School programs assistant


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School programs assistant

  1. 1. Recreation Facility Services Volunteer Services Program Volunteer Position Description: Position Title: Educational Programs Assistant Muttart Conservatory Purpose/Goals of Position: To assist the School Programmer with the delivery of school programs, community group programs, and birthday parties. Tasks include preparation and setting up of demonstrations, conducting demonstrations in the pyramids and assisting in the wet classroom. School programs must reflect changing curriculum. Volunteers are not responsible for independently leading programs. Purpose/Goals of Unit: To deliver accurate information to school groups in an interesting and consistent manner. School programs are designed to enhance current school curriculum and stimulate botanical interest in children and youth. Responsibilities: - To attend all training sessions and orientations. - To review all training materials and become familiar with the information - To provide quality customer service to all school groups. - To assist with set-up and clean up of demonstration stations - To perform school demonstrations - To assist School Programmer in the wet classroom - To record your volunteer hours in as directed by your Volunteer Supervisor Training & Supervision: - New Volunteer Orientation Session - Muttart Volunteer Training Session - Public Interpretation Training Session - Facility Manuals and supporting materials Requirements: - 18 years or older - Completion of the 12th grade - Completion of an Edmonton Police Information Check - Knowledge and experience working in a horticultural environment. - Experience working with children - Post secondary education in Science or Education an asset - Willingness to share and learn new skills. - Ability to take direction from staff members. - Ability to work with diverse groups and individuals. - Ability to work in a fast paced environment with large groups of young children. Health & Safety: -Volunteers may be required to stand for long periods -Volunteers will be coming into contact with flowers and plants from diverse origins (pollen/dander/thorns all factors) - Volunteers are required to review their Hazard Assessment Muttart School Programs Assistant January 2009
  2. 2. Benefits: -Volunteers will have the opportunity to apply diverse skill sets in a unique and challenging volunteer environment. -Volunteers will have access to training opportunities -Volunteers will receive a letter of reference for their contributions -Volunteers will receive an invitation to the annual Muttart Volunteer Celebration Time Commitment: Volunteers are expected to commit to a minimum of two, three-hour shifts per month. Shifts are based on the School Programs schedule. Length of Appointment: One year, after which volunteers will be required to reapply for the position. A three month probationary period is in effect for this volunteer position. Supervisor Contact: Aurea Siemens 496-6919 / Muttart School Programs Assistant January 2009