLawNPO
    21. 21. Cost Training Webinars (many are free) Workshops Google (most time consuming) Time Initially 1 hr/day Currently 15-30 min/day Risks Spammers Haters Legal trouble! #UTLawNPO
    22. 22. Legal Tip #4 - Social Media and Your Employees Understand who owns the employee’s social media accounts and plan for employee turnover Don’t overly restrict employee social media activities – labor law protects the right to complain, e.g. Give employees guidance on participating as private citizens vs. as employees – consider disclaimers! #UTLawNPO
    23. 23. Sample Employee Social Media Disclaimer “The views expressed in my [tweets/posts] are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.” #UTLawNPO
    24. 24. Foundation ROI Removing ourselves from ivory tower Staying current/learning from others Promote issues we care about Reach more with limited resources Positive PR #UTLawNPO
    25. 25. Advanced Optimizing for Social Media Tips for Engaging Supporters #UTLawNPO
    26. 26. Save Time/Boost Involvement # Simple FREE Signups & Scheduling For Anyone…Anytime Partnerships for State & Regional Organizations #UTLawNPO
    27. 27. Build Your Community • Website • Newsletters • Emails • Blogs • Public gatherings • Corporate and community partners #UTLawNPO
    28. 28. Real World Events & Fundraisers Add SOCIAL to your communications plan to Build Buzz, Participation & Profits • Walkathons & Races • Service Days • Legislative Action Days • Signature Drives • Auctions • Concerts • Galas #UTLawNPO
    29. 29. Legal Tip #5 - Fundraising Using Social Media Is Still Fundraising Most states require organizations and hired fundraisers to register to solicit in advance – social media can trigger these requirements Legal restrictions on sweepstakes and raffles Potential liability for events – whose event is it anyway? Insurance – know your policies #UTLawNPO
    30. 30. Create a Social Media Plan Identify… • Timeline of When to Post • Which Social Channels • What Messages • Who will share • How to measure • Legal risks and considerations #UTLawNPO
    31. 31. Create a Social Media Plan Include… • Onsite & Online tie-ins • Social incentives • Fun polls & ‘ticklers’ • Members, bloggers, community/corp. partners • Check-ins • Photo sharing • Petitions ( • Options to donate online #UTLawNPO
    32. 32. Social Media Plan Example: Auction When Where What • 1 month before • • Publish URLs & Twitter/Instagram hashtag on all materials (#4Luv) Our Auction is around the corner – preorder tickets & skip the lines! <click here> Post: Please sign up to help at the Auction <click here> 3 weeks before • • Who do you want a signed poster from? Vote! Check out these cuties – one can be yours at #4Luv Auction on 12/1. Learn more >> 7-10 days before • Auction Fun next Sat. Thx 2 R sponsor @BigStore! • Can’t wait for #4Luv Auction! Which dress should I wear? <photos> Definitely going to bid on this: <photo/link>. What’s your fav? 1 – 2 weeks before #UTLawNPO Personal buzz from community •
    33. 33. Social Media Plan When Where What Photos of prep work, decorations, updates on entertainment, prizes, etc. 2 – 3 days before Acknowledge volunteers and sponsors POSTERS At Event • • • Hashtags# • • Check in After #UTLawNPO Join us Online! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Please tweet! #4Luv & let us know you’re here Tell us your favorite item on Facebook and get a free raffle ticket! Project a Twitter ‘backchannel’ screen: Social ambassador badges “I for Cause, Do U?” Lots of Photos & Video Thanks to volunteers and sponsors RESULTS : $$ Raised, Impact to Group
    34. 34. Pre-Event Buzz #UTLawNPO
    35. 35. Day-of Buzz #UTLawNPO
    36. 36. Recognize Volunteers & Sponsors #UTLawNPO
    37. 37. Pinterest #UTLawNPO
    38. 38. Pinterest Board Tips • Boards speak to your Cause & your Supporters • Highlight your Projects & Events • Include Advocacy & Fundraising Links • Recognize Volunteers, Sponsors & Partners • Share, Follow, Repin #UTLawNPO
    39. 39. Pinterest for Fundraisers • Highlight “hot” items • Show off games and booths • Show where the money will go • Showcase your theme • Photos of invitation • Include website link below pin Thanks to Sherry Truhlar of RedAppleAuctons for the great ideas! #UTLawNPO
    40. 40. Social Fundraising & Friendraising People ask People for Money. #UTLawNPO
    41. 41. Adding Small Donors #UTLawNPO
    42. 42. Go $ocial! Boost Online Giving by 50% or more • Every Donation button leads to SOCIAL SHARING • Holiday Challenge Campaigns • Socialize Events (e.g. Races) #UTLawNPO
    43. 43. Legal Tip #6 - Pulling It All Together Your Social Media Policy Incorporate your other policies – the digital world is the real world, too! Keep it general but give examples – tell employees exactly what you DON’T want to see Don’t overdo it - respect employee rights Provide guidance on who speaks for the organization Protect your social media property (accounts, online names) #UTLawNPO
    44. 44. Get Help! Like the ideas, but don’t have time? MAKE TIME! It’s Strategic Add a volunteer leader: Social Communications Coordinator & a TEAM of Online Ambassadors #UTLawNPO
    45. 45. Social Media Resources Schedulers: FB Scheduler/HootSuite/Tweet Deck Gurus: Beth Kanter Social Media for Nonprofits – Nonprofit Tech for Good – #UTLawNPO
    46. 46. More Social Media Resources @VolunteerSpot #UTLawNPO
    47. 47. Legal Resources on Social Media Bolder Advocacy – Council on Foundations -line-fundraising-some-dos-and-donts.aspx State charities bureau sites #UTLawNPO
    48. 48. Join Our Online Communities TheSimmonsFdn @TheSimmonsFdn The Simmons Foundation Humanity United @HumanityUnited Humanity United #UTLawNPO