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Storyboarding (pptx file)


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Storyboarding (pptx file)

  1. 1. Character DesignCharacter Case Study:Shingo Araki; Character Designer
  2. 2. Introduction to Character DesignCharacter design is a form used to help standardize the appearance, poses, andgestures of a character. It is required when a large group of artists are involved inthe production of an animated film or computer game to help maintain continuityin characters.Character Design is one of the first steps of any new Animation production anddesigners will create a extensive study of drawings and sketches of a character todisplay that character’s appearance and qualities they may possess and tofamiliarize what that character looks likefrom different angles to help in laterstages of production. Just by looking at acharacter, a lot can be learnt about whattheir personality is or how they might act,and character designers need to be able toembody these qualities into their designsso that they are memorable.
  3. 3. Shingo ArakiIntroductionShingo Araki was a Japanese animatorand character designer. At the age offive, he developed an interest in art, thenlater launched his own comic in amagazine when he was eighteen. HeGraduated in Aichi Prefecture in Japan.He joined Mushi Production as an animator in 1965, and a year later hefounded Studio Jaguar in 1966. He then debuted as an animation directorfor some of Mushi Productions animation series. In 1973 he also became acharacter designer. Araki became an important figure in Toei Animationsanime series in the 1970s. In 1988, he was also an animator on severalAmerican productions. Shingo Araki died at the age of 72 on December 1,2011 in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan.
  4. 4. CareerCompany: Mushi ProductionsYears Active: 1965 – 1972Location: Fujimidai, TokyoRoles:AnimatorAnimator DirectorCompany: Toei Animation Co. LtdYears Active: 1972 - 2011Location: Nerima, TokyoRoles:Character DesignDesign SupervisorAnimatorAnimator Director
  5. 5. Shingo has worked on numerous anime television series; the two that heis known for are Saint Seiya and Lupin III. He has done plenty ofcharacter designs for other anime shows as well, including “Gegege noKitaro” and “Kindaichi Case Files”, which are among the most wellknown anime in Japan.Saint Saiya (1986) Lupin III (1984)Character DesignAnimation DirectorDesign SupervisorAnimation Director
  6. 6. StoryboardingCharacter Case Study:Jeff Stewart; Storyboard Artist
  7. 7. Introduction to StoryboardingStoryboarding is the process of taking initial ideas for a story and illustrating them in asequence so that the plot can be read clearly and prepared for the next step inproduction. The process in the form we know today was developed by Disney in the1930’s, and now storyboarding is an essential process taken by all animationproductions.Storyboards should provide all the information an animation production team needs toknow about the shots they are working on, from what characters and locations that areinvolved to the camera angles and movements that take place.These images show a storyboard being presented in a conference meeting todiscuss any changes to be made before moving to the next production stage.
  8. 8. Jeff StewartIntroductionJeff Stewart is an American Storyboard Artist andVoice Over Artist who has worked in the AnimationIndustry and has accumulated over 15 years ofexperience working among high profile companiessuch as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.He studied at the SUNY Albany Animation Institute in New York.Although mainly regarded as a Storyboard Artist and Voice Over Artist,Jeff has also taken the roles of Storyboard Revisionist, Storyboard Clean-Up and Assistant Director. Jeff currently lives and works at Palm Springs,Los Angeles in California.
  9. 9. CareerCompany: JAZZBO ProductionsYears Active: 1995 – 2000Location: Burbank, CaliforniaRoles:CD Creation and Developmentfor clients including Disney,Hasbro, Mattel, TONKACompany: NickelodeonYears Active: 2000 – 2001Location: Burbank, CaliforniaRoles:Storyboard ArtistCompany: FOX Television AnimationYears Active: 1998 – 2009Location: Los Angeles, CaliforniaRoles:Storyboard Artist (1998 – 2009),Assistant Director (2003 – 2009)Company: Cartoon NetworkYears Active: 2008 – 2010Location: Burbank, CaliforniaRoles:Voice Over Artist
  10. 10. Jeff has worked on the storylines for several animated TVseries cartoons; the two most numerous being King Of TheHill and Family Guy.King Of The Hill Family GuyStoryboard Artist (11 episodes)Character Layout Artist (9 episodes)Assistant Director (11 episodes)Storyboard Artist (14 episodes)Storyboard Clean Up (8 episodes)Storyboard Revisionist (3 episodes)
  11. 11. The Making of Family Guy VideoThis short video describes some of the processes involved increating an Episode of the Animated Series Family Guy