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Volume Training Academy

  1. 1. Volume Academy Are you in your final year of university, studying marketing, digital or design? Could you be the next person to join Volume Academy? Volume is a global digital-marketing agency, working with many of the world’s most respected brands. We’re known for industry-leading innovation and the creative application of technology, content and digital interaction. Starting in June 2014, our work-experience programme gives talented individuals looking for a career in digital, design and marketing a really exciting opportunity to gain experience at the Wirehive100 #1 Agency of the Year for 2012 and 2013! What will I gain from joining the Volume Academy? Depending on your area of interest, you will experience the typical day-to-day duties of the team you are placed in. You will develop valuable skills that will prepare you for life in the industry, not to mention a chance to put Volume on your CV! Students who really impress may be offered permanent work at Volume once they have graduated. Work placements will be up to one week, and your travel expenses and lunch will be reimbursed. There is also potential for your time with us to be extended, in which case you will be paid. To be considered for this opportunity, we would like you to respond to the following short brief: Select one word at random from the dictionary. Using this word we would like you to design a mobile app, demonstrating your idea as descriptively and visually as you wish. We want to know how this mobile app works, what it does and why people will use it. The most important aspect of this project is the idea, not how it navigates or what colour it is. We want something innovative that will make people want to download the app. For example, if the word was ‘forest’, you could create an app that provides you with existing walking or cycling routes, or even one that tells you what type of tree you are looking at just by taking a photo of it. Closing date for applications is 28th March – don’t miss out! Remember, any idea is a good idea. Be creative, and think outside the box! Once you have your idea, email it across to volume.academy@volumeglobal.com with the subject line ‘Volume Academy’. Remember to attach your CV, and please state which university you’re from and the department you would ideally like to gain experience within (Creative Studio or Client Services). Winners The applicants with the best ideas will be invited to come and present at Volume. Don’t worry; this is nothing to be afraid of – just an informal chat so we can get to know you better. For more information about us, including help on which department you might be best suited to, visit Volumeglobal.com or check out our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!