Welcome to SociView - the #1 social-media-mapping solution.


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SociView is the number 1 social-media-mapping solution.

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Welcome to SociView - the #1 social-media-mapping solution.

  1. 1. TMTHE #1SOCIAL MEDIA MAPPINGSOLUTIONBEFORE YOU LISTEN, MAP YOUR SOCIVERSE. twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview sociview.com
  2. 2. 2 www.sociview.comCompany + Launched: + Developed by:overview June 2011 Volume + HQ: + Volume is an integrated, Wokingham, UK full-service digital + Founder: agency with over 100 Chris Sykes, staff at offices in the UK, CEO, Volume Ltd USA and Sri Lanka twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  3. 3. 3 www.sociview.comAskyourself...+ How many social- + Who owns them? media accounts does my + Which are the most organization have? effective/influential?+ Where are they? + Do they support my sales channels?Before you use tools to listen, execute and measure yoursocial-media activity, map, categorize, rank and analyzeyour social-media instances through SociView™. twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  4. 4. SociView4 www.sociview.com ™ in action twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  5. 5. 5 www.sociview.com Keyfunctionalities+ Automatic mapping of your social-media accounts + Topic comparison and analysis + Score Advisor: actionable insight into accounts + Customization to your business: edit categories, + Benchmarking of competitor scoring and more+ Categorization of accounts accounts + Export analytics to Excel and across multiple social platforms pdf file formats + Integration with other + Historical analytics for systems and products:+ Geolocation of your social- tracking and planning + Monitoring accounts and - Inbound: SociView™ works media accounts globally instances using the watch list with other social-media tools + Evaluation of your social - Outbound: SociView™ works media using SociScore with CRM systems twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  6. 6. 6 www.sociview.comSociVerse Map yourA holistic view of yourglobal social-media landscape+ Use keywords to map accounts related to products, brands, business areas, industries, sectors or competitors+ Accounts mapped across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare and major blogging platforms+ Geolocation of accounts twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  7. 7. 7 www.sociview.comaccounts CategoriseCategories can be tailored tosuit an organization’s needs+ Once accounts are mapped against predefined topics, they can be categorized using the default categories or your own customized categories+ A breakdown of categorized accounts can be viewed across different networks twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  8. 8. 8 www.sociview.comSociScore Rank with aRankings provide an instant overview ofthe most effective accounts in each topic,region, classification or social-media platform.+ The SociScore establishes internal rankings and best practices for accounts. It is calculated by relevance, activity, influence and visibility+ Each topic and account has its own SociScore that is analysed in the score advisor+ Accounts can also be ranked by sentiment or placed on the watch list for monitoring twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  9. 9. 9 www.sociview.comActionabledataDifferent views enable you to compareand benchmark businesses, productlines, brands and competitors+ Data can be segmented, by social-media platform, topic, classification, score, sentiment or location+ The SociScore Advisor provides actionable insight into how to improve an account and topic+ Historical analytics enable tracking and planning+ Data can be exported to Excel and pdf formats for further analysis and work twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  10. 10. 10 www.sociview.comMobileviewsSociView™ is optimised foriPhone, iPad and Android devices.The mobile version provides an executive summaryof the different dashboards and analytics :+ SociScore + Historical data for accounts,+ Social-media classification, breakdown; SociScore and Twitter, Facebook, sentiment YouTube, blogs, SlideShare + Quick statistics+ Geolocation twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  11. 11. 11 www.sociview.com Consolidate and optimise Campaign support Case Study: Dell Although Dell has a list of official accounts, there is a large number of independently-created For ongoing campaign work, SociView™ is helping Dell to select and use the most effective accounts accounts worldwide. SociView™ is helping Dell to on individual topics. So, if at Dell they wish to map these unofficial accounts, allowing them to be talk about laptops, they will search the available Although Dell has an established social-media brought in line with Dell’s social-media policy and accounts in the landscape to find those who have strategy and a dedicated listening platform, best practice. Some of these accounts have been an engaged audience on this subject, or those SociView™ is adding an extra layer to the social- closed, consolidated or optimized through a content accounts that have the highest reach. media communications. strategy to increase the effectiveness of their social-media presence. Map influencers and brand advocates Dell has identified four key areas for its business moving forward. SociView™ is being used to monitor and map these four areas via topics, and to identify key influencers and advocates within each area (official Dell accounts, journalists, partners and employees). twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  12. 