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8x8 e guide-surviving-the-business-equivalent-of-the-zombie-apocalypse

Having a hosted VoIP small business phone system could be the first step in ensuring survival during the business equivalent of the zombie apocalypse

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8x8 e guide-surviving-the-business-equivalent-of-the-zombie-apocalypse

  1. 1. © 2012 NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT
  2. 2. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT2Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie ApocalypseWhy You Need Business Continuity and Recovery Plans• According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), people (andbusinesses) who are prepared have a better chance at surviving regular,garden-variety disasters such as floods, earthquakes, power-outages andstorms—even zombies.• If you prepare for zombies, you can quitliving in fear of what could happen toyour business in the event of an outageor disaster.
  3. 3. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT3Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie ApocalypseDeveloping a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan—AnOverviewAssess the impact to your business if you were to experience unexpecteddowntime:• Identify what you need to do to keep your business running. What arethe things you need to protect?• What’s the risk and how can you mitigate and manage that risk?
  4. 4. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT4Envision Likely Scenarios for Disaster/Downtime• Make a list of the kinds of interruptions that oftenstrike your region.• Almost every business needs to think about powerand communications outages.• Which are most likely in your area, and what kindsof damage and outages are typical?
  5. 5. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT5Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie Apocalypse• Develop an inventory of your crucial business functions—sales, datastorage, voice and data communications.• Try to estimate the impact on your business if those functions were downfor an hour, a day, or more than a week.• Prioritize what’s most important for your business.• Look at ways of mitigating or managing that risk.• Review your insurance policies on a regular basis, perhaps a week or sobefore renewal, to make sure that you’re covered for the most frequentand/or damaging threats.
  6. 6. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT6Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie ApocalypseKeep Your Business in Business with 8x8 Cloud Communications8x8’s flexible, hosted VoIP cloud-based solutions keep your business running.• Virtual Office Mobile App. 8x8’s mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Androidphone lets you make and receive calls, check messages, and manage callforwarding. The app works over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection.• Virtual Meetings. Meet with coworkers and customers using our 8x8 VirtualMeeting web conferencing feature available with Virtual Office Pro.• Log in anywhere. You can use any computer with Internet access to log in toyour 8x8 extension and update call forwarding rules, make and take calls,and check messages.• Manage your account remotely. With 8x8’s web-based Account Manager,you can make real-time updates to your small business phone system.Record new greetings and prompts to let customers know office hours havechanged, or forward extensions to cell phones so your employees can workfrom home or another remote location.
  7. 7. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED: EGHT7Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie ApocalypseClick here to read the full eGuide andlearn more about how a business VoIPsolution and call center software from 8x8can help your business survive disaster
  8. 8. l 8x8 Inc. NASDAQ-LISTED:

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  • ChrisFreeman4

    Jul. 24, 2016

Having a hosted VoIP small business phone system could be the first step in ensuring survival during the business equivalent of the zombie apocalypse


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