Boosting Parent Participation in your PTA (TXPTA FEC 2014)


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Know the facts and know where parents are needed in school and then work with varying schedules, employ time-saving tech tools and encourage parent participation in unique and creative ways!

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Boosting Parent Participation in your PTA (TXPTA FEC 2014)

  1. 1. @TXStatePTA #TXSLS13 Boosting Parent Participation Facilitator: Karen Bantuveris, Founder & CEO @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom
  2. 2. OUCH! What are your biggest Parent Participation  pain points? Groups of  3‐5     2 minutes  #TXSLS13
  3. 3. Q: Why Parent Participation? #TXSLS13
  4. 4. Q: Why Parent Participation? Involvement  Improves Student Performance & Builds Commitment… to our Schools, Communities and ALL our Children! #TXSLS13
  5. 5. Journey of a Volunteer #TXSLS13 Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth
  6. 6. Work schedule most often gets in the way Please select the following reasons that describe why you do not volunteer more at school. Please select all that apply. Work schedule conflicts 73% Too busy 21% Never asked to volunteer 14% Caring for others during the day 13% Poor communication‐ too many emails, etc. n=188 4% Teacher doesn't welcome volunteers 3% School doesn't welcome volunteers 3% School as too many volunteers Conflicts with parent group or room parent 2% 1% #TXSLS13
  7. 7. Teachers have difficulty with parents not showing up What are areas of concern or difficulty using parent volunteers? Please select all that apply. 58% Parents not showing up for volunteer activities The time to prepare information/activities for volunteers 48% 45% n=646 Concern for students/classroom confidentiality 36% Organizing/managing volunteers 32% Disruption of regular classroom routines Other 9% None of the above 9% #TXSLS13
  8. 8. Parents & Teachers both want MORE  volunteering! n=475 n=601 Parents: Do you wish you could volunteer more at school, less, or are you volunteering just the right amount for you? Less 2% Right  Amount Educators: Do you feel there were too few, just the right amount, or too many volunteers in the 2012-13 school year? Do not  wish to  volunteer 2% Too many 1% Volunteer  More 43% Right  amount #TXSLS13 Too Few  Volunteers 45%
  9. 9. Participation Best Practices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Go Wide Think Flexible Tune In Just ASK Get Specific #TXSLS13
  10. 10. 1. Go Wide • Focus on broad participation  • ALL involvement is important • Cultivating future leaders,  champions & donors #TXSLS13
  11. 11. 2. Think Flexible Something for Everyone • Ongoing  • Special events • On‐the‐Go • At home • Weekend • On‐line • Special Skills & Interests #TXSLS13
  12. 12. 3. Tune In Family Needs? • Working • Unemployed  • Immigrant • Military • Grandparents • Small kids • Dads #TXSLS13
  13. 13. 3. Tune In Customize Engagement  and Opportunities to  meet diverse needs of  YOUR Community! Which flexible solutions  apply to your community? #TXSLS13
  14. 14. A Shout for Dads! Dads Participate! #TXSLS13
  15. 15. ACTIVITY: Best Practices 1. Go Wide 2. Think Flexible 3. Tune In Groups of 3‐5 10 minutes  Best‐Practice Sharing   & Application Review Engagement  Handout for Ideas #TXSLS13
  16. 16. How do you Boost Parent Participation at  Your School? 1. Go Wide 2. Think Flexible 3. Tune In • Classroom Involvement • Fundraisers • Back 2 School • PTA Meetings • Membership • Legislative Advocacy **** Any focused engagement  with special groups?   #TXSLS13
  17. 17. Participation Best Practices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Go Wide Think Flexible Tune In Just ASK Get Specific #TXSLS13
  18. 18. 4. Just ASK "Have you thought about  how you would like to get  involved this year?" #TXSLS13
  19. 19. 4. Just ASK ! Overuse of any channel gets ignored/ avoided especially email! #TXSLS13
  20. 20. 5. Get Specific 1. (newsletter) Cafeteria Lunch Volunteers needed – please  email if you can help on Mon. or  Tues. (or just show up, THANKS!) 2. (email) Urgent: 5 Volunteers needed in the Cafeteria next  week on Mon. at 11am or Tues. at noon.  Please let me  know if you can help – thanks! 3. Urgent: We need your help at lunch next week in the  cafeteria to give our teachers a well‐deserved break (and  your kids will LOVE seeing you by day). Please click here to  choose a fun 50 minute shift. Thanks!  #TXSLS13
  21. 21. Try it Today: FREE TX PTA MEMBER UPGRADES! FREE Upgrades for TXPTA Members  (up to a $300 value!) #TXSLS13
  22. 22. Get Specific On‐the‐Go, In Person or On Computer NO PASSWORDS / REGISTERED  ACCOUNTS FOR VOLUNTEERS!
  23. 23. What Leader’s Say… “VolunteerSpot has changed our PTA!   Gone are the same 10 people  helping.  More parents are pitching  in, our leaders are happy, our kids are  better supported!”  ~ Cindy R, PTA  Leader “What a timesaver! I told my school  I'd be the volunteer coordinator next  year all because of VolunteerSpot!”  99% of Organizers  95% of Volunteers  would refer  VolunteerSpot to a friend  or colleague. ~ Sabrena, PTA Leader #TXSLS13
  24. 24. GET STARTED NOW For Everything you Organize Concessions Walkathons & Races Class Helpers Back to School Carnivals & Festivals Library & Book Fair Parties & Potlucks Teacher Appreciation #TXSLS13 24
  25. 25. Participation Best Practices 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Go Wide Think Flexible Tune In Just ASK Get Specific #TXSLS13
  26. 26. Accelerate the Journey Thanks to Chris Jarvis, @RealizedWorth RECOGNITION & FEEDBACK #TXSLS13
  27. 27. Trust‐Breaking Mistakes 1. Only contact when you need something 2. Not calling back / losing participation  interest forms 3. Not reminding people 4. Not needing people when they show up 5. Keeping ‘em too long 6. Calling same CLIQUE NY Times 12/10 7. Not sharing results 8. Not thanking ‘em #TXSLS13
  28. 28. Recognition • • • • • • • Face‐to‐Face Photo Walls Personal Letters Newsletter Shouts Hours Awards Social Media Stats & Thermometers #TXSLS13
  29. 29. Back‐to‐School Bonus Tips 1. Welcome letters 2. Share How Volunteers  Make Difference 3. Social Events 4. New Parent Coffee  5. ASK visibly and often 6. Capture ALL interest  & ACT on it! Committee Picker/ Volunteer Interest #TXSLS13
  30. 30. How do you Recognize Parent Participation? Groups of 3‐5 4 minutes  Best‐Practice Sharing   #TXSLS13
  31. 31. Ask for Feedback • How can we improve? • What are your most/least  favorite activities & events?  • I feel …  • welcomed  • valued • that my opinions and  suggestions matter #TXSLS13
  32. 32. THX 4 Making a Difference! Thank you!! ~ Karen Bantuveris @VolunteerSpot @VSpotMom #TXSLS13
  33. 33. Try it Today: FREE TX PTA MEMBER UPGRADES! FREE Upgrades for TXPTA Members  (up to a $300 value!) #TXSLS13