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Uni presentation (pptx)

  1. 1. Case Study on production ofthe film Shrek
  2. 2. Why did we choose Shrek?We will be talking about…•Development and beginnings•Directors role•Storyboarding•Concepts and design•3D animation process•Post Production
  3. 3. Directors Role• Andrew Adamson – Animationprofessional and Director• Worked on visuals for various films• Debut in directing in 2001 - Shrek• Skills
  4. 4. •Shrek Written and illustrated ByWilliam Steig In 1990.•Rights to the book acquired by StevenSpielberg in 1991 and planned to beanimated.•DreamWorks Is founded and in 1995becomes interested and takes the rightsand producer Jeffrey Katzenberg putsShrek in to production shortly after.“When we started ‘Shrek,’ we wanted to make a fairy tale come to life- as ifyou opened a storybook and stepped into that world,” – Andrew Adamson(Director)
  5. 5. •“”•
  6. 6. Shrek: Deleted scene Video clip
  7. 7. Colour ScriptsOnce they have the scenes they wantfrom the script/storyboards they dothings called „colour scripts‟ whichestablish the colours and mood of thefilm and continue with development ofconcepts and environments.
  8. 8. Production Design by Mike Ploog for DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek (2001)
  9. 9. “Sculptures are the easiest way for me tocommunicate the look of a character.Sketches are great but they only give youone angle. With a sculpture you can figureout every angle.” – Tom HesterTom creates 3D models forHollywood films at‘Hester Studios’ for over 25years.He was the lead characterdesigner for ‘Shrek’.
  10. 10. •36 separate environments in the entire film.••28,186 trees with 3 billion leaves were used.•Art Directors toured Hearst Castle and thevillage of Stratford upon Avon for inspiration.
  11. 11. Translating Character Designsinto 3DStages before Animation can begin:• 3D Modeling from Character designs• Creating rigs for Characters• Storyboard images scanned in
  12. 12. 1) Storyboard Images are scanned in tocreate animatic.2) Characters are created andrigged digitally based onstoryboard images3) Detail and texturing on characters andbackground is built up4) Final work is done and lighting addedto bring the scene to life
  13. 13. Animation Crew andEquipmentThe Animation crew for Shrek consistedof:•16 Animation Software Developers•5 Directing Animators•19 3D Animators•2 Animation Production Supervisors•1 Technical DirectorEquipment used in Production:•Animation uses Premo, developed byDreamWorks•HP Z Workstations•Linux desktops and server CPU’s
  14. 14. How long it takes toAnimate•Animation process usually takes around1 ½ years to completeAs technology develops, Render Hoursincrease dramatically:•Shrek 1: 5 Million Render Hours•Shrek 2: 10 Million Render Hours•Shrek 3: 20 Million Render Hours•Shrek 4: 46 Million Render Hours
  15. 15. Video showing Progress in Shrek films
  16. 16. The Success of Shrek• $484.4 million• Critical and commercial success• Sequels and spin offs
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. Tumblr LinksDaniel Gray:http://www.tumblr.com/blog/dgrayunit3Katie Borkin:http://katieshrek.tumblr.comMax Bode:http://mxpower.tumblr.comSharni Melson:http://sharnimelson.tumblr.com