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Costumed interpreter


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Costumed interpreter

  1. 1. Recreation Facility Services Volunteer Services Program Volunteer Position Description: Position Title: Costumed Interpreter at Fort Edmonton Park and John Walter Museum. Individual Adult Volunteer (sole adult individual) Family Volunteer (parent or parents with children) Junior Volunteers (ages 12 to 17 years) Purpose/Goals of Position: To provide authentic and educational insight into the history of Canada, Alberta and more specifically Edmonton through the use of costumed interpreters. Purpose/Goals of Unit: To enhance the visitors experience at Fort Edmonton Park and John Walter Museum. To work with staff and other volunteers as a team to provide an authentic experience while on site. Responsibilities: - To attend all training sessions and orientations. - To provide excellent and quality customer service to a diverse range of visitors. - To authentically represent the lives of our ancestors through various programs. - To interpret specific facts and sources of information pertaining to the assigned historical era. - To share experiences and directives with interpretative staff. - To abide by and preserve building standards and artifacts. Training & Supervision: To work with the Public Interpretation Programming Unit, the Volunteer Facilitator and Program Coordinator. Volunteers are required to attend orientation sessions, on site training, workshops, and will be provided with era manuals. Requirements: - Strong verbal communication. - Willingness to share and learn new skills. - Ability to work independently and with staff. - Ability to work with people of all age groups. - Curiosity and interest in human history and material culture. - Knowledge of heritage crafts/trades would be an asset. Health & Safety: Assigned position may require performing physical activities to represent a historical lifestyle (i.e. chopping wood, operating wood stoves, carrying water, etc.). Individuals must wear historical costumes and conduct themselves in an appropriate historical manner. Benefits: Partaking in the volunteer program at Fort Edmonton Park provides the opportunity to interact with guests and visitors from all over the world. The time spent in costume permits volunteers to gain hands on experience with Edmonton’s history and the material culture of the era assigned. In addition, working in this environment leads to the acquisition of new skills and talents. Costumed interpreter September 2008
  2. 2. Each year, the park holds a volunteer appreciation event to give thanks to those who committed their time. Time Commitment: Minimum of eight weeks of volunteer shifts (4 hours/week) during regular operating seasonal hours (May through September) to a maximum of 144 hours. This time does not include training. Length of Appointment: The position will be reassessed every five years to meet the growing needs of the Park. Junior Costume interpreters may only volunteer for a two year term. A three month probationary period exists for this position Supervisor Contact: Judy Glenn On Site Volunteer Coordinator Fort Edmonton Park and John Walter Museum Trailer at Fort Edmonton Park next to the Train Station 780 496-8791 (Office) 780 919-8977 (Cell) Costumed interpreter September 2008