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™     DOING GOOD just got easier.       How To Sign Up for Your      Parent-Teacher ConferencePowering Parent Participatio...
Simple Parent‐Teacher Conference SchedulingVolunteerSpot is a powerful signup tool and internet resource that supports par...
How VolunteerSpot works          Teacher makes the conference schedule           and invites parents to sign up via email,...
Parents Receive a Personal  Signup Invitation                                          If invited through a URL link – cli...
Choose your Conference Day          VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
Choose your Conference Spot          Click to choose          your spot          VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easi...
Receive Confirmation & Reminder Messages                Please CALL your teacher to           !     make last‐minute chang...
Checklist:  Successful Parent Teacher Conferences      Be on Time – You only have a short time with your child’s teacher ...
Additional ResourcesSee our free eBooks with ideas andbest-practices for:   • Class Parties   • School Carnivals   • Teach...
For Everything You OrganizeHelping parents, teachers and volunteer leaders coordinate activities and events simply and eas...
Take a live or video tour at                                       Get Started NOW!        ...
Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling - Free and Easy
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Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling - Free and Easy


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Teachers, please share this short presentation with your parents. It shows screen shots and guidance for using VolunteerSpot to sign up for parent-teacher conferences.

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Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling - Free and Easy

  1. 1. ™ DOING GOOD just got easier. How To Sign Up for Your Parent-Teacher ConferencePowering Parent Participation at Schools, Scouts, Congregations and Local Nonprofits
  2. 2. Simple Parent‐Teacher Conference SchedulingVolunteerSpot is a powerful signup tool and internet resource that supports parent participation by: • Signing up parents easily and instantly • Eliminating back‐and‐forth email and clipboard  sign up sheets • Keeping everyone organized IN REAL TIME! Less busy workMost importantly it is Fast, Easy and FREE! = More time for meaningful work! VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  3. 3. How VolunteerSpot works Teacher makes the conference schedule  and invites parents to sign up via email,   URL link or website button Parents sign up with a click, in real‐time,  choosing the spot that best fits their  schedule VolunteerSpot sends confirmation and  reminder messages Parent-Teacher Conferences Made Easy!!
  4. 4. Parents Receive a Personal  Signup Invitation If invited through a URL link – click the  Check your spam/junk folder  ! Allow: link and enter your email.  No Account Registration Required. VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  5. 5. Choose your Conference Day VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  6. 6. Choose your Conference Spot Click to choose your spot VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  7. 7. Receive Confirmation & Reminder Messages Please CALL your teacher to  ! make last‐minute changes VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  8. 8. Checklist:  Successful Parent Teacher Conferences  Be on Time – You only have a short time with your child’s teacher and  other parents are scheduled after you.  Bring Questions – What would you like to know about classroom,  academic or social happenings? What requests do you have for the  teacher?  Surface Concerns – What concerns do you have about your child’s  performance?  Bring work samples and be prepared with examples.  Ask for examples – What does your child do well and what needs work?  Participate – Parent involvement is one of the highest predictors or  student success.  Ask how you can help your child better meet the learning  objectives.  Explore opportunities for volunteering in the classroom or at  school.   Say Thank You – Sincerely thank the teacher for his or her time and hard  work with your child. VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  9. 9. Additional ResourcesSee our free eBooks with ideas andbest-practices for: • Class Parties • School Carnivals • Teacher Gifts • Room Parents • Family-Friendly Volunteering • Fundraising with Kids • Bake Sales • Talent Shows and more . . . VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  10. 10. For Everything You OrganizeHelping parents, teachers and volunteer leaders coordinate activities and events simply and easily all year round! • Soccer Snacks • Scout Campouts • Walk‐a‐Thons & Fun Runs • Swim Meets • Sports Tournaments • Vacation Bible School • Girl Scout Cookie Booths • Neighborhood Clean ups • Coat, food and toy drives and more . . . VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.
  11. 11. Take a live or video tour at Get Started NOW! Check out our BLOG for ideas,  tips and stories about  volunteering Please visit VolunteerSpot and  get started today! Follow us on Twitter @VolunteerSpot Like us on Facebook VolunteerSpotTM, DOING GOOD just got easier.