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PSYV: Engaging our disadvantaged youth


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Creating a more Inclusive Future in Youth Volunteering Conference Presentation- Craig Rankine

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PSYV: Engaging our disadvantaged youth

  1. 1. Insp. Craig Rankine National Coordinator
  2. 2. First group in Cumnock HRH Prince Charles visited the first group at Dumfries House, Cumnock. your future your police 2013 The report concluded that the relationship between young people and the police was fractured. 2013 5 groups established The first 5 PSYV groups are established in Cumnock, Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh 2014 Start
  3. 3. Commonwealth Games Pass out parade 2014 The 5 groups completed their initial training and passed out in a ceremony at Scottish Police College, Tulliallan. 2014 PSYV volunteered at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. 9 more groups 2015 More groups established across Scotland and the first time PSYV groups volunteered at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Today 6 more groups2016 With 20 groups established a National PSYV competition took place for the second time and PSYV returned to volunteer at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 32 groups 2017 Group numbers increased again and PSYV Dunfermline win the UK wide Cadet Competition
  4. 4. • Why PSYV? Something new Interesting opportunities Get an insight into policing Positive influence on young people • The only barrier to joining PSYV is the limited number of spaces available in each group. • PSYV aims to reach all groups of young people and actively encourages those from disadvantaged backgrounds, previous negative involvement with authorities and little interest in policing to apply.
  5. 5. Regional Coordinator West Regional Coordinator East Support Officer Project Development Officer 8-25 Group Coordinators 8-25 Group Coordinators Regional Coordinator North National Coordinator 8-25 Group Coordinators 8 Adult & 24 Youth Volunteers 8 Adult & 24 Youth Volunteers 8 Adult & 24 Youth Volunteers
  6. 6. Accessible to all Disabilities AgesNationalities Languages EQUALITY PSYV is for young people from ages 13-18 and adults aged 18 and over. There are over 25 Nationalities within PSYV and a 14 different languages spoken, with English not a first language for many. PSYV support volunteers with disabilities and make very effort to ensure they can participate as fully as possible in events.
  7. 7. Regular collation of figures from all groups are carried out to review the diversity within our groups and address any concerns. 57:43 Gender 57% female and 43% male volunteers within PSYV. We are also supporting a number of youths with gender identity and transgender experiences. 32% Vulnerability PSYV aim to recruit at least 25% of the youths from a vulnerable background from a set criteria. 10% Ethnicity At least 10% of PSYV youths are of BME origin. Glasgow South group record 66% of the group with BME origins.
  8. 8. The PSYV award is a 2 module progressive online award to show learning from volunteering and provide young people with a qualification from their volunteering with PSYV. Access for all Online resources Support & mentoring from adult volunteers and Group Co- ordinators Work at own pace Access from schools, libraries, home or PSYV group nights Training and guidance from National Team Moodle image Moodle image
  9. 9. BRONZE The minimum standard we would require a group to achieve. SILVER A step up for groups to show they are working towards being self sustainable. GOLD Groups demonstrate a high level of being self sustainable. PLATINUM A flourishing group, self regulating and self sustainable. B S P G B S P G