Holiday Planning Guide and Giving Tree Giveaway


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VolunteerSpot offers a great way to save time, simplify your holidays AND give back this holiday season!  Register a new account and plan a group holiday activity on VolunteerSpot and Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your name. 

VolunteerSpot's scheduler is perfect for planning winter carnivals, Christmas pageants, special worship services, holiday bazaars, class parties, ministry meals and more.

VolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD just got easier!

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Holiday Planning Guide and Giving Tree Giveaway

  1. 1. Giving Tree Giveaway! What a great way to save time, simplify your holidays AND give back this holiday  season! Register a new account and plan a group holiday activity on  VolunteerSpot and Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree in your honor. Just add  the word “TREE” where we ask what type of group you organize and be sure to  invite at least 4 volunteers. Trees will be planted in fire‐damaged national forests. Happy Holidays from  H H lid f VolunteerSpot  &     Arbor Day Foundation Ab D F d i Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  2. 2. Save Time with VolunteerSpot VolunteerSpot helps grassroots volunteers  who are active in their  community at schools, congregations, Scouts, sports leagues,  community at schools, congregations, Scouts, sports leagues, nonprofits, and more! Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  3. 3. How We Work Volunteering  Before & After Volunteering ‐ Before & After Before VolunteerSpot p With VolunteerSpot p Organizer makes the schedule and  Organizer creates an online sign up  invites volunteers to help via EMAIL,  sheet calendar and  invites  PHONE or SIGNUP CLIPBOARD PHONE or SIGNUP CLIPBOARD volunteers to help via email or link volunteers to help via email or link Volunteers REPLY ALL or CALL IN  Volunteers sign up with a click in  their interest and availability  real time – choosing when and how  to help to help Organizer juggles the schedule back  and forth until it’s full – making  VolunteerSpot sends confirmation,  more calls and sending more emails reminder and thank you messages *If (s)he has the time * If (s)he has the time  Volunteering Made Easy!! @#!%! Try a LIVE DEMO today @ makes reminder calls and  Organizer makes reminder calls and www VolunteerSpot com sends thank yous. Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  4. 4. Holiday Sign up Examples There are so many terrific ways to simplify your holiday service activities and  celebrations with VolunteerSpot. The following pages contain sample sign up  sheets to get you started and spark your thinking.   Giving Tree Signup Sheet  Giving Tree Signup Sheet Page 6 Page 6 Winter Class Party Signup Sheet Page 7 Holiday Bazaar Signup Sheet  Page 8 Winter Carnival Sign Up Sheet Page 9 Community Meal Signup Sheet Page 10 Soup Kitchen Signup Sheet Page 11 Hockey Tournament Signup Sheet  Page 12 Holiday Show Signup Sheet Holiday Show Signup Sheet Page 13 Page 13 Holiday Helping Calendar – Meals Signup Sheet Page 14 Learn about Arbor Day Foundation Page 15 b d Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  5. 5. Giving Tree Signup Sheet “VolunteerSpot you’re a homeroom mom’s dream! Thank you for offering VolunteerSpot – you re a homeroom mom s dream!  Thank you for offering  such an easy‐to‐use service!”  Marisa, Milpitas, CA Sample Signup Sheets / VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  6. 6. Winter Party - Class Signup Sheet “Finally an easy way for this working mom to get involved Just the Finally an easy way for this working mom to get involved.  Just the  communication I need without all the drama.” ~ Amy, NY, NY Sample Signup Sheets / VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  7. 7. Holiday Bazaar Signup Sheet “We are excited to have found VolunteerSpot, and are looking forward  to going live with our scheduling efforts.” ‐Sara “I don’t know how we ever managed without you, VolunteerSpot!” ~ Linda,  Parish Festival Chair, Baton Rouge, LA Parish Festival Chair, Baton Rouge, LA Sample Signup Sheets / VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  8. 8. Winter Carnival Signup Sheet “Oh Oh VolunteerSpot – THANK  YOU!  We’ll never go back to clipboard signup  sheets again!  sheets again! “  ~ Mike, PTA leader, San Diego, CA Mike, PTA leader, San Diego, CA Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  9. 9. Community Meals Signup Sheet “You have created a simple volunteering management program that I've  been dreaming of for years! Congratulations!”  ~ Eli, Challah for Hunger Sample Signup Sheets / VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  10. 10. Soup Kitchen Signup Sheet VolunteerSpot is working great for us THANKS! It has been critical to working VolunteerSpot is working great for us – THANKS! It has been critical to working  with our volunteers. ~ Pastor Dave, Project Lazarus, Lawrenceville, GA Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  11. 11. Hockey Tournament Signup Sheet “You wouldn’t believe the mess you magically cleaned up in getting 150 parents You wouldn t believe the mess you magically cleaned up in getting 150 parents  signed up for their tournament stations. Thank You!”  ~ Cindy, Asheville, NC  Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  12. 12. Holiday Show Signup Sheet “VolunteerSpot is a blessing to all who manage volunteers. Thanks! ”  ~ Donna,  PTA Parent, Pataskala, OH Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  13. 13. Holiday Help Calendar Signup Sheet “VolunteerSpot, my sisters and I THANK YOU for helping us coordinate meals for our  mother. You’ve made things easy for all of us, most of all Mom!”  ~ Donna, Edina, MN Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  14. 14. About Arbor Day Foundation Arbor Day Foundation inspires people  to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.  to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. Learn about Arbor Day Foundation’s  Programs and become involved at . Resources and programs include tree  guides, community forestry, rainforest  rescue, conferences and education,  rescue conferences and education replanting of fire‐damaged national  parks and more… Honor your friends and loved ones  with a gift of trees. Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  15. 15. Take a live or video tour at T k li id t t Get Started Click DEMO. NOW! Check out our BLOG for  ideas, tips and stories about  volunteering Please visit VolunteerSpot and get  started today!  d d ! Follow us on Twitter @VolunteerSpot Fan us on Facebook Holiday Planning/ VolunteerSpot  DOING GOOD Just Got Easier!
  16. 16. VolunteerSpot Philosophy p y At VolunteerSpot, we believe that volunteers should be rewarded for sharing their time and talents with those in need. Often, volunteering means dealing with a certain amount of hassle Please feel free to post this eBook on your Pl f lf t t thi B k or frustration in the form blog or email it to whomever you believe of late night emails, reply- would benefit from reading it. all messages, reminder THANK YOU! phone calls, or searching for a parking space. Our sponsors enable us to ~ Team VolunteerSpot provide FREE tools that simplify volunteering. We can’t find you a parking space, b t with but ith VolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD just got easier! © 2009 by VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD Just Got Easier! Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 2.5.