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Laneway Housing! - 2019.08


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Laneway housing has revolutionized cities like Vancouver and it’s here, now in Toronto. If you’re not familiar with laneway housing, the concept allows the use of the many laneways, which are typically used to access garages and other spaces, and allows for housing development along the laneway. Laneway housing is important to Toronto as it allows for both gentle densification and meets the requirements of the Official Plan.

Savvy developers and seasoned investors are already starting to take advantage of laneway opportunities. Learn how to invest strategically and plan for this massive change to the Toronto housing landscape!

We have an expert in the industry, Daniel Hall, coming to teach us all the critical elements of laneway housing. During this meetup we’ll answer questions like:
- How do I avoid development fees - I heard the can cost upwards of $30k?
- How can I avoid going to the Committee of Adjustments, adding months to my planning process?
- What’s the fastest way to build a laneway house? Are there spec builds out there?
- How can I identify a potential laneway property? What are the zoning rules?
- I heard that you need to be near a fire hydrant, is that true?
- What’s the best way to get services like water, sewage, and electricity to my laneway house?
- What are the parking requirements for a laneway suite?

You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn about laneway housing in Toronto!

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Laneway Housing! - 2019.08

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  26. 26. @volitionproperties Regulations designed to cool off the real estate market took their toll on new home sales in the Greater Toronto Area last year, but things are starting to look up again, according to data released Friday. There were 566 new single-family dwellings sold in the GTA in July, up 136 per cent from the same month last year, according to new numbers released by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). The number of new condos sold rose 22 per cent over the same period, with 2,297 units changing hands. “The market has been artificiallydepressed because of some of the regulatory measures, but we’re encouraged to see demand still being strong,” said David Wilkes, BILD’s president and CEO. “I remain very bullish because of the demand. This is an area where people want to live,” Wilkes added. The price of new single-family homes fell to $1,091,727 in July, a drop of 4.5 per cent over the past year. The price of condos rose to $838,824, an increase of 8.3 per cent. One of the biggest contributors to last year’s relative slump, Wilkes said, was the mortgage stress test introduced at the beginning of 2018 by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). Regulation B20 requires borrowers who pay a down payment of more than 20 per cent to demonstrate that they can afford a mortgage (or home equity line of credit) at two percentage points above the rate being offered, or the Bank of Canada’s 5-year benchmark, whichever is higher. The move was designed to cool off some of the country’s strongest real estate markets, including Toronto and Vancouver. Many buyers also hurried to buy homes before B20 came into force, meaning sales which would have otherwise happened in 2019 were shifted to late 2018, Wilkes said. “There was definitely a rush to close,” Wilkes said. With a federal election set for October, Wilkes is hopeful B20 will be tweaked. Among the changes called for by BILD and other real estate industry associations is making the 2 per cent a hard cap, which gets reduced as interest rates rise. So if rates go up by a quarter point, the stress test would add 1.75 points. The head of OFSI, however, has argued against changing B20 at all. The escalating cost of home ownership in Canada, and its knock-on effects to the economy and to society, is a problem — and it’s a problem that is proving very challenging to address,” OSFI’s assistant superintendent Carolyn Rogers said during a speech in February. “But the answer to this important problem cannot be more debt,” Rogers said. “Particularly, it cannot be more consumer debt, fuelled by lower underwriting standards.” Single-family home sales jump by 136% in Toronto
