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Social media - our take by Volume


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At Volume we don't just do social media, we're an integrated agency supporting companies of all sizes servicing 143 countries around the world. To find out more about Volume please visit

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Social media - our take by Volume

  1. 1. 1 Social Media Our take on it Where social media sits in Volume EXEC TEAM CLIENT SERVICES SOCIAL MEDIA CREATIVE DATA & PRINT TECHNOLOGY I.S FINANCE & ADMIN T witter is for YouTube is great Facebook is LinkedIn is a those with too for sending your full of spotty playground for much time on friends hilarious adolescents! recruitment2 their hands videos consultants OR AGREE? DISAGREE? 3 But this isn’t the business face of the main social-media networks. We agree! Businesses are successfully using these networks to engage with4 consumers and companies. However, setting up your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube accounts and LinkedIn company profile/groups doesn’t mean you’re good to go. Volume helps businesses optimise their social-media real estate to maximise engagement and revenue potential. Here’s how we do it. you’ll have multiple social-media accounts 5 If you’re a large organisation, chances are and social instances (such as blogs) already. Multiply these by the number of accounts and social instances your regional colleagues, partners and affiliates have – you may find you’ve more than you thought. So the first step to understanding how you can best use social media is to map your ‘SociVerse’.6 First, we map your social-media real estate – your SociVerse. Map, Consolidate, Optimise Then we categorise all relevant social media accounts and instances into official, unofficial, endorsed or any other categories. Each account and instance is then scored based on its content, activity, size of community and how easy it is to find. } Once you have this, you can either optimise or 7 consolidate your accounts to improve their quality, impact and value. Company Total With your SociVerse mapped and optimised 28/100 you can improve and influence your key social-media touch points. Accounts 6688 Whether you opt for a hub or integrated approach, you can ensure compliance and Sentiment best practice across your entire social-media real estate.8 The clue is in the word ‘social’! BIGGER The the party, the better the PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Social media shouldn’t be isolated or fragmented. It can, however, be segmented. Here’s an example of our approach. 9 Oracle Hardware After years as a leader in database and ? ? enterprise software, Oracle entered the ? global enterprise hardware market through its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. ? ? Sun already had a large social-media ? footprint, so how could Oracle convert and ? attract Sun users and advocates to its10 emerging social-media real estate? ? ? ? And how could Oracle convert a ‘social opt-in’ into a genuine lead? Our answer was to develop a hub-and-spoke approach. With a new redesigned Facebook page utilising Facebook tabs, apps and veiled content acting as the ‘hub’, we created new social accounts and instances and used others identified through the mapping process. With this multichannel social-media marketing model in place, we executed an offline and online promotional plan to drive social ‘opt-ins’ 11 across different lines of business. KING! We created multilingual content Early Outcomes: assets and managed engagement + Increased ‘marketable’ contacts across multiple social channels to + Engaged target audience across drive demand. all mainstream social channels + Increased opt-in rates + Lowered cost per leadWelcome Tab: Veiled Content which is revealed when the user ‘likes’ the page Case StudiesTwitter Feed Popular YouTube Videos Slideshare integration of presentations Bespoke Q&A app