Kid Friendly Fundraising Ideas From A To Z


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VolunteerSpot offers kid-friendly fundraising ideas from A-Z suitable for schools, Scouts, sports teams and youth groups. No cookie dough or wrapping paper sales here -- just fresh, fun ideas for raising money with kids. VolunteerSpot's free and easy volunteer sign up tool makes it easy for more parents to participate in supporting fund raising activities.

Kid Friendly Fundraising Ideas From A To Z

  1. 1. Kid‐Friendly  Inside this eBook:Fundraising Ideas Fresh fundraising ideas for schools, From A‐Z Scouts, sports teams and youth groups! Suggestions for manageable, easy-to- do local fundraisers. Tools for getting more people to participate. A FREE VolunteerSpot eBook
  2. 2. VolunteerSpot Philosophy At VolunteerSpot, we believe that volunteers should be rewarded for sharing their time and talents with those in need. All too often, volunteering means putting up with a certain amount of hassle or frustration – whether that is late night emails, reply-all messages, reminder phone calls, or searching for a parking space. Our sponsors enable us to provide FREE signup sheets and scheduling tools Please feel free to post this eBook on your blog that simplify volunteering, or email it to whoever you believe would powering your good work in benefit from reading it. schools and clubs, in congregations and THANK YOU! neighborhoods. We can’t find you a parking space, but with VolunteerSpot, ~ Team VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD just got easier!© 2011, VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative CommonsLicense, Attribution 2.5.
  3. 3. Putting the Fun in Fundraising! No matter where you volunteer, fundraising can be a real challenge. Sometimes the hardest part is just thinking of an idea that suits your group’s needs − whether it’s your school, Scout group, congregation or community group. VolunteerSpot is here to help make your fundraiser more than just a financial success; we want to make it FUN! This eBook includes fresh ideas from A‐Z to help you choose the right fundraiser, and tips for using VolunteerSpot’s free online tool to organize your group and get more people signed up to help! Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  4. 4. A, BArt Gallery: Help kids create artwork or craft items. Sell their creations at a local art gallery or at the next school event.Auction: Ask families to donate items and hold a silent or live auction.Badminton TournamentBake SaleBalloon‐o‐Grams: Take orders for balloon telegrams as a donation. Deliverers can also sing a song and deliver a card. Use VolunteerSpot to coordinate delivery dates.BINGO Night: Charge per bingo card or per game. (Check with your municipality first; a license may be required.)Bollywood Dance Party Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  5. 5. C, DCar WashCat‐sitting: Make flyers offering to care for pets while neighbors are on vacation or at work. Collect Change: Place labeled jars at local businesses so customers can fill them with pennies and spare change.Cooking ContestCoupon Books: Ask local businesses to offer a discount in a coupon book that can be sold to raise money.Decorate Cakes: Create a catalog and take orders.Dog Show: Invite dog owners to a community dog show! Have fun categories like cutest outfit, fanciest leash or best tricks. Charge an entry fee for pets and admission for spectators.Dog Wash: Organize a community dog wash. Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  6. 6. E, F Egg Decorating Contest: Sell  Football Tournament: Charge a  hard‐boiled eggs to the kids, provide  fee to participants. Organize a contest to  decorating supplies, then give prizes for  see who can kick, pass and punt the  best decorated egg in various  furthest. Give out small prizes to the  categories.  winners.  Face Painting: Offer face painting  Fun Run for a fee at your next event like a  carnival, picnic or bake sale. Fashion Show Fishing Day: Plan a community  outing at a pond or lake, or bring a  pretend fishpond to the ballpark or  soccer field. Charge kids a small fee to  fish for candy or prizes.Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  7. 7. Save Time! Plan Your Fundraising Events with VolunteerSpot! VolunteerSpot’s online scheduler makes it easy to get the help you need during your events. One‐click sign‐ups and automated confirmations and reminders help everyone keep  their commitments. Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  8. 8. G, H, IGame Night: Invite families to  Go Green: Decorate and sell reusable play board games. Charge a small  grocery bags and other eco‐friendly items. admission fee and sell popcorn and  Hair Braidingdrinks. Hat Day: Charge a small fee for the Garden Party: Supply home‐ privilege of wearing hats to school.  The made baked goods, light music and  crazier the better; give awards.tea served in fancy cups. Haunted House Hula‐hoop Sales: Check online for  easy instructions for making custom hoops.   