12. 12 www.sociview.com Accelerating social marketing Engaging and supporting the Case Study: Zebra Zebra Technologies has just established an official social-media presence, and is on the brink of sales channels Zebra sells through indirect sales channels, creating a dedicated social marketing strategy. working with a global group of selected partners. Zebra Technologies is using SociView™ to SociView™ is helping Zebra to understand which SociView™ captures and monitors these partner areas of the business have already engaged with social-media accounts, giving each one a SociScore become a social marketing leader within the social media and on which platforms. Official that represents their effectiveness. From this on-demand specialty digital printing and channels are ranked and rated, then supported information, Zebra can see which platforms are automatic-identification industry. To do this, with high-quality, on-brand digital content. These being used most effectively, identify active Zebra needed to understand not only its accounts are now being monitored on a monthly partners, and support them with relevant brand competitors, but also how its partners are basis to see how they improve, and to ensure that messaging and content. For those partners who using social media. they are supporting marketing objectives. have not yet made the leap online, Zebra can nurture them through the process, making them Creating social-media governance effective online marketers from day one. Zebra is in the perfect position to create strong governance around its social-media presence. SociView™ is providing the company with the information it needs to create best-practice policies and procedures around the usage of social media, from account-naming policies to the content and regularity of communications. twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  13. 13. 13 www.sociview.com How SociView™ solved it + Journalists: those talking about Reading and the Y2C events + Use of geolocation to identify local stakeholders who could be involved in Case Study: Reading UK the project Identification of stakeholder types is leading to influencer outreach and engagement with + Identification of accounts referring to People, Community clubs, Sports clubs and keywords based on events in Reading Businesses stakeholders to raise awareness and The problem: Reading UK needs to identify get them involved in the project. + Ongoing analysis using SociView™ to businesses local to Reading that may be There is also influencer outreach to accounts benchmark social profiles and map new interested in getting involved in the Reading accounts marked as Journalists and Events to gain Year to Celebrate (Y2C) project. It also needs social-content assets in the form of news and + Identification of accounts using keywords to identify social-media profiles that mention related to events events, as well as inviting local businesses to get involved. events promoting community cohesion and Insight obtained SociView™ is able to verify that Events Y2C sporting initiatives. accounts are being used to gain a high SociScore Stakeholders were classified as: (i.e. they are relevant, visible, influential and have + Events: Reading events; official events pages a high level of activity). Finally, SociView™ is + People: people in Reading being used to monitor “buzz” around key events in Reading during 2012. + Community clubs: clubs and community groups in the Reading area + Sports clubs: sports clubs in Reading + Businesses: local businesses in Reading and sponsors of the project twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  14. 14. 14 www.sociview.comNextstepsLinkedIn: SociView™ will be monitoring the Vimeo is a video-sharing website on whichgroup discussion and its impact on your users can upload, share, and view videos. It issocial-media strategy. similar to YouTube and will be tracked in the same way.FourSquare is a location-based social-networking website based on hardware for Social-media policy: SociView™ will work withmobile devices. The service is available to your existing social-media policy and track yourusers with GPS-enabled mobile devices such as official accounts ensuring they are compliant. TMsmartphones. Users “check in” at venues. Each The owners of non-compliant accounts willcheck-in gains the user points and sometimes be notified.“badges”. SociView™ will monitor your differentlocations and find the ones that are promotedthe best to “check in” to. twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview
  15. 15. 15 www.sociview.comSociViewNext steps ™Contact Tom Lambert @tomglambert To register for a demonstration or for more tom.g.lambert information about SociView™, visit the website at http://www.sociview.com tom.lambert@volume.co.uk http://uk.linkedin.com/in/tomlambertvolumesolutions twitter.com/sociview facebook.com/sociview September 2011 Version 01