VoiceFirst for CNOs


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http://www.voicefirstsolutions.com - CNOs are arming their front-line clinicians with VoiceFirst to increase hands-on patient time, quality outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Call today to receive more information or request a demo. (412) 206-1225.

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VoiceFirst for CNOs

  1. 1. ©2013 Vocollect Healthcare Systems | 412-206-1225www.VoiceFirstSolutions.com CNOs Are Arming Their Front-line Clinicians With VoiceFirst To Increase Hands-On Patient Time, Quality Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction VoiceFirst is a mobile, voice-driven, hands-free EMR overlay solution that allows nurses and clinicians to focus on patient care rather than focusing on technology. No longer seen as just another hospital cost-center, nurses are leading the continuum of patient care from bedside to discharge. Nurses are becoming the face of the hospital with direct impact on the patient experience, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS). VOICEFIRST INCREASES DIRECT, HANDS-ON NURSING TIME CNOs understand that increasing nursing time in direct patient care contributes to better outcomes for patients and greater staff satisfaction with their work environment. VOICEFIRST IS AT WORK TODAY IN LEADING HOSPITALS. This clinician-designed solution allows patient-facing nurses and healthcare professionals to interact, hands- free, with the patient record and care instructions. No forms to fill in, no typing – with the power of their voices nurses use spoken cues to research and update charts, review history and record patient information into the EMR, at the bedside, in real-time without sacrificing eye- contact with patients. VOICEFIRST FOLLOWS YOUR CLINICAL WORKFLOWS EXACTLY AS YOU HAVE DEFINED THEM. VoiceFirst is designed to accept and follow your specific, optimized workflows with a fully customizable clinician- defined user interface. VOICEFIRST IS NOT: a physician’s dictation system a phone communication system an EMR a system that requires a desktop computer + VoiceFirst helps nurses deliver more hands‑on care at the bedside. Patient and clinician satisfaction and quality of care soars while total cost of care decreases.
  2. 2. ©2013 Vocollect Healthcare Systems | 412-206-1225www.VoiceFirstSolutions.com The Power of Voice at the Point of Care CNOs are leveraging technology where it will allow nurses and clinicians to focus more on the patient than on the technology itself. DELIVERING REAL-TIME PATIENT STATUS IS PARAMOUNT TO DELIVERING THE HIGHEST QUALITY CARE. As healthcare system reform puts a premium on coordinating evidence-based care inside and outside the hospital, it is critical that frontline clinical care resources accurately give and document care. Clinician-developed technology, like VoiceFirst, moves at the pace of the nursing staff and improves efficiency and effectiveness of patient care and reporting. KEY BENEFITS FOR CHIEF NURSING OFFICERS Visit our website at voicefirstsolutions.com or call us today at (412) 206-1225 to schedule a demonstration of VoiceFirst and to discover the true power of voice in healthcare is so much more than dictation. PATIENT CARE IMPACTS Improves patient outcomes reducing re‑admitting rates Improves patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS) Increases hands-on clinical care CLINICAL STAFF IMPACTS Increases hands-on time with patients Improves clinical staff performance Reduces post-shift charting delays and overages Improves clinician retention and job satisfaction Rapid clinician adoption ORGANIZATIONAL AND FINANCIAL IMPACTS Reduces down-stream coding and reimbursement issues Facilitates cross-discipline collaboration Reduces patient care expenses Helps ensure organizational financial health TECHNOLOGY IMPACTS Leverages existing technology investments Overlays your existing EMR system Enables hands-free, real-time EMR updates Follows your custom care workflows and protocols SHIFT OVERAGES, NURSING ATTRITION AND MEDICAL RECORD ERRORS AND OMISSIONS ARE REDUCED. Nurses want to focus on quality care delivery, not computer screens and keyboards. VoiceFirst enables real-time charting and increases hands-on nursing. Patients report higher satisfaction and quality of care and clinicians report increases in job satisfaction. IMPROVE CROSS-DISCIPLINE COLLABORATION Technology and Informatics should allow nurses to coordinate care across settings. Using VoiceFirst, clinicians can provide dynamic, up-to-the-minute patient status to any EMR-connected providers and hospital administration. VoiceFirst makes technology work for your clinicians - not the other way around.