Arap Spring and Two Perspectives


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This is the presentation about process of the Arap Spring. It consist of two different approachs about this issue.

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Arap Spring and Two Perspectives

  1. 1. What is Arap Spring?• How did it emerge?• Why did it emerge in Arab countries?• What were the factors that made people stand against their rulers?
  2. 2. • To make a short definition: Arab spring is a social movement that emerged at the North Africa and some Arap countries due to anti- democratic circumstances.• People took down their leaders because of their unfair governing.
  3. 3. Two Truths One Reality• From majority of media this movement is defined as ‘’Struggle of freedom’’.• Opponents of the arbitrary leaders defined as ‘’Freedom warriors’’.• Economical crisis and unfair revenue distribution demonstrated as the reason of this conflict.
  4. 4. First Truth:The PeopleWho Wantdemocratic regime
  5. 5. Power of the Social Media• How did it begun?• Arab rulers‘ secret assets and government applications had been shown to society via Internet - Wikileaks.• WikiLeaks is an international entity that leaks government’s and leaders’s secret informations to the public life.
  6. 6. • These information displayed by Wikileaks spread quickly to some segments of society via Facebook and Twitter.• Protestors have organized their demonstrations through social media.
  7. 7. What were the factors that made people protesters?
  8. 8. • There was an economic crisis since 2008. Unemployment increased and getting along became difficult.• Despite of these economical problems leaders insisted on being disregardful about their people’ needs and demands.
  9. 9. Predominant secular governing madehuge pressure on religious society.
  10. 10. Process of Arab Spring TUNUSIA• At 17 December young tradesman burned himself because of poverty.• After the protests and struggles leader Abidin Bin Ali escaped to Saudi Arabia.He had been the ruler of Tunisia for 23 years.
  11. 11. EGYPT• At 25 January protests started against poverty and unemployment.• After 18 days from the protests Husnu Mubarek had resigned. Over 800 people was killed during the struggles.• After judgement he had punished with endless prison. He had been ruler for 30 years.
  12. 12. LIBYA• Citizens of Libya started to protest against Kaddafi. These protests resulted with conflict.• Coalition of USA, France and England had organized air attack to Kaddafi’s power.• After long process, struggle resulted with victory of the opponents of Kaddafi.• Kaddafi had been killed by his own citizens on 20 October 2011.• He had been ruler of the Libya for 42 years.
  13. 13. Ali Abdullah Salih
  14. 14. • Bahrain,Jordan and Yemen are also the countries that faced with protests and struggles. Their leaders taken some precuations due to citizens democratic demands.
  15. 15. Second Truth: Imperialist Game• Midde East is always the geography of struggle and blood especially since the oil had discovered.• When imperialism discovered the importance of this geography, they started to make a lot of plan to control this place.
  16. 16. • When we convince about the role of the America and Europe at the Arap Spring, there are some controversial issues.• First of all, one of the similarities of ex-leaders was all they were in trouble with America.• USA and some of the European countries even made gun supervision to opponents of the Arabian rulers. Did they have benefit?
  17. 17. • Let’s focus on Hillary Clinton’s saying about Kaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died!“.• An intervention on the protest? United States Secretary of State
  18. 18. Democracy• When do the Western powers speak about democracy and then what happens?
  19. 19. • We saw this example at the invasion of Iraq. USA invaded there because of anti- democratic applications and the risk of the nuclear gun. Then they apologized, because there were no any nuclear gun.
  20. 20. Will the Spring spread to other countries?• Some of the experts arguing that rather than occupation, imperialists aim to control Middle East with Middle East’s own people.• The change of leaders for good or for worse?
  21. 21. Last Destination for now:Syria• Syrian people that have been influenced by protests in Libya,Egypt and Tunisia• This conflict became civil war. It’s still continuing now.
  22. 22. • At this bloody struggle between 25.000-30.000 people has died.Also lots of people migrated to borders of the Turkey at the North.• Both sides are getting supervision from different countries.• It become war game in the Middle East.
  23. 23. Which Truth?• People’s power • Power’s game on people