Raise More Money with Social Media


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From boosting participation in real-world fundraising events to running hassle-free online campaigns that turn volunteers and donors into active fundraisers -- you'll learn how to tap into the power of Facebook and Twitter to achieve your fundraising goals faster, easier and with more participation!

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  • Before we look at the product I thought I’d set the stage a little bit with some statistics on social giving
  • Individual giving is the most stable portion of any donor baseWhen government or corporate or foundation grants go away, we feel it acutelyObama led the way in political fundraising to showing what the power of many isAll of our customers have discovered that an individual donor base is very stable and very powerful.There are two things true about this $300B that individuals give to worthy causes each year…
  • Raise More Money with Social Media

    1. 1. How To Raise More Moneywith Social Media
    2. 2. Presenters Karen Bantuveris Kelly Wasden Founder & CEO Business Dev. Manager @VolunteerSpot @Fundly
    3. 3. Social Fundraising www.Fundly.com
    4. 4. This webinar is for you if… • you‟re charged with fundraising for your group, school or nonprofit. • you want to improve participation in your fundraisers. • you want to involve others in supporting a cause you care about.
    5. 5. Agenda • Building Online Community • Real-World Fundraisers • Social Fundraising • Fundly Demo
    6. 6. Build your Community• Website• Newsletters• Emails• Blogs• Public gatherings• Corporate and community partners
    7. 7. Build your Community Show your Lions Pride! www.facebook.com/CHSLions www.Twitter.com/CHSLions
    8. 8. Social MediaStrengthens your group Listen When we have calls- to-action, our community will be Inspire Share engaged. Connect It’s like having a conversation!
    9. 9. Social MediaStrengthens your group Listen TrustInspire Share Action Connect
    10. 10. Social MediaStrengthens your group Listen TrustInspire Share Action $$$ Connect
    11. 11. What to post? 1. Upload photos & video and tag volunteers (NOT kids) 2. Create „Events‟ pages for big activities – 3. Fundraising & Membership Links & Status updates (#,%) 4. Call for Volunteers 5. Interesting articles community happenings 6. Questions/polls on related topics 7. Thanks to corporate sponsors
    12. 12. What to post?
    13. 13. Real World Fundraisers MORE TURNOUT MORE FUN = MORE PROFIT
    14. 14. Real World Fundraisers MORE TURNOUT MORE FUN = MORE PROFIT
    15. 15. Real World Fundraisers MORE TURNOUT = MORE PROFIT Add SOCIAL to your communications plan • Events & Tickets • Volunteer recruiting • Social incentives • Fun polls and „ticklers‟ • Building Buzz and Influence • Members, bloggers, community/corp. partners • Options to donate
    16. 16. Social Media Plan Example: Spring Auction When Where What 1 month • Publish URLs & Twitter hashtag on all materials before (#CharityAuction) • Post: Auction is around the corner – preorder tickets & skip the lines! <click here> 3 weeks • What should our Major Prize be? Vote! before • Bidding warm-up! Check out these awesomes and more to come. What do you want to bid on? 7-10 days before • Auction next Sat. Thx 2 R sponsor @CarDealer! Personal • Can’t wait for Charity Auction! Which dress buzz frm One – 2 community should I wear? <photos> weeks before • Definitely going to bid on this: <photo/link>. What’s your fav? 2-4+ • Auction is Saturday - love love love the Band! posts/person Who’s in? <ticket link>
    17. 17. Social Media Plan When Where What Few days Photos of prep work, updates on auction items, before entertainment, prizes, etc. Acknowledge volunteers and sponsors POSTERS • Follow us on Twitter & Like us on Facebook • Please tweet tonight! #RCharityAuction • Tell us what you’re bidding on on Facebook and At Auction Twitter # get a free raffle ticket! • Project a Twitter „backchannel‟ screen TodaysMeet.com • Social ambassador badges “I Do U?” Lots of Photos & Video After Thanks to volunteers and sponsors RESULTS : $$ Raised, Impact to Group
    18. 18. • Social Fundraising• Fundly Demo
    19. 19. $300 Billion donated by individuals each year in the USSource: 2008 Chronicle of Philanthropy
    20. 20. People askPeople forMoney.
    22. 22. Giving is Moving Online 13% 35-55% 2010 growth rate online giving 2010 givingSource: 2010 Blackbaud, 2010 Giving USAn.b.: “large” non-profits growing online giving at 55%
    23. 23. Not only Online, but Social…
    24. 24. Social changes everything…
    25. 25. Examples
    26. 26. Examples
    27. 27. Results 52% increase in donation yield. $12,300 + Social-Multiplier Cycle = $18,695
    28. 28. CASE STUDYEvery supporter was asked to recruit herneighbor, boss, co-worker, friend….
    29. 29. RESULTS 136 17,053 Gifts = Impression s
    30. 30. Value Proposition • Easy:Do nothing differently—just replace your donation page • 50% more money • 50x more exposure • More engagement
    31. 31. Thanks for joining us today!Please continue the conversation…. Facebook.com/Fundly @Fundly Facebook.com/VolunteerSpot @VolunteerSpot