Volume 9 Google Encrypted Search Update for Clients


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Google made some big changes this month, one of which is encrypting all of their search queries data - http://www.volume9inc.com/2013/09/26/how-google-is-leveraging-secure-search-to-fight-seo/

There has been a lot of buzz online about this, so nauturally a lot of clients have had questions about how this affects your reporting & account moving forward. This presentation gives a quick background into the changes that Google has made over time to make data more private, and outlines how it will affect SEO reporting.

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Volume 9 Google Encrypted Search Update for Clients

  1. 1. Quick Update Google Encrypted Search
  2. 2. What Happened? Google Encrypted Search 2011 - Google began encrypting some data in Google Analytics: http://selnd.com/oJ0KWu 2012 - Google made (not provided) the default setting for users who were logged in: http://bit.ly/GQKFoj 2013 - Google announced that 100% of all keyword terms would now be listed as (not provided): http://bit.ly/176OCTU In short…we saw this coming
  3. 3. Why did Google Do This? • Add a layer of security to user information (NSA and European Union Anti-Trust) • Possibly to Promote the use of Adwords • Because it’s Google & they can do whatever they want “We want to provide SSL protection to as many users as we can, in as many regions as we can…we believe it’s a good thing for users….The motivation here is not to drive the ads side — it’s for our search users.” - Google
  4. 4. What Does this Mean for your Data? Google Analytics will no longer deliver the specific keywords that are driving organic traffic. This affects: • Measuring Branded Versus Non Branded Organic Search • Determining your top-converting Organic Keywords • Analyzing standard metrics based on organic keywords (bounce rate, time spent on site, etc.)
  5. 5. Fear Not! We Still Measure A Lot Historical Visits and Engagement Keyword Mapping and Ranking (Eduki Reporting) Paid Keyword Performance Search Queries, Impressions and Average Positions Bing Keyword Traffic
  6. 6. Webmaster Tools Vs. Analytics VS. Designed to illustrate how search engines see your site Designed to illustrate how users interact with your site With Webmaster Tools, We can still look at: - Organic Landing Pages (a better metric than organic keywords) - Branded vs. Non Branded Terms - Organic Impressions - Overall Position
  7. 7. Google Webmaster Data Example
  8. 8. How Will this Change SEO Reporting? We saw this trend & stopped relying on the flawed organic keyword data a long time ago… So, your reports won’t change!