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VoIP Password and Account ID


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How To Find VoIP Password and Account ID in VoIP Routes.

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VoIP Password and Account ID

  1. 1. How To Configure Your Account
  2. 2. V o IP Routes offers 2 types of authorization: <ul><li>SIP registration </li></ul><ul><li>IP authorization </li></ul><ul><li>Choose the type that is much appropriate for you. </li></ul>
  3. 3.     After being logged in, your Customer Self-care section will be opened, from where you can easily move to Accounts section and make your configurations.
  4. 5. If you use the SIP registration type, you should use your Account ID and VoIP Password. Please, set your VoIP Password on this page.
  5. 6. If you want to use IP authorization type, you should: 1. Remove your VoIP Password, 2. Add your IP address (one or more) as &quot;Aliases&quot; in &quot;Accounts&quot; section and send your SIP traffic to  IP address.
  6. 7. Adding IP address as &quot;Aliases&quot;
  7. 8. After the configuration of the accounts, you can find and manage them.
  8. 9. Thank you for attention