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Kids den assistant


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Kids den assistant

  1. 1. Recreation Facility Services Branch Volunteer Position Description Position Title: Kids Den & Kids Zone Assistants. Purpose/Goals of Position: To assist with the care and supervision of infants and children in the Kids Den at the Kinsmen Sports Centre and/or the Kids Zone at the Millwoods Recreation Centre. Purpose/Goals of Unit: To provide safe and free short term child care for patrons while they are exercising at the Fitness Centres, and to encourage physical activity amongst parents.. Responsibilities: - Supervise children ensuring the overall safety of all children - Interact with children - Initiate games, activities and crafts - Change diapers when necessary - Assist with feeding babies when necessary - Communicate problems/issues as the arise - All positions are in the morning, 9am – 12 noon Training & Supervision -Must attend a half day training session -must attend New Volunteer Orientation -Will be supervised by Kid Zone Coordinator - Must log hours in volunteer daily journal -Performance reviews at 3 and 6 months and 1 year Requirements: - Experience working with babies and/or children - Babysitting courses and/or first aid courses an asset - Ability to follow direction and be receptive to feedback - Must be at least 12 years old Health & Safety: Complete a Hazard Assessment of the volunteer position and review the assessment with the volunteer. Benefits: - Letter of reference - Opportunity to gain valuable work experience - Annual review and performance evaluation Time Commitment: Must volunteer a minimum of one, three hour shift per week. Length of Appointment: A 6 month to one year commitment . Supervisor Contact: Marie Simon Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 12 noon Office Location : Kinsmen Fitness Centre kidsdenassistant-100608123206-phpapp01.doc 06/08/2010
  2. 2. Recreation Facility Services Branch Volunteer Position Description 496-7309 kidsdenassistant-100608123206-phpapp01.doc 06/08/2010