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Ignite Columbia 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Ignite Columbia 2012

  1. 1. Ignite Columbia 2012 Columbia Association Major Projects Update
  2. 2. Watershed 2,300 trees planted last year 800 trees planted this spring
  3. 3. Bio-retention Facilities
  4. 4. Rain Gardens& Soil Testing Rain Garden Program currently recruiting participants in the Villages of Wilde Lake, Owen Brown and Long Reach
  5. 5. Google Apps for Business Web-based & secure Business Email (Gmail) Calendar Documents Sites Video Moving all team members from MS Exchange to Gmail 289 moved to date, that number will double by end of July Talk All team members will be off of Exchange by the end of the calendar year Most will use GAB as a replacement for MS Office Significant cost savings in licensing fees Increased efficiency from using cloud-based applications
  6. 6. Hobbit’s Glen Clubhouse
  7. 7. Owen Brown Tennis Club
  8. 8. Supreme Sports Club KidSpace Addition
  9. 9. Stevens Forest Pool Renovations
  10. 10. Aquatic Feasibility Studies Ideas Bubbling Up The Aquatics Master Plan calls for 2 feasibility studies one to study the feasibility of enclosing an outdoor pool to an indoor pool the other to outline what family-friendly amenity options are feasible to replace SplashDown Anticipated completion of both during this calendar year
  11. 11. CA Dog Park Wag More, Bark Less
  12. 12. Active Transportation Connecting Columbia: Pathways for a 21st Century Columbia Preliminary recommendations include 50 more miles of pathways, a pathway hierarchy of routes and a pilot signage program Intended to create a more interconnected system for health, transportation and recreation purposes
  13. 13. Symphony Woods Park A Central Gathering & Activity Place for New Downtown
  14. 14. Village Center Community Plans Planning for the enhancement and/or repositioning of village centers CA support for Village Association efforts includes planning advice, map coordination, graphics & concept development and document development
  15. 15. As of June 1, 2012,there has beendredging for 30 days Wilde Lake DredgingRemovedapproximately 10,000cubic yards of the15,000 under contract Focusing on area at the north end of the lake Moving to small cove adjacent to Cove Condominiums by mid- month
  16. 16. Lake Elkhorn Dredging
  17. 17. LakeKittamaqundi