Create a catalog or make‐to‐order. Ice Cream Social: Host an ice cream  event for your next fundraiser…everyone  loves ice cream! ID Tags: Design, personalize and  laminate ID tags for kids’ backpacks. Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  9. 9. J, K, L Ask local businesses to donate Jewelry: Have children string beads, weave colorful  thread bracelets and make other jewelry to sell for a  items such low price. Brings out the creativity in kids while raising  as lollipops money!and karaoke Jump Rope Contestequipment in exchange Karaoke Night: Charge an entry fee to a karaoke  event. Sell food or partner with a local pizza  for free restaurant to donate a percentage of sales.  advertising and Key Chains: Make and sell a variety of colorful key  chains made out of beads and lanyard.  promotion! Kite Day: Hold a kite flying and decorating contest.   Charge an entry fee and sell food and simple kite‐ making supplies. Lollipop Sales: Sell lollipops at pep rallies,  sporting events, band concerts or other special  events. Sure to be a crowd pleaser! Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  10. 10. M, N, OMake Memories: Create a photo‐book or DVD of your group’s activities to sell. Marathons:  Ping Pong, Badminton, Dancing. Movies on the Lawn Night Out for Parents:  Provide group babysitting in an auditorium or gym at a nominal rate (usually $5 – $15/child).  Older students plan games, movies, crafts and other fun activity stations. Little kids have a blast with each other and with the BIG KIDS!Note Cards: Decorate note cards for holidays and other occasions.  Package and sell them in sets.Old Christmas Tree Pickup: Help neighbors dispose of their Christmas trees by arranging to pick them up for a small fee. Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  11. 11. P, Q, R Pancake Breakfast: Host a  pancake breakfast. Kids can mix  pancake batter and serve plates, but  keep them away from the stove. Picture Taking Potted Plant Sale Quiz Night: Gather families  together for a night of trivia fun.  Raffle Read‐a‐Thon Reserved Seats: Reserve the best  seats at your school’s next  performance or sporting event and  raffle them off.  Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  12. 12. S Fundraising is a great way for kids to learn Seeds: Sell seed packages and offer to plant  about financial them for another small fee. responsibility and how Sing‐a‐long: Kids and parents enjoy singing to  to work together. classic movies like Sound of Music or Grease, or  joining in to sing Christmas Carols and Holiday  Songs.  Gather in a large hall or on the lawn and  sell snacks and drinks. Skateboard Fun Day: Coordinate with your  local skate park to plan a day of demonstrations,  lessons and a competition with prizes.  Sock Hop Soup Delivery: Take orders for delicious soups  this winter. Kids have fun helping prepare and  deliver the soup (usually cold, in small coolers). Spelling BeeKid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  13. 13. T, U, V, WTalent ShowTemporary Tattoo StudioTricks: Create a trick/practical joke menu and take orders for a small fee. Also sell ‘Insurance’ to avoid the pranks.Used Book Sale: Organize a used book and CD/DVD drive then resell them for a small price.Vacation Babysitting Fun: Older children plan fun activities and crafts for younger ones as drop‐in group babysitting.  (see Night Out for Parents)Watermelon‐Eating ContestWreath Sales: Make seasonal wreaths to sell for all occasions including Spring, Autumn and Winter holidays.Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  14. 14. X, Y & ZWith a few simple X Marks the Spot: Host a Pirate Party for clicks, VolunteerSpot young children in your community.  Include can help you organize treasure maps, games and refreshments.your next fundraising Yard Saleevent – and it’s free! Zany Ideas: Brainstorm with your group to  think of more fundraising ideas and share them on  our blog. log on to Zap:  That was easy!  Plan your next fundraiser with VolunteerSpot and make it easy to coordinate to get started! parents and get the help and materials you need to  be successful! Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  15. 15. Simplify ALL Parent VolunteeringHelping parents, teachers and volunteer leaders coordinate activities and events simply and easily all year round! • Soccer Snacks • Scout Campouts • Walk‐a‐Thons & Fun Runs • Swim Meets • Sports Tournaments • Vacation Bible School • Girl Scout Cookie Booths • Neighborhood Clean ups • Coat, food and toy drives and more . . . Class Parent Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
  16. 16. Additional ResourcesClick here for Sample Class Parent Letters: our other free eBooks with ideas andbest‐practices for: • School Carnivals • Teacher Gifts • Family‐Friendly Volunteering • Fundraising with Kids • Bake Sales • Talent Shows and more . . . Class Parent Kid Friendly Fundraising / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!
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