  27. 27. @volitionproperties The Bank of Montreal has revised its interest rate outlook, predicting the Bank of Canada will cut in October amid heightened trade tensions between the United States and China. “Last week’s escalation in the trade war and growing evidence of the protectionist toll on the U.S. and global economies have tipped us into the rate-cut camp for the Bank of Canada’s Oct. 30 meeting,” BMO CapitalMarkets Senior Economist Sal Guatieri and Analyst Priscilla Thiagamoorthy wrote in a note to clients Tuesday. The BMO Economics team said they expect the central bank will set the stage for a rate cut at its next meeting on Sept. 4 with a dovish statement citing trade uncertainty. Meanwhile, BMO CapitalMarkets Chief Economist Douglas Porter said in a note Friday that if the Bank of Canada is going to move on rates, the Oct. 30 meeting seems the most logical, as it falls the week after the federal election and a day before the U.K.’s deadline to leave the European Union. Porter added investors have been “screaming” for rate cuts since the bank’s latest decision to stand pat in July, as economic risks have become “unbalanced.” He said BMO was “grappling mightily” with the market’s anticipation of a rate cut and maintained its view the central bank would remain patient. BMO Economics’ revised forecast on Tuesday comes days after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered U.S. companies to "immediately start looking for an alternative to China,” after China retaliated with higher tariffs on U.S. goods. The back-and-forth sent markets plummeting. However, Trump struck a softer tone at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France on Monday, claiming Chinese officials called saying they wanted to get back to the negotiating table, which China declined to confirm. Bank of Canada rate cut coming in October amid trade woes: BMO
  28. 28. @volitionproperties Analysis - Ontario Line
  29. 29. @volitionproperties Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario release Initial Business Case for Ontario Line subway ontario-release-initial-business-case-for-ontario-line-subway/ ProvenModern Technology ● Fully automated, driverless trains with modern signalling that enables high frequency service ● Similar technology being used in Paris, London and Singapore ● Shorter trains and platforms approximately 100 metres in length ● Up to 6 km of the route to be elevated or at grade in existing rail corridors, isolated from traffic which helps to significantly lower the cost of the project. Faster Commutes ● Up to 40 trains per hour, 90 seconds apart vs every two minutes, providing shorter wait times ● Travel time savings to Toronto neighbourhoods. More Connections ● 15 potential stations, including 6 interchange stations adding 17 new connections to GO Transit, existing subways and streetcars: ● Connecting to three GO lines ● Four connections to Line 1, 2 and Line 5-Eglinton Crosstown ● 10 connections to King, Queen and Gerrard streetcars
  30. 30. @volitionproperties Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario release Initial Business Case for Ontario Line subway What do we care about as investors? ● What’s above vs below grade? ● When to buy? ● How far to buy from the station? ● How many people affected? (approx 150k) ● Tenant profile?
  31. 31. @volitionproperties Investment Retrospective
  32. 32. @volitionproperties Recent Turnkey Acquisition Wallace Emerson Turnkey Triplex ● Purchased in June ● Price: $1.415M ● Monthly Expenses: $855 ● Monthly Mortgage: $4896 ● Rent: ○ Unit 1 (3BR): $2900 ○ Unit 2 (2BR): $2500 ○ Unit 3 (2BR): $1900 ● Cashflow: $1600 YR1 ROI: **33.5%** ● Close to transit ● Approximately ~10% growth from 2018 ● Close to malls ● The Next Big Revitalization Projects!!
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  37. 37. @volitionproperties Daniel Hall - Founding Principal - The Architect Builders Collaborative ● Daniel Hall, O.A.A. is the founding principal of The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc, a progressive Architecture and Design studio ● As a licensed carpenter, with the perspective of over 15 years hands-on experience building in addition to 20+ years of exploring architecture. Daniel ensures that our designs will be able to be built efficiently and cost-effectively. He has a good rapport with builders and is adept at drawing on the knowledge and skills of the tradespeople that will be building your project. ● The firm has been developing smart, eco-friendly prototypes for cost-effective Laneway Suites in Toronto. Daniel was invited to present our recent research and designs to an audience of professional planners, architects, and urban designers as part of the inaugural Spacing School of Urbanism seminar series. He regularly provides informational seminars on the ins-and-outs of Laneway Housing.
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  44. 44. @volitionproperties ● Revisiting the Mutli Family BRRR ● Purchased Last Year ● Price: $1.182M ● Reno: $500,000 + $50,000 carry costs ● ARV: $2,007,600.00 ● Expected Rent: $9000 ● Expenses: $1000 ● Mortgage: $6945 ● Cashflow: $854 Real Life: "If you bought this 5 years ago..." now