Strategies to stand out & build partnerships. By Jocelyne Daw.


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Breakthrough nonprofit branding: seven principles to power extraordinary results

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Strategies to stand out & build partnerships. By Jocelyne Daw.

  1. 1. Strategies toStand out & Build Partnerships Imagine Canada, Business-Community Partnership Forum JOCELYNE S. DAW
  2. 2. Our Goal – Increase Effectiveness and Impact• “Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding” book – Extensive research,11 case studies including Canadian examples – What does it take for a brand to power extraordinary results? 2
  3. 3. What is a Brand?“It is not the name, the tag line or pretty colors…..a brand is the set of expectations and beliefs the marketplace has about you.” David Placek CEO, Lexicon Branding NatureBridge Board Member Reputation Identity Goodwill 3
  4. 4. Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding Principles 1. Discover authentic brand meaning 2. Integrate brand meaning across the organization 3. Rally internal brand ambassadors 4. Develop 360 brand communications 5. Mobilize external community by connecting to brand 6. Cultivate partners based on brand alignment to extend reach & influence 7. Leverage brand for alternative revenue and value 4
  5. 5. UNICEF – Discovering Authentic Brand Meaning 5
  6. 6. UNICEF’s External Cluttered Market 6
  7. 7. Brand TransformationWhatever it Takes to Save a Child…. “We spent two years defining the meaning of our brand and focus on childhood survival. We used the new focus as an energy force, as a guide to everything we do.” - Caryl Stern, President & CEO U.S. Fund for UNICEF
  8. 8. Discovering Your BRAND VALUE Proposition ENGAGE THE HANDS CONVINCE THE HEAD Actionable Rational Invites people in Focused and distinct Relevant TOUCH THE HEART Emotional and personal Serves a higher purpose & cause 9
  9. 9. Power of Research: Insights into Action1. Discover and articulate org. leadership position2. Elevate to cause and outcomes (solve issues)3. Drive strategy- programs, communications, people4. Rally communities to accelerate impact 10
  10. 10. A breakthrough brand has an Authentic brand meaning• Base: Demonstrates what your ORGANIZATION does better than anyone else that delivers value• Build: Serves a CAUSE and has tangible outcomes• Breakthrough: Rallies internal & external COMMUNITY FRAMED “If we’re serious about ending needless child deaths, it can’t be about us.” - Jay Aldous, CMO of UNICEF 11
  11. 11. A brand unifies and drives direction • Brand unifies focus and purpose • Drives strategy - do, say, act, interact • Rallies communities • Accelerates impact“Our brand is not just a way to communicate; it’s what we do, how we live and breathe within our organization and engage our stakeholders at every touch point.” - Lisa Fielder, College Forward
  12. 12. A brand is inspirational People get inspired when they are part of something bigger than themselves “Be brave, bold and bigger than the whole organizationthat’s what breakthrough brands do. It’s got to be an invitation to join a cause and a movement.” Jennifer Dorian, SVP Network Strategy & Brand, TNT, U.S. Fund for UNICEF Volunteer
  13. 13. College Forward’s Brand Evolution “We didn’t give our brand much “Our brand is not just a way tothought. It seemed good enough at communicate; it’s what we do, how first , but it didn’t take long to we live and breathe within our realize that it was truly doing us a organization and engage our disservice.” stakeholders at every touch point.” - Lisa Fielder, Executive Director, College Forward 14
  14. 14. The Value of Introspection 2006: $200,000 2010: $1.8 million 15
  15. 15. Integrate brand meaning 16
  16. 16. Sub-Brands Drive Brand MeaningMaster BrandOverarchingBrand Platform Learn and LiveOverarching Women and Heart Disease Adults (35-54)Issue Stroke Heart Disease & Stroke Physical ActivityCause Stroke in Childhood Heart DiseaseFocus Heart Disease Minorities Obesity & StrokeCauseSub-Brands 17
  20. 20. Marketing at Connecting with •Focused, compelling, relevant •Reframe, relevant issues •Experience the brand Build a community around women and heart disease 21
  21. 21. Cultivate Breakthrough Partnerships“Partnerships build and strengthen our brand, its reach and credibility. We ensure careful alignment of passions, goals, values, and target audiences. So, at the core of each partnership is a win-win relationship.” Ellen Rethore VP, Marketing and Communications 22
  22. 22. Shared Brand Values…Mutual Benefit “We have a strong belief in directly benefiting our partners as well as our beneficiary audience.” Kids’ Well- Being 23 23
  23. 23. Cataloguing Value-Add AssetsPreparing InternallyAsset Checklist Supporter networks Volunteer opportunities 10,000 volunteers Brand reputation 100 trained counselors Audience Impact, reach and influence Community connections Media relationships Communications Social media presence Issue expertise Event collaborations Celebrity spokespeople 24
  24. 24. Identifying TargetsWith Overarching Strategies… • • • High Mission Alignment • • Moderate Mission Alignment • • - • Low Mission Alignment 25
  25. 25. Partnership Analysis FrameworkPreparing Internally  Alignment: Is there strategic alignment with brand meaning, audience, and mission?  Structure: Internal support systems?  Financial: Is the potential revenue greater than the costs involved?  Marketing & reach potential: Does it build supporter base; heighten awareness and engagement?  Reputation and risk fit:? Does the potential partner enhance and strengthen reputation? 26
  26. 26. Developing GoalsNonprofit Goals Shared Goals Partner Goals• Generating revenue • Reaching similar audiences • Awareness• Extending reach to new • Building reputation • Program development and audiences • Achieving social goals implementation• Building on relationship • Innovation • License to operate with existing audiences • Employee• Creating awareness recruitment/retention• Achieving specific mission- • Reputation lift oriented goals • Increased sales • Access to new market, new geographic areas • New stimulus for innovation 27
  27. 27. Evolving PartnershipsKeys to Success  Leadership buy-in and involvement  Clearly define roles and responsibilities  Actively manage relationships, not just programs  Plan realistic expectations and deadlines  Evolve program elements  Communicate continuously  Provide expected and unexpected benefits and opportunities  Celebrate accomplishments 28
  28. 28. BRAND SHIFTTRADITIONAL BREAKTHROUGH Logo, look, language  What stand for Raising money  Mission in action Organization  Community Deliver programs  Deliver outcomes Send money  Join us Power of a few  Voice of many Donors  Community of believers Emotional reaction  Shared values 29
  29. 29. Brand as a living value proposition • Creates a sense of purpose • Drives direction and higher performance • Attracts, motivates and retains best staff/volunteers • Deepens relationships with supporters • Generates new supporters and resources • Fosters innovation & impact • Changes perceptions, reputation 30
  30. 30. Is your Brand Breaking Through?• United around clear leadership position• Stand out as cause• Articulate & demonstrate your value• Foster loyal communities• Accelerate social impact
  31. 31. Let’s Continue the Journey! Jocelyne S. Daw | Twitter:@jocelynedaw Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